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Hundred Repeating Refinement! Chen Xiang felt a headache just thinking about it. Even the most basic of repet.i.tions and refinements would sometimes make him unable to endure it, much less the Hundred Layered Waves. That spiritual requirement was very high, and one had to be able to determine the most precise one.

"Seems like it's hard to control!" Chen Xiang sighed.

"Of course, G.o.d-refining Dan only needs to be refined twice and once again, it can be successfully refined. If it's refined three times, it would be within the range of a Superior Grade Ground level Pellet. If you were to use the third stage of Foreseeing Alchemy to refine G.o.d-refining Dan, you would see even more mistakes. Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang thought for a while, then said: "I'll use the pill that I'm most familiar with to try out the second stage of Foreseeing Alchemy, and try the G.o.d-refining Dan after I'm familiar with it!"

"If you can master the second stage of Foreseeing Alchemy, it will be even easier for you to refine pills in the future." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang began to try to refine it, he had refined Nine quenching body Dan, he had concocted many of these pills, the majority of them were sold to Gu Dongchen for his Spar.

Ever since Ji Meixian appeared, Su Meiyao did not dare to leave the Youyao Ring. If Ji Meixian found out that she and Bai Youyou were secretly helping him, then he would be in even more danger in the future.

Second stage Foreseeing Alchemy was extremely difficult to control, especially at the start. Even if someone were to offer guidance, it would be very difficult to learn, and one would have to rely on their own comprehension to understand it.

Originally, Chen Xiang had planned to learn the third round of Refinement three times in one go, but after trying it out with the Nine quenching body Dan, he knew that the difficulty level was beyond his imagination.

The first attempt would take three days, and it was only until he tried using the low rank profound level Pill did he manage to touch a hair on it, and only then was he able to practice it to a great extent.

The hardest thing to do was to repeat the refining scene in one's mind and see it as just one time. From this, one could be sure of the correct deduction.

When refining G.o.d-refining Dan, there were unexpected variables that required a lot of practice before one could overcome. Therefore, there was a huge difference between low grade profound level pills and G.o.d-refining Dan pills used to practice.

After Chen Xiang slowly grasped it, he realised that it was much easier to refine it, as if he could see any changes that would happen in the future, of course, this was because the pill itself did not change.

Five days had pa.s.sed and Chen Xiang had already successfully refined a middle grade Ground level s Congenital Jiuyuan Dan with the second layer of Foreseeing Alchemy.

"If you master the second and third times, you would be able to handle any mid-grade Ground level pills. If you want to level up, you will have to learn the third and third time." Su Meiyao said.

Although the third round of Refinement was one stage higher than the second stage, Chen Xiang had tried it before and he felt that it was more than ten times more difficult than the second round. After all, that was a High Rank Ground level Pellet.

"Alright, I'll start refining the G.o.d-refining Dan now. If I succeed, I'll be able to stir up trouble in Dan City!"

Chen Xiang was still worried about the Destiny box. If Long Xueyi could see what the Destiny box had, he would go to the Feng Clan and the White Sea Imperial Land to pick the best Destiny box and gamble on the scene. He would refine the dying herbs in the Destiny box into spirit pellets and let these two powers bleed for it!

Right now, he felt that he did not have enough spiritual sense, especially when he needed to undergo the third round of Refinement. It was no wonder that many high level Alchemist s were old geezers.

On the other hand, consuming G.o.d-refining Dan would allow his consciousness to rapidly grow stronger!

Once again refining the G.o.d-refining Dan, his confidence increased exponentially as two simulations of refining another pellet appeared in his mind. Although there were two of them, in his mind, there was only one: to combine the two, see through two different scenarios, and grasp onto the variables within. This way, he would be able to perform the most correct refinement.

Previously, when he was refining the pills without any variables, it was already difficult for him to do it twice. Now that there were variables, it was even more difficult. His spiritual sense was already strong to begin with, so there was no need to mention others.

It was no wonder that Alchemist at his age would mostly stop at Earth Grade Low Rank Dan. Even if they died trying, they would only be able to refine medium-grade, and that was only a small minority. At the very least, Dan Alliance who were known to have at most produced Alchemist, none had such a character.

With a "peng" sound, the Yanlong furnace shook. Although it had exploded, it had improved a lot this time. To be able to enter the second half, he had made a mistake when splitting the pellets.

He thought that it was definitely possible, but the difficulty would be much higher. However, if he succeeded, he would be able to use one portion of the ingredients to concoct a cauldron, but he could use three portions to concoct three batches of herbs. It was obvious to see who was stronger, this was also the path he had been persevering on, it was a type of spirit!

Su Meiyao muttered to himself inside the Serene Demon Ring, "Not mentioning him, he even wanted to refine two pellets, did he really think he was growing cabbages?"

A high level pellet could only give two, and this was only the limit of the top Alchemist s. Under normal circ.u.mstances, a Alchemist would only be able to give one pellet to someone else.

"I must succeed this time!" Chen Xiang took a few deep breaths, adjusted his breathing, and calmed himself down before recovering to peak condition.

As time pa.s.sed, with Chen Xiang gradually entering a perfect state, and very quickly reaching the final moment, he had to decide how many pills to concoct, and the key to success or failure in concocting the pellet!

Inside the pill furnace, the turbid golden cyclone was extremely st.u.r.dy, but it was still torn apart by Chen Xiang's spiritual sense, becoming three parts. If he did not separate them, then when he condensed the pills, it would only be the internal orders of the cyclone, and when the dense Medicine aura outside dispersed, it would be equivalent to spending money on it.

This time, he successfully divided the pills into three parts, and even used his mana to compress the three cyclones into pills!

"It's a success!" Chen Xiang's face was covered in sweat. His complexion was haggard, but he felt extremely accomplished. This was because he had successfully refined three G.o.d-refining Dan s!

A portion of G.o.d-refining Dan s medicine could produce three pills in a single furnace, and with such a high quality pill, it would definitely be enough to scare those old Dan King s silly.

"Heart of Dan Golden Roc Dance!" Chen Xiang looked at the thumb-sized white pellet, and surprisingly, there was a very small golden Roc in it, which seemed to dance happily around.

"Monster!" Su Meiyao muttered. Although this was not the first time she had seen Chen Xiang display such monstrous talent, she was still shocked.

Chen Xiang laughed, and then threw the three G.o.d-refining Dan s into his mouth and chewed them up, like he was eating peanut, and swallowed them down in a few bites.

If three G.o.d-refining Dan were to eat it together, the medicinal power would be immense and ordinary people would not be able to endure it. However, since Chen Xiang had the Spirit Cultivating Stage of the Imperial Dragon Race, the Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra, he was naturally able to bear it.

As the medicinal power spread, it drew upon the Innate Qi within his body and fused with it, turning into a kind of strange power. It nourished his soul and shot straight into the spirit, entering into the divine soul within his sea of consciousness.

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