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Ji Meixian could not make a move against Chen Xiang right now, and she would not reveal Chen Xiang's whereabouts either. Otherwise, she would cause Chen Xiang to be captured, so she could only wait until her strength was sufficient before finding Chen Xiang, and have Chen Xiang bring her to that undergarment.

Ji Meixian was a very powerful enemy. Last time he borrowed Long Xueyi's power, he almost couldn't beat her, but now that Ji Meixian had awoken her soul memories, her strength had become even stronger.

"Time to go out for a walk!"

Chen Xiang walked to the center of the courtyard. Just as he was about to open the door and leave, Ji Meixian immediately sent a sound transmission to him while moaning in a stern voice, "What are you doing outside now? Don't you know that a lot of people are looking for you outside? "

"Why are you so concerned about me?" Chen Xiang laughed: "I don't think there will be many people like you here, and no one will discover me unless you inform people."

Ji Meixian thought that Chen Xiang hid for a month in order to avoid the limelight, and now that the limelight was about to pa.s.s, Chen Xiang came out at this time. She hoped that Chen Xiang could wait a while longer.

When Chen Xiang left the tavern, he looked like a delicate and pretty teenager. He had a harmless smile on his face, just like those innocent young masters that came out from the influential families just now. When Ji Meixian saw that Chen Xiang had ignored her warning, he became extremely angry in his heart, saying that she was also a great beauty and that normally, many people wouldn't even have a chance to curry favor with her.

"Oh yeah, you have to protect a man who has touched your body before, right?" Chen Xiang asked with his divine sense.

Ji Meixian's delicate body trembled slightly, and instantly emitted a killing intent that was as cold as frost, causing Chen Xiang's entire body to turn cold. When it reached the bottom of his feet, he no longer touched Ji Meixian's bottom line, but Ji Meixian still followed him instead.

After Chen Xiang walked around the area, he heard a lot of big news. What made him more surprised was that the old people from the ancient powers had all come to Pill City, which made him rather afraid.

What made him laugh was that Dan King's son, Tan Zhongsen, who was given a fierce slap, was actually offering a bounty on his whereabouts, as if he wanted to take revenge.

"What a coward. He was told to go to Super Martial School to find me, but he actually didn't dare to leave Pill City." Chen Xiang shook his head and laughed. He had also heard the fierce words said by Dan King Tan Sheng, saying that she wanted to teach him a lesson.

Therefore, he first went to Dan King Tan Sheng's pill shop. This pill shop was named Ding Sheng, and was considered quite famous in Pill City. After all, Tan Sheng was one of the stronger Dan King here, even the experts of the ancient powers would have to pay their respects to him.

As Chen Xiang walked on the street, a beautiful lady in a white dress suddenly appeared behind him. She was wearing a silver mask and her long hair was fluttering in the wind.

Chen Xiang was able to recognize her based on her fragrance. She was the Heavenly Daughter of the White Sea Imperial Land, Ji Meixian.

Ji Meixian had once been an expert from the Heaven Realm, and was a person of the same generation as Su Meiyao's master. She had a lot of knowledge, but this was the first time she had seen Chen Xiang's ability to change his appearance at will, which made her extremely curious.

"What do you want? "Right now, there are many experts gathered in Pill City. Moreover, you are on top of it, so you better keep living." Ji Meixian sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang. It was filled with dignity and authority, as if giving an order.

"I'm not even afraid, what are you afraid of?" Chen Xiang was speechless. He wasn't even worried for himself, but this woman was.

"Stop pretending. If you hand over the crystal and tell me the location of my undergarment, I can kill you immediately." Ji Meixian said angrily.

Chen Xiang shrugged his shoulders, no longer paying any attention to her. He walked into the flourishing pill shop, gritting his teeth, and cursed in his heart a few times before following her in.

"Bai Hai, I came here to stir up trouble. Aren't you afraid of exposing your ident.i.ty and getting accused of being in cahoots with me? I am the murderer who killed White Sea Prince, and yet you ignore me. Are you not afraid that White Sea Imperial Land will find out? " Chen Xiang's voice carried a playful smile.

"No one but you will recognize me." Ji Meixian was very confident in this.

The Ding Sheng Pill Shop was indeed a place guarded by the Dan King, it's interior decorations were magnificent, and there were a lot of people, most of them were wealthy or white-haired old men.

There were also a lot of Destiny box here, and they were all placed on a long corridor with a few elders guarding them. Chen Xiang walked over and looked carefully at these Destiny box, the most expensive one actually had several billion Spar, and the cheapest one was actually at the price of ten million Spar.

"The spirit medicines in these Destiny box are all almost withered, if used to refine pills, the failure rate would be even higher. These pill stores used this method to let the various Alchemist s try their luck in order to reduce the risk while at the same time wanting to sell them for a good price." Ji Meixian sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "Although many Alchemist have successfully used the Destiny box's spirit medicine to refine precious medicinal pellets, but it is only a minority, you wouldn't be here to do such a foolish thing right?"

Chen Xiang rolled his eyes at her: "I say, are you done yet? Even my wife wouldn't nag around like you, but you are like a follower who has a good relationship with master, and will always be responsible to remind master."

Ji Meixian angrily snorted, she wanted to slap Chen Xiang to death. If not for Chen Xiang's threat, she would not care about Chen Xiang's life.

"Little brother, you look pretty good. You look like an important person. You'll definitely be lucky today." Choose a Destiny box, maybe you can spend a small amount of Spar to buy rare and precious medicinal herbs, and then you can even successfully refine a pill. " An old man walked over with a smile.

Ji Meixian also wanted to see how Chen Xiang was going to cause trouble here. She guessed that Chen Xiang was probably here to cause trouble or something.

But who would have thought that Chen Xiang would actually ask the old man with a smile: "Old sir, I only have one billion Spar on me. Which Destiny box or Destiny box do you have that are around a billion? "

A billion Spar s! This was a huge transaction, and very soon, a small gust of wind blew across the medicine store, causing everyone to gather around.

The old man was just trying to sell the Destiny box according to usual practice, but he never thought that this little idiot in front of him was actually such a big spendthrift.

"Mei-jie, you're here too?" Oh right, I just heard that someone wants to buy the Destiny box s worth one billion, I wonder who it is? " Her voice was beautiful, she was the Heavenly Girl of the Peach Blossom Imperial Land, the only Heavenly Girl of the Sheng Domain whom Chen Xiang had expressed good will to her, her name was Mu Jialan.

Mu Jialan still had a pink silk cloth covering her face and wore a pink peach dress. She looked dignified and elegant with every movement she made, giving off an elegant and graceful aura.

This made Chen Xiang think of the Sacred Dan Realm's Yan Zilan.

Ji Meixian only nodded her head. If she wasn't wearing a mask, everyone would have been able to see her blushing face, because she had said just now that other than Chen Xiang, no one would have recognized her.

Inside the Dingsheng pill shop, there were actually many young experts present, all invited by Tan Zhongsen.

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