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Right now, everyone believed in Chen Xiang's fake ident.i.ty. In their eyes, only Li Tianjun's successor would have so many rare medicines.

The long-bearded Dan King stared blankly at the pearl that was about to soar into the sky.

"Senior, hurry up and make your decision. Otherwise, I'll give it to someone else." Chen Xiang laughed.

Tan Sheng had staked a hundred Relive Dan pills, a large number of Spar beasts, and the entire pellet medicine store. Although the Soaring Nine Deadly Flower was of the lower Heaven level, it was still worth exactly the same price when compared to the others, and was placed in the lower Heaven level realm just because it was easier to refine.

"A Nature fruit..." The long-bearded old man said.

Chen Xiang shook his head: "I have Nature fruit, it isn't attractive to me."

The bearded elder let out a long sigh, as if he had made a very important decision, and said: "Thirty Relive Dan, one more Hunyuan Dan, and one more set of Hunyuan Dan's medicinal herbs!"

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. Although the Hunyuan Dan was better than many of the Mixed diamond Dan, it was still a low-grade Heaven level pill, a pill that the old guy of Nirvana Stage used the most to raise his strength. As for the thirty Relive Dan, they were also very precious. Now, everyone knew the foundation of these Dan King s, and every Dan King had quite a few Relive Dan by their side.

"Alright!" Chen Xiang urgently needed to level up now, the five Beast statue in his dantian were a bottomless pit, so he could only use this kind of high levelled pill to quickly fill them up.

"This old fellow will definitely cry himself to death when he loses." Su Meiyao laughed.

There was still a Dan King here, so he did not plan to make a bet with Chen Xiang. He only watched from the side, obviously having some scruples.

Chen Xiang recognized this Dan King. The relationship between this Dan King and Dongfang Lingyun was very good, and it was because of him that Dongfang Lingyun was able to hide within the Dan Alliance.

What made Chen Xiang a little depressed was that he had originally planned to wait for the Dan Alliance's Alliance Master and Pill City's City Lord to come over. However, those two brats had gone for so long and did not invite their father over, but instead told the people here that they did not need to wait any longer.

When Chen Xiang heard this, he knew that the Alliance Master and the City Lord were not here on purpose.

With the previous incident, many people at the scene became very obedient, no longer blindly joining the gambling house.

After inspecting the pill furnace, the two Dan King s stood beside him and watched carefully as Chen Xiang concocted pills. This was because they couldn't do anything to Chen Xiang.

They also wanted to see what the outcome would be. After all, he was Li Tianjun's successor, and he might be able to shine in the younger generation in the future. Sooner or later, they would have to fight.

The reason why Chen Xiang was so confident was because he had the supplementary medicines that were cultivated by creation divine liquid s. They were all very old ginseng, lingzhi, etc.

These supplementary medicine could provide a very dense and special life force. As long as it seeped into the large number of Snow muscle jade gra.s.s that were on the verge of death, it would be able to revive them.

As long as the ingredients were perfect, and given that he had mastered the basics to refining G.o.d-refining Dan, as long as it was a middle grade Ground level pill, it would not be a problem for him!

Chen Xiang placed the dying Snow muscle jade gra.s.s into the pill furnace along with a bunch of supplementary herbs. As he released the flames, the supplementary herbs released a large amount of rich life force, which was unique to the creation divine liquid, and was quickly absorbed by it, allowing it to recover its vitality.

No one could see what happened inside the pill furnace, so they naturally did not know about the scene with the divine tool. Otherwise, no one would be willing to bet with Chen Xiang.

Just like before, Chen Xiang maintained a calm face as he controlled the flames and burned the herbs inside seriously.

It was exactly as the long-bearded Dan King said, the Snow muscle jade gra.s.s was difficult to burn, and it had an extremely powerful Icy cold power that could defend against the invasion of flames.

Even if he had a Heaven fire soul, being able to release a Heaven fire, it would be difficult to defeat it. Fortunately, he had mastered the Foreseeing Alchemy well, so even if it was his first time burning a Snow muscle jade gra.s.s, he could clearly feel the special characteristics of this kind of medicine and then make him use the second stage of the Foreseeing Alchemy.

The Snow muscle jade gra.s.s looked like it could not be burned, but once it reached a certain point, it would suddenly explode. If he could not control the flame well at that moment, he would evaporate the Snow muscle jade gra.s.s that had turned into water.

The Snow muscle jade gra.s.s had many variables, so it required two stages of Foreseeing Alchemy. Even so, to control the moment the Snow muscle jade gra.s.s suddenly melted, one still had to rely on the Alchemist's senses. That kind of innate ability was very sensitive to changes in medicinal ingredients!

These were all the difficulties in refining Beauty Dan, Su Meiyao had told Chen Xiang about them before.

The Iron bone Dan from before didn't need to have two levels of Foreseeing Alchemy, and the special nature of the ingredients were still considered gentle, they weren't as' unruly 'as the Snow muscle jade gra.s.s, and were hard to serve. Therefore, the Alchemist s believed that Chen Xiang had a lot of luck and pressure to successfully refine the Iron bone Dan.

Many Alchemist s would take part in the compet.i.tion and use the atmosphere in the compet.i.tion to exert pressure on themselves, stimulating their own potential so that they could break through. The majority of Alchemist s believed that Chen Xiang was most likely in such a situation.

Those Dan King s did not say anything as they quietly watched on. Those who had placed their bets, if they lost, it would be a huge loss, especially that Dan King Tan Sheng.

The Heaven level Pill was also very valuable in the Heaven Realm, and that Diamond fruit made Ji Meixian's heart move. However, she knew that if she wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h it from Chen Xiang, it would be even harder than ascending to the heavens.

At that moment, he abruptly retracted his flames, and used a soft flame to slowly refine it. As long as he made any slight changes, he would be able to immediately control the gentle flames.

Sensing that the flames released by the pill furnace had suddenly disappeared, the two Dan King s' faces became gloomy. Chen Xiang's ability to control fire was extremely great, he had already reached the realm where he could control fire as he wished, and even they were ashamed of themselves.

They had originally thought that they had an eighty percent chance of winning, but now, they were all wearing dark expressions and didn't say anything. They looked as if they were about to die, and their faces were completely ashen.

Everyone was secretly glad that they did not bet, else they would have been buried along with the two Dan King!

The long-bearded Dan King's expression was a little better. Even if he lost, he would only lose a pill and a portion of medicinal ingredients. Although they were very precious, they did not affect his attack.

But Tan Sheng was different, not only did he lose his family foundation, he also lost someone!

Tan Zhongsen clenched his fists tightly, he wanted to destroy Chen Xiang's pill furnace that was as stable as a mountain with a punch. If his father lost, the name of the owner of the flourishing pill shop would change, how would he be able to hold his head up high in the future?

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