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After Tan Sheng made his decision, two old men with heads full of white came over. When they heard that the Diamond fruit had appeared, they directly ignored Pill City's rules that forbade flying, and flew over in a hurry.

However, in the end, they were still incomparably disappointed, because they had all come too late. Otherwise, the bet that they had made would have definitely moved Chen Xiang, which made them jealous to death.

At this time, there were three Dan King s and many disciples from famous sects. This kind of scene rarely occurred in Pill City.

The Beauty Dan that Chen Xiang was refining was not only extremely difficult, but the market was also limited. To those young people, the Beauty Dan was nothing but trash, but in the eyes of those old fellows, it was still very valuable.

"Brat, you have lost for sure. Just with this lousy material, you can forget about refining a Beauty Dan." An old man with a long beard shook his head and sighed.

Chen Xiang looked at the Destiny box and only smiled slightly. The Snow muscle jade gra.s.s had already lost its life force and looked lifeless. Even though it was emitting a faint cold aura on the surface, the gra.s.s was not as beautiful as the snow jade and was even a little yellow.

A perfect Snow muscle jade gra.s.s, it looked like a young girl's ice skin could be broken with a blow and was extremely beautiful. Anyone who knew how to refine pills would know, that the bead in Chen Xiang's hands could only be used to its fullest extent by eating it directly. Judging by its rarity, it was worth a hundred million Spar.

"This arrogant brat was just lucky before. How is he going to die this time?" The son of the Dan Alliance's Alliance Master, Ye He sneered.

His best friend, Chu Quan Fei continued to speak: "Diamond fruit, this prodigal son will definitely lose beyond recognition this time! This time, he will not succeed, even if it's the Dan Alliance's Alliance Master. "

Chen Xiang smiled faintly: "Gambling is always like this, no one has complete confidence, so there's definitely a way to win or lose, of course we try our luck! If the two of you don't dare to bet, then don't talk like that. "

"Brat, do you dare to accept our bet again!?" Duan Sanchang deliberately sounded full of hostility as he asked sinisterly.

"Why would I not dare? But I remember that you were going to lose everything! " Chen Xiang deliberately ridiculed him.

Duan Sanchang laughed out loud: "You little brat, you have never seen the world, of course you wouldn't know the background of that Duan guy?"

Seeing Chen Xiang being so confident, Duan Sanchang knew that he should do what he did to drag the two Dan King s into the water. Not only that, he would also drag more people into the water so that Chen Xiang could make a fortune with one vote.

"I don't know who you are, but if you don't want to bet, then don't talk nonsense."

Duan Sanchang sneered, then took out a palm-sized green jade. The most special part of this jade was that there were many Spirit grain s on it.

"Do you know what this is?" Duan Sanchang raised the green jade and asked.

The three Dan King s present all had grave expressions. They tightly knitted their brows as they stared at the green jade.

"Could this be a Heavenly Ancient Jade?" It is said that with this piece of jade by one's side, it will allow one to successfully cross the Nirvana Doom! " Tan Sheng took a deep breath and said.

Mu Jialan nodded his head: "That's right, it is the mysterious ancient jade from the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family. Looking at the Spirit grain on this jade, it should be Nirvana Tribulation."

Ji Meixian continued to speak, "In other words, as long as this piece of jade is on your person, you can survive the Nirvana Tribulation. As for the specifics, only Tong Tian Aristocratic Family and the others know! However, I heard that only the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family's bloodline can be used, and if someone else uses it, the power of the Nirvana Doom will only weaken a lot. "

This piece of jade was absolutely priceless. If a major power obtained it, it would be easier to train a large number of warriors to overcome the Nirvana Tribulation.

One must know that many disciples of various forces were stuck at the peak of the Hundred refining realm, not daring to attack!

Everyone now understood why the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family was so powerful. It was because they had this kind of mysterious and bizarre Ancient Jade that could cultivate a large number of Nirvana stage warriors.

"Whether or not it is used by the people of Tong Tian Aristocratic Family, there are still endless benefits to be had during tribulation. Although I do not guarantee that I can pa.s.s it, the power of my Nirvana Doom will be reduced by more than half! "This thing is at least worth three or four hundred million, do you think you can afford to bet on it?" Duan Sanchang sneered.

Everyone secretly cursed Duan Sanchang, and he was actually even more wasteful than Chen Xiang, and decided to take out this kind of clan head treasure to gamble.

Only Ji Meixian knew that Duan Sanchang was in cahoots with Chen Xiang, so he dared to use such a treasure to place his bet!

"If I lose, I'll give you 600 billion!" Chen Xiang said indifferently.

At this time, Duan Sanchang said to Chu Tongfei and Ye He, "You two, this brat has a very strong family background, maybe he can come up with something. Why not call your father over and have him join in the fun too!"

When Chu Quan and Ye He heard this, they both nodded their heads.

"Wait, we'll be right back!"

Tan Sheng was not in a hurry now, because he had made a bet with Chen Xiang and the Diamond fruit was already his. When the Alliance Master and the City Lord came, he could only be anxious.

Ji Meixian really wanted to expose Chen Xiang and Duan Sanchang's conspiracy, but she didn't dare do so, otherwise Chen Xiang would definitely release the contents of the Image Crystal. However, seeing these Dan King jumping into the pit of fire made her very satisfied, and she couldn't help but praise Chen Xiang and Duan Sanchang, these two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.

At this time, the long-bearded Dan King walked in front of Chen Xiang and smiled: "Little brother, I heard that you are Li Tianjun's successor. You are as straightforward as your ancestor. As expected, you are from the same origin. I wonder if you can let this old man have a good time? "

However, Spar could not tempt him at all, he needed the high grade Heaven level s' medicine.

This long-bearded Dan King clearly knew that's chances of winning weren't high, and had warned him just now to even make a bet with him, it was obvious that he had his eyes on Li Tianjun's high grade medicinal ingredients that he inherited.

Chen Xiang was very happy that these Dan King came to seek death themselves, so he was very willing to accept them as members. He smiled and said: "This boy still has a Nine-Deadly Flower, although it isn't as good as the Diamond fruit, but it is still a rare item. I wonder if senior will be able to take out anything that would satisfy this kid!"

As they spoke, Chen Xiang took out a small black flower that was the size of a thumb. Sensing the strange energy this flower was emitting, everyone felt a pressure in their hearts.

Those who had heard of the Nine-Deadly Flower were all staring at it in shock.

To ascend to the Nine Deadly Flower and refine a Flying Dan, one had a very high chance of pa.s.sing through the Nine Nirvana Tribulations! There were a few elders of the Eighth Nirvana, who were looking at the flower with excitement.

To them, Flying Dan were more precious than Diamond fruit! They were not members of the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family, and had a narrow chance of surviving when facing the Nine Nirvana Tribulations.

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