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"Presumably, the Peach Blossom Sky Maiden came here for Chen Xiang. I really don't understand why the two Heavenly Sons would be killed by him so many times." If I were to meet him, I will personally kill him and take away his immortal blade. Although I have a pretty good treasured blade, it's still not enough! "

The one who spoke was a thin man with fair skin who looked refined and refined. When he spoke, his eyes shined with a terrifying light, and his body inexplicably emitted a proud aura. He also walked to the hallway. Everyone wanted to see what kind of person was willing to use a billion Spar to buy a Destiny box.

"Peach Blossom Prince, you should just hide in your good spot. When you see Chen Xiang's strength with your own eyes, I'll definitely scare you to the point that you pee." The ridiculing laughter was very annoying, but Chen Xiang liked to hear it, and the person who spoke was his good friend the grave robber, Duan Sanchang!

Duan Sanchang could be considered the representative of the young elites of the Duan Clan. In the eyes of these ancient powers, he was a scourge that was growing up, who knew when this guy would dig up their ancestors' graves.

"I just returned from the Demon G.o.d's son's mausoleum. This was all thanks to Brother Chen telling me the location of the mausoleum, which allowed me to reap a lot of rewards. Hehe, whoever is disrespectful to him, is disrespectful to me. Peach Blossom Prince, you better not think about my brother Shen's things. " Duan Sanchang's voice was ice-cold and filled with warning.

The Peach Blossom Prince was slightly angered, and just as he was about to say something, he was glared at by Mu Jialan by the side, and no longer spoke. Chen Xiang had done him a favor, and this Peach Blossom Prince actually had thoughts about him.

Only Ji Meixian knew that the white and tender youth in front of her was Chen Xiang. She only laughed coldly in her heart, Chen Xiang's strength was indeed terrifying, but if those heavenly sons and daughters were to fight with Chen Xiang with all their might, it was hard to say whether they would win or lose.

"Little brother, these are all Destiny box between eight hundred million and a billion. Choose properly, our medicinal shop will not cheat anyone, and the spirit medicine inside will be priceless treasures that cannot be found in the market. No matter which Destiny box you buy, you will not be disappointed." The old man pulled Chen Xiang in front of the boxes.

At this time, Tan Zhongsen, who had been slapped by Chen Xiang, also walked over. If Chen Xiang bought a Destiny box, their medicine shop would obviously make a huge profit, because even though those dying spiritual medicines were rare and precious, they were very difficult to use for pill refining. Unless it was a very talented Alchemist, but even Dan King would not bother to refine them, because he could not guarantee their success.

Long Xueyi's Divine Sense could infiltrate those specially made Destiny box s, and then, he would tell Su Meiyao all of the spirit medicines inside. Every single Destiny box had a set of medicinal ingredients for concocting pills, and there were quite a few that were required.

"Iron bone Dan, middle grade Ground level, specially used to temper bones, is a good pill used to forge bones. The main ingredients were the Golden Iron Tree Root and the heart of the Golden Iron Tree! It's that nine hundred and fifty million box, take it! " Su Meiyao said.

The Iron bone Dan was sold on the market, especially for Hundred refining realm s. Because they could strengthen the body, Chen Xiang's body was already very strong, and this level of pill was not of any help to him.

"Although Iron bone Dan have no obvious effects on you, but you can do multiple smelting. Even if you can refine a hundred sets of a thousand medicinal ingredients into a pill, the effect would still be extremely terrifying." Su Meiyao said.

Everyone looked at Chen Xiang as if he were an idiot. If it was an old man buying it, then it might be different, because it was very likely that he was a powerful Alchemist.

Ji Meixian's beautiful eyes flickered, she did not know what Chen Xiang was planning.

"This is it, I want it!" Chen Xiang carried a wooden box excitedly, and then eagerly walked to the counter. The old man immediately revealed a very happy smile, and his old face bloomed like a chrysanthemum.

"Why did he buy it? Should he take it back to refine pills? A Destiny box with a billion or so is at the very least a high-grade Ground level medicinal ingredient. " Mu Jialan was completely puzzled.

After Chen Xiang paid the bill, he asked: "If I use the medicinal ingredients here to refine a batch of pills, would you guys return the nine hundred and fifty million Spar to me, and then give me another set of medicinal ingredients that are as good as the one in the box?"

When everyone heard this, their faces were filled with surprise. This young brat actually wanted to gamble in pills!

"That's right, but if you fail to concoct the pill, you will have to give us another 950 million Spar. This is the rule for gambling pills." The shopkeeper stared blankly, then replied.

Ji Meixian had already faintly guessed what Chen Xiang was planning, he actually wanted to use such a method to destroy a medicine shop. However, she did not believe that Chen Xiang was able to refine the Destiny box's medicinal ingredients into pills.

No one believed it either.

"Brat, you should go back home and play with the mud. Your family doesn't have Spar s like this!" A well-dressed man mocked.

"This kid is really prodigal. Is there something wrong with his head?" Using about a billion Spar to buy a broken box, you actually still want to bet pellets. " A jade-masked man mocked.

Chen Xiang was overjoyed. He liked these kinds of guys the most. He smiled and said, "You two, would you like to bet with me? But, if you do not have that many Spar s, you should not partic.i.p.ate, I have always played the big game. "

In terms of wealth, all the old guys in the Pill City had to kneel before Chen Xiang. All the Heaven level medicinal herbs he knew of, the Immortal Grade medicinal herbs, the Holy level medicinal herbs, if they were brought to the Heaven Realm, would definitely make him rich, let alone this Mortal Realm?

Chen Xiang looked at the Heavenly Son and Heavenly Girl of the Peach Blossom Imperial Land, and laughed: "I see that all of you are from famous sects, so it is fate that we meet each other. Do you want to partic.i.p.ate as well?"

Duan Sanchang was a very vigilant person. When he felt that there was something fishy going on, he immediately rejected her.

Ji Meixian laughed coldly: "You just spent about a billion Spar and bought a Destiny box, and you still have to pay a billion Spar s and a flourishing medicine store as stakes. Now you want to play big with us again? Can you afford it? "

Chen Xiang laughed: "I'm worried that you guys won't be able to keep up, isn't that just a mere one billion?"

He did not have many Spar on him, but he had a large pile of high level medicinal ingredients as collateral. Those rare and precious medicinal ingredients were even more valuable than Spar!

The ingredients in the Destiny box were all dying, no one believed that this brat could refine those ingredients into pills, not to mention the one billion worth of Destiny box. That was a high leveled pellet, and the difficulty of refining it was extremely high.

"What bet?" I'll go with you! " Peach Blossom Prince Jing Xingliang said lightly.

"Me too!" His name was Chu Quan Fei, and he was the son of the Pill City's City Lord, and his relationship with Tan Zhongsen was very good.

The man beside him also shouted, "I want to see how he will die!" He was the son of the Dan Alliance's Alliance Master, Ye He.

Chen Xiang looked at Ji Meixian and Mu Jialan. He actually wanted to pull the two heavenly girls into the water, and he was even winking at the old man who had laid out the Destiny box.

"I have ten White jade lotus seed here, and these are the most important main ingredient to refine a Relive Dan. They're worth a billion pills, and there's no market for them!" Chen Xiang took out ten white jade-like lotus seeds. Upon sensing the spirit aura, he knew that these were genuine White jade lotus seed s!

Everyone took a deep breath. Previously, they had been mocking him for not being able to afford it, but now, it was one thing!

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