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Everyone's hearts were raised to their throats, they looked at Chen Xiang's Pill Refining Furnace nervously and quietly. Many of the people who lost Spar and treasure earlier were gloating, because no matter who won, they would feel very satisfied.

If two Dan King s lost, then they would be the same as them, becoming the losers, and moreover, losing even more miserably. If Chen Xiang lost, they would also feel relieved.

Chen Xiang had originally planned to shake the pill furnace and try the same thing again, but the people here weren't idiots. After getting played once, there definitely wouldn't be a second time.

"Using the method of deflation, I purposely opened a small crack on the lid of the pill furnace so that the ferocious Medicine aura could float out." She was a true Dan Immortal, and not even ten Dan King could compare to her.

Inside the Yanlong furnace, the Snow muscle jade gra.s.s had already melted and was being burned by Chen Xiang.

When he mixed the Snow muscle jade gra.s.s s with the supplementary ingredients, the atmosphere inside the furnace would become very tyrannical!

Reaching this step, was basically already within Chen Xiang's control. In order to drag the last Dan King into the water as well, he did as Su Meiyao said and allowed the cover of the Yanlong furnace s furnace to be opened, revealing a very thin crack.

Just at that moment, a strand of Medicine aura drifted out from within. Although it was only a strand, the Alchemist and Alchemist could tell how many different types of spirit medicines were mixed together.

The two Dan King s heaved sighs of relief. When they saw that Chen Xiang's face had changed and his head was covered in sweat, they laughed out loud in their hearts.

"You're actually discouraged, this is a taboo in refining pills, this is considered destroyed. There are very few Snow muscle jade gra.s.s dying here, but a bit of it has been leaked, even if the Dan Immortal came down to the mortal realm, he wouldn't be able to save you." Tan Zhongsen laughed sinisterly.

When concocting pills, a lot of care was placed on the Medicine aura. Once a little of it was leaked out, it would be very difficult to succeed.

What Su Meiyao had taught him was much more effective than letting the pellet shake, and was even more convincing. These Dan King in particular all had smiles on their faces.

"Mei-jie, help me!" Chen Xiang suddenly sent a sound transmission to Ji Meixian. Although Ji Meixian was his archenemy, their relationship was very strange at the moment. If Ji Meixian wanted to protect him, he would have to follow him sometimes.

Ji Meixian had also captured that sliver of Medicine aura just now, but she could feel that the moment the lid was opened, the Medicine aura inside the furnace was incomparably dense. Although she wasn't refining pills, she could still see that the Medicine aura inside the furnace was sufficient to condense the pill.

She quickly guessed that this was Chen Xiang's method of letting others fall into his pit, and it was even more brilliant than the method he used to shake the pill furnace.

"I can help you drag those guys into the water, but you have to give me that image crystal." Ji Meixian replied with his divine sense.

"Then forget it, the Image Crystal is more valuable than anything else!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Okay, if you give me the five Relive Dan, I'll help you pull that Dan King into the water. As for those other fish, it's up to them." Ji Meixian said: "I will get Mu Jialan to make a move too. When the time comes, you must give her a Relive Dan as compensation!"

As long as he won, Chen Xiang would be able to obtain a hundred Relive Dan from Tan Sheng. If he could swindle another Dan King, then it would absolutely be worth it!

"Okay, no problem, but the condition is that you have to scam that cunning Dan King." Chen Xiang agreed. That Dan King who had a very good relationship with Dongfang Lingyun was still unmoved until now, and was obviously not easy to deal with.

"That depends on how you move him." Ji Meixian snorted.

The two of them used their spiritual sense to communicate and agreed to cooperate because this was beneficial to both sides.

"Sir, you are Li Tianjun's successor. I presume that the small matter of exposing the Medicine aura will not affect you, right?" Ji Meixian took off her mask, revealing a beautiful face that made people suffocate. The autumn waves were like water, her voice was sweet and light, with a hint of charm, making many men feel that it was worth it.

Chen Xiang only glanced at her and sneered: "Naturally, I won't delay the success of my Core Formation! What? Did she want to place a bet? "As expected of a woman, meticulous and cautious!"

Ji Meixian's body was graceful, her eyes like silk, and her voice was sweet and lovely. At this time she smiled sweetly: "Could it be that Young Master Li does not dare let this little girl join us? Or are you worried about a woman's bad luck? "

"To be able to lose to a beauty like the Heavenly Maiden of Bai Hai, that is what I wish for." However, I have always been one to play big. I think it should be clear that the Heavenly Lady Bai Hai has been by my side for so long! " Chen Xiang's voice was calm, but as he spoke, his forehead was perspiring profusely.

"Two hundred billion Spar! I wonder if it can satisfy Young Master's appet.i.te? " With a wave of her jade hand, Ji Meixian actually threw out two hundred billion Spar s.

Everyone was shocked, especially that Heavenly Son of the Peach Blossom Imperial Land, Jing Xingliang. He was also a favored son of the sage realm, but he already reached the limit for the one billion Spar. He never thought that Ji Meixian would be so crazy, taking out two hundred billion in one go!

Bai Hai and Tian Nu had already placed their bets. Before, they had not been moved, but now, at the most critical moment, they had placed their bets. At this time, many people were already shaken!

"Young Master Li, I don't have as many Spar as you. I wonder if I can place a bet of 2 billion?" The Peach Blossom Heaven Lady covered with a pink silk cloth asked. Her voice was like that of a oriole, sweet and intoxicating. Her eyes were like limpid autumn water, as if she could make a man's heart sink into it.

Chen Xiang forced a smile and said: "If a beauty can defeat me with two billion, I think she will remember this in her heart for the rest of her life, right? "Even if I lose, it would be worth it to be remembered by such a beauty for the rest of my life!"

Mu Jialan laughed lightly and threw a Storage bag inside.

One of them was two hundred billion Spar while the other was two billion. If he didn't take action now, then when would he?

In order to attract the attention of the two girls, the group of animals had thrown away their entire families without any hesitation.

Adding Ji Meixian's two hundred billion, the amount acc.u.mulated on the ground had already reached more than two hundred seventy billion.

"A genius disciple is indeed extraordinary. This old man really wants to place his bet. However, I wonder if little brother can take out something that is worthy enough for this old man to take action on?" The Dan King finally spoke!

Of course, Chen Xiang couldn't disappoint this cunning Dan King, otherwise how could he obtain the best thing in this Dan King?

"That depends on what Senior Dan King can take out." Chen Xiang intentionally did not look at the Dan King, making people think that he did not want the Dan King to partic.i.p.ate.

The more it was like this, the more this Dan King wanted to join in. Right now, he had already confirmed that this batch of pills from Chen Xiang was going to be destroyed, because a very weak wisp of Medicine aura had just leaked out.

These Dan King s all knew that this was definitely not done on purpose, if not Chen Xiang was an idiot, he would use such a thing to joke around. Even they, the Dan King s who used the best spirit medicine to refine pills, did not dare to let the Medicine aura leak out so easily.

Especially the violent Medicine aura that had only fused half of it. Even though it was only one strand, it contained a lot of it, and a strand of it could cause irreparable mistakes.

Everyone was waiting for the cunning Dan King to make his move, they wanted to see what he would take out to bet with Chen Xiang!

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