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There were a lot of people from all over the Continent of the King. There were many demonic cultivators from all over the Devil Realm, but none of them were discovered.

Now that they knew Chen Xiang had appeared in Pill City, they all rushed to the city from different parts of the Continent of the King. However, as if he had evaporated into thin air, after beating up Dan King's son, he disappeared without a trace.

Chen Xiang was still in Pill City, but his concealing ability was extremely strong and he had grasped a technique that could change his appearance. Only someone like Ji Meixian who had a natural instinct would be able to find him.

In the backyard of a middle levelled inn in Pill City, Chen Xiang found a room where he concocted pills. This room was filled with all sorts of array formations, preventing the Qi from leaking out while concocting pills.

Although the G.o.d-refining Dan was only a middle Ground level, it was extremely precious. This was because there were no high grade Ground level s or pellets that could help with spiritual sense, and the effects of the G.o.d-refining Dan were extremely strong, especially for cultivators, many old fellows would need to rely on this pellet to cultivate their spiritual sense.

"Thunder Heaven School is really not a person who specializes in handling pills. Even a good Golden Roc Fruit was turned into this by them!" On Chen Xiang's palm was a fruit that looked like a golden rocs. However, its color was now dim and it did not have any signs of life.

The Golden Roc Fruit was a type of Spirit Fruit with a strong soul and a strong soul. Because it looked like a Golden Roc, it received a name that could be directly eaten to enhance one's Spiritual Sense and strengthen one's soul.

"The soul ginseng is about to die, it's all because of the lack of spirit energy. It seems like the person taking care of these spirit medicines was very careless. They actually cultivated at the place where they were planted and absorbed all the spirit energy, not even sparing the spirit energy in the spirit medicines." Su Meiyao snorted.

A soul parameter was a thumb-sized ginseng. It was very small, but it was wrapped in a layer of faint mist. This sort of soul parameter could give birth to a special kind of soul power that could help a person strengthen their soul consciousness.

Chen Xiang was not willing to let go of these two bizarre spirit medicines, and dripped creation divine liquid s on top of them.

Not long after, the Golden Roc Fruit started to emit a dazzling golden light, just like a small golden Roc. It was lifelike, making people praise the supernatural arts of the heaven and earth, unexpectedly giving birth to such a beautiful fruit.

The thumb sized spirit ginseng had a faint layer of multicolored light surrounding it, about the size of a fist. The two stalks of spirit herbs that were on the verge of death, once again regained their vitality, and then, Chen Xiang was going to cut them open, and then use the creation divine liquid s to duplicate them in large amounts.

He cut the Golden Roc Fruit into two halves, and dripped a certain number of creation divine liquid s onto it. The Golden Roc Fruit that was split into two halves quickly grew out the missing half, and turned into two Golden Roc Fruits.

Now that he had entered the Nirvana Stage, the number of creation divine liquid he condensed every day was even more.

After half a day, he used a big bottle of creation divine liquid to duplicate ten sets of main ingredients for the Spirit Refinement Pellet.

When he was refining the G.o.d-refining Dan, Chen Xiang was already thinking of carving some of the Spirit grain into this pill and refining it into a treasured pellet. However, before he could think too much about it, he failed in the first batch!

This made him very surprised, because when he was refining, the change inside the furnace was different from when he was practising it. Originally, he had been able to refine it smoothly based on his own experience, but after adjusting it even further in the Foreseeing Alchemy, it caused the furnace to explode.

This was the first time he had encountered such a situation. Even if he had failed when using the Foreseeing Alchemy in the past, the majority of it was not a problem with the Foreseeing Alchemy.

His foundation of Foreseeing Alchemy could be said to be very solid, more solid than when most Alchemist s started using it. He had a large number of high level pellets, and used the Foreseeing Alchemy to refine them, thus laying a very solid foundation.

But now, he had actually made a very big mistake in his practice!

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang frowned, and then, he refined another set of new creation divine liquid s. He still had a lot of them, so Su Meiyao, Bai Youyou and the others could copy a lot of new ingredients inside.

This time, it was the same as last time; after melting all the main supporting ingredients, in order to get all the Medicine aura and medicinal powders together, an error had occurred and the furnace had exploded!

"It doesn't make sense. It's fine if it's wrong once, but can't G.o.d-refining Dan use Foreseeing Alchemy to deduce?" Chen Xiang muttered.

Su Meiyao knew where the problem was, but she did not explain it to Chen Xiang. Instead, she said, "If you want to learn to discover the problem yourself, I can teach you for a while, but I can't teach you for a lifetime. Your path of alchemy is still very long, and will surpa.s.s mine sooner or later!"

It was always Su Meiyao who reminded him that if he made mistakes in the past, he would be able to quickly discover the problem, but not train his ability to discover the problem. It would also cause him to gradually lose his ability in this area, or even weaken his ability in this area.

Su Meiyao wanted to make Chen Xiang's reliance on her weaken, and it would be a bad thing for him to continue to develop in the long run. On the other hand, there wasn't any problems with the early stage, because Chen Xiang's current foundation was already very solid.

Chen Xiang was currently refining his G.o.d-refining Dan silently, and he was even more serious than before. He had been together with Su Meiyao for so long, so he naturally knew what Su Meiyao was thinking right now.

The third attempt had failed! During the explosion of the furnace, he seemed to have caught something, but it was still very vague, so he tried again to confirm what he was thinking.

"I understand, G.o.d-refining Dan are different from other pills. When refining this kind of pill, there are too many variables, and it is impossible to deduce the mistake simply by using Foreseeing Alchemy." Chen Xiang's eyes shone with a red glow.

Su Meiyao was so shocked that she couldn't speak. Back then, she was also stuck refining G.o.d-refining Dan, and that could be said to be the first great obstacle in her life in pill refining. She had been trapped for a whole few years, and now, thinking about it, she couldn't help but sigh.

However, a freak like Chen Xiang was able to comprehend the difficulty in just a short half a day.

"Do you really understand?" Su Meiyao asked with an astonished tone.

"En, I feel that one scenario in my mind is not enough. I feel that I need to simulate at least three scenarios before I can successfully refine this G.o.d-refining Dan!" Chen Xiang said seriously: "I now understand why I failed so miserably before in refining the Relive Dan. So it was in this area."

Su Meiyao was once again shocked by Chen Xiang's monstrous talent. Back then, it took her several years to comprehend this point, and the master who taught her alchemy was the same as her now. He wouldn't give her any hints, so she would personally find out the problem.

However, Chen Xiang had only failed four batches, and was able to determine the root of the problem. Furthermore, he was even able to think of a way to solve it.

"That's right, in the world of the high-level Alchemist, this is known as the Foreseeing Alchemy. It is said that Alchemist s that are at the level of the Dan Immortal are able to undergo a hundred repet.i.tions, and they have to fuse the hundred repet.i.tions together before distinguishing the most accurate mistakes within, in order to be able to correct the mistakes in reality." Su Meiyao explained.

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