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Ji Meixian and Mu Jialan looked at the ten pieces of White jade lotus seed s that were flickering with light in Chen Xiang's hands and sucked in a small breath of air. It was fortunate that they were not on Chen Xiang's boat.

Chen Xiang looked at Peach Blossom Prince Jing Xingliang, Pill City's City Lord's son Chu Quanfei, Alliance Master's son Ye He, and Tan Zhongsen, and laughed: "You all do not need medicinal herbs of equal value, as long as you are able to produce one billion Spar."

Although these people had very robust backgrounds, a billion Spar s was still a heavy burden to them.

"No problem." Jing Xingliang was expressionless. If he won, obtaining a White jade lotus seed would also be good.

Chu Quan and Ye He were the sons of City Lord and the Alliance Master, they secretly calculated their total wealth, barely worth a billion, and also painfully nodded their heads, although they might not lose, but they were afraid of something happening, at that time, they would go bankrupt.

At this time, a few elders walked over. White jade lotus seed s were also precious to them, but now that someone dared to take them out to gamble, how could they let them go? They all took out one billion Spar.

There were a total of nine people betting with Chen Xiang. If Chen Xiang won, he would be able to get ten billion, but in his eyes, it was not enough.

Of course, he was confident enough to refine the Iron bone Dan, so everyone did not understand why he was so confident even before opening the box, hence everyone thought that Chen Xiang had a high chance of losing. They wanted to bet, but they could not follow him.

Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Duan Sanchang, and said: "Chang Zi, I am Chen Xiang. I want to win a little more in one go.

Duan Sanchang, who was watching from the side, was instantly stunned. The young and tender person in front of him, was actually Chen Xiang! He had successfully stolen the grave of the son of the Demon G.o.d, and he wanted to thank Chen Xiang. However, after he went to the Green Summit City, he found out that Chen Xiang had slaughtered two geniuses there.

He understood Chen Xiang, and he knew that Chen Xiang would definitely come to look for trouble with the golden pill shop, so he had been waiting here the entire time.

Duan Sanchang asked Chen Xiang: "Brother Shen, do you really think you can refine that Destiny box's broken medicinal ingredients into pills?"

"Yes!" Chen Xiang replied with a voice.

"Alright, I believe you!"

Duan Sanchang suddenly said: "Little brother, we also want to bet, but we cannot keep up with you, I only have three hundred million Spar, if you win, I will give you three hundred million, if you lose, you can give me three hundred million."

"Sure!" Chen Xiang said lightly. At this time, the spectators were no longer calm, and all of them placed their bets.

Chen Xiang still felt that it was not enough. He looked at Ji Meixian and Mu Jialan, and smiled: "Heavenly Sisters, everyone here has partic.i.p.ated, you can't lose your interest. What if you win?"

Ji Meixian secretly clenched his teeth, and ruthlessly stepped on Chen Xiang's smiling face. He actually wanted to drag her down with him, why didn't he say that he would lose?

"Forget it, little brother. Women are just like this. Ignore them. This is a game played by men. It might be very unlucky if a woman partic.i.p.ates." Duan Sanchang mocked from the side.

The more it was like this, the less Ji Meixian would play around with it. Mu Jialan remained indifferent and ignored Chen Xiang and Duan Sanchang's words. They just wanted to see the results here.

"Quickly open the box and take a look, stop wasting your breath." Tan Zhongsen could not wait any longer.

Chen Xiang opened the Destiny box. There was a piece of tree root that looked like iron inside, and a rock that looked like black charcoal.

The tree roots were the Golden Iron Root and the stone was the heart of the Golden Iron Tree, which were used to refine Iron bone Dan.

"If I successfully refine the Iron bone Dan's medicinal ingredients, will you guys give me a portion of the Iron bone Dan's best medicinal ingredients? What if you guys don't have any?" Chen Xiang asked.

"We do. Don't worry." Tan Zhongsen urged: "Let's begin."

Chen Xiang was a little worried, she secretly took down a little root and gave it to Su Meiyao, telling her to cultivate it.

The refining rule was very simple. One just needed to use the Destiny box's medicine to refine the pill. There was no requirement for the furnace.

Chen Xiang took out his Yanlong furnace. This pill furnace had been changed in shape and colour by him, no one would be able to recognize it.

When they found out that someone was gambling at the Zenith Medicine Shop and even took out ten White jade lotus seed s, the disciples of the famous sects nearby quickly rushed over to watch the show because the Peach Blossom Prince had also come to gamble.

Seeing that another group of people were coming over, Chen Xiang laughed: "My friends who have just arrived, would you like to come over and play as well? Right now, the atmosphere is very good. Of course, we can still understand those words that are lacking in money. "

He was short on money? Which one of these disciples from a famous sect wasn't a little tyc.o.o.n? They were extremely dissatisfied with Chen Xiang's words.

"Brat, since you want to die a little miserably, then let me help you. Five hundred million Spar s!"

"I'll give him a kick to make him die more happily. Six hundred million Spar!"

I hope you can afford it, I four hundred million Spar s! "

The group of people who had just arrived numbered around twenty to thirty, and adding the people from just now, their total was already around twenty billion. Moreover, these Spar were the possessions of many of the disciples from famous sects, so they naturally thought that Chen Xiang would lose for sure.

There were no supplementary medicine inside the Destiny box, so all the supplementary medicine had to be prepared by himself. Furthermore, Chen Xiang's supplementary medicine was bred by the creation divine liquid, the dense Qi was enough to make up for the metal-iron tree root and the heart of the metal tree.

Of course, even if he lost, he would at most be displeased. To a rich pill refiner like him, this was nothing.

There were more and more people spectating, and the old people from the other famous pill shops were also using it as a form of witness. After the old people finished inspecting Chen Xiang's pill furnace, they indicated for him to start.

Duan Sanchang was a little perturbed, twenty billion Spar was a huge sum of wealth to him.

Chen Xiang was someone who had been to Sacred Dan Realm before, he had killed immortals, killed dragons and fought against some of the big powers there. This kind of scene did not affect him at all.

When all the ingredients were thrown into the furnace, everyone started to patiently wait. Refining the pills required time, but the Iron bone Dan was a middle grade Ground level pill, so it was relatively difficult to refine. If they did not see it with their own eyes, it would be hard to imagine that the brat in front of them actually knew how to concoct such a high level pill, causing them to suspect that Chen Xiang was an old fellow who had eaten a Rejuvenation Pill.

Chen Xiang's fire aura was extremely unique. Under his control, it was no different from normal flames, but if used in battle, it would become incomparably tyrannical and full of destructive properties. This was the power of Heaven fire soul.

"Iron bone Dan, once it is refined again, it is enough to deal with it. You can use the second time to refine hundreds of G.o.d-refining Dan. If you use the second time to refine Iron bone Dan, it will be even easier." Su Meiyao said.

After Chen Xiang had eaten more than a hundred G.o.d-refining Dan, his soul had become much stronger, his divine sense had become even more powerful than before, and the second stage of the Foreseeing Alchemy was even more adept.

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