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The G.o.d-refining Dan's effect was extremely good, and Chen Xiang was very satisfied. At this time, his Innate Qi had been turned into a strange power by the medicinal power and was refining his soul. From time to time, the clear cry of a golden roc would come from his sea of consciousness, making him feel as if a divine power had suddenly poured into him, causing him to feel incomparably comfortable.

Of course, three G.o.d-refining Dan s was still too little for someone like him who cultivated the divine way. Fortunately, he had the Dragon cohesion kungfu s which allowed him to condense creation divine liquid s, otherwise it would be difficult to fill up the bottomless hole in his soul.

His soul was now at the mature stage. According to Long Xueyi, the first stage of cultivation for the soul were: Infant, Infant, Growth, Transformation, Maturation, and Perfection. These stages were close to perfection in the later stages, and once the soul was perfect, one could enter a higher realm!

The Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra now displayed extraordinary strength, and quickly displayed the perfect amount of power of the three G.o.d-refining Dan s' medicine, causing Chen Xiang's soul to strengthen a little.

"Looks like I'll need to refine a few more G.o.d-refining Dan to break through. I'll have to at least enter the mature fifth level!" Chen Xiang was in an extremely good condition. He took out the G.o.d-refining Dan's medicinal ingredients and started to refine the pills.

Because G.o.d-refining Dan were different, when he did not have the solid second try to refine the foundation, he would not try to inscribe the Spirit grain. Although he did not lack spiritual herbs, it did not mean that he would waste money.

A month had pa.s.sed, and ever since Chen Xiang had slapped Dan King, Tan Sheng's son, he had not appeared again. Every time someone brought up this matter, they would bring it up, making him feel extremely unhappy. However, this was a grudge between the younger generation, so naturally, he could not go to the Super Martial School to look for Chen Xiang on his own.

Those people who came for the sake of capturing Chen Xiang all thought that their trip here was a waste. They searched the entire Pill City almost everywhere but were unable to find Chen Xiang.

It was normal that Ji Meixian would come to find Chen Xiang. Back then, she and the Feng Clan Sky Maiden had been forced to flee in every direction due to Chen Xiang's punishment from the Dragon Rage, causing them to lose a lot of face. They had come to take revenge on Chen Xiang. She absolutely could not let Chen Xiang fall into the hands of others, and even more so, she could not let Chen Xiang die.

Huang Jintian had previously said that those who made a move on Chen Xiang would need to be conceited about the consequences. Now that two of the Heavenly Sons had died, the Heavenly Sons of the ancient powers would not dare to act rashly.

She stood on top of a tall building, and from the window, she looked down at the courtyard Chen Xiang was in. She muttered with her brows knit together, "Wuqing's little disciple is indeed a powerful Dan Immortal, and this brat has displayed such high talent in alchemy at such a young age. Could it be that he has a deep relationship with the little disciple of the heartless old demon?"

But she wasn't sure.

"Wuqing's whereabouts are unknown. According to the legends, his two disciples are already dead. How did a Mortal World appear?" Ji Meixian shook his head.

What she did not know was that Chen Xiang and Su Meiyao's relationship was indeed very good. It could even be said that Chen Xiang's master was him, and he even had a very deep relationship with Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang did not know that Su Meiyao had hidden his strength so deeply, yet he was actually a Dan Immortal.

Ji Meixian would not attack Chen Xiang because she did not have the confidence to take Chen Xiang down. Especially after seeing Chen Xiang's terrifying Four-phase Magic Kungfu last time, she had felt that he was even stronger than when she fought Su Meiyao. This was also because Chen Xiang had trained in the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu and used a portion of the Four Symbols Divine Weapons s.

"No matter what, this boy is my great enemy. He actually did that sort of thing to me." Ji Meixian was the first to do the evil thing that Chen Xiang had done to her, and she could not help but become embarra.s.sed and angry, wishing that she could fly down and give Chen Xiang a fatal blow.

On the other hand, all of the seniors who entered Rough and Random profound Land were out, including the group of grave robbers from the Duan Clan. They had all suffered different degrees of injuries, and now that they were inside the Pill City, the Alchemist s of the big powers were usually amongst them.

This matter caused quite a big commotion in Pill City. With so many powerful old fellows working together, they actually were unable to defeat the Rough and Random profound Land. This showed just how terrifying the interior of the Rough and Random profound Land was.

"Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, the first Heavenly Emperor to unite the various races of heaven and earth, how could his grave be moved by these mere mortals? On the other hand, that d.a.m.nable little b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually managed to see the Lion Mountain, and even took my … " Ji Meixian fiercely stomped her foot, and stopped thinking about it, if not she would really be unable to resist and attack Chen Xiang.

When she thought of this, she almost gave up. After all, that was a very dangerous place. Even when she was at her peak, she didn't dare to barge into that place.

Chen Xiang had been concocting pills in his room for more than a month, and many people outside were frantically searching for him.

"That woman is watching you. Her spiritual sense is truly amazing." Long Xueyi said, she was not lacking either, she had used the Heaven tour method to monitor Ji Meixian, and had not been discovered by him.

"She suspects that you are related to sister Meiyao. It looks like you need to be more careful in the future."

Ji Meixian was the number one enemy amongst her enemies. With his powerful strength, it would be hard for them to deal with him even if they joined forces. Normally, they would choose to escape when they saw Ji Meixian.

"Don't worry, sooner or later, I will make her my female slave and let her obediently wash sister Meiyao and Sister You You's feet." If Ji Meixian heard Chen Xiang's words, Ji Meixian would definitely come down like a demon G.o.d.

"Letting the Yu Yi Immortal Fairy help us wash our feet is not a bad idea." Bai Youyou's jade face that was as cold as frost, yet without losing its charm, revealed a trace of a beautiful smile. It was a pity that Chen Xiang did not see that.

"Little scoundrel, if the people from Heaven Realm who are chasing after Yu Yi Tian Ji hear about it, you will suffer!" Su Meiyao giggled.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Relax, I will not let them hear it, I will let them see!"

"I can finally go out and stretch my muscles and bones. My soul has reached the mature sixth level!" After Chen Xiang ate over a hundred G.o.d-refining Dan, he released his consciousness and floated towards a tall tower. Entering a window, he saw a n.o.ble and elegant Ji Meixian seated on a soft chair with her eyes closed, meditating.

But very quickly, she discovered something, and quickly opened her eyes, only to hear Chen Xiang's loud laughter sounding by her ear.

"Heavenly Maiden Bai Hai, it's been a long time since we last met, but you're still as gorgeous as ever! I say, why is your nose so much more powerful than a dog's? You always know where I am and you're watching me from the side. " Chen Xiang used his divine sense to send a sound transmission to them from a distance.

Hearing this, Ji Meixian's delicate body trembled, but she quickly calmed down. "Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, sooner or later you'll know the consequences of offending me!"

"Hehe, don't forget, your Image Crystal is still in my hands. We don't even know the consequences! If I am not happy, I might take it out to have a look and take a look at Bai Hai's heavenly beauty! " Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly: "Although it is a little worse than my slave, it is still barely enough to see!"

Ji Meixian no longer talked with Chen Xiang. She was purely asking for trouble, she was just curious how Chen Xiang found out about her, and how his consciousness was so strong!

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