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Chen Xiang stared at the black boxes, these boxes did not mention what kind of ingredients were inside, but there was a price marked on them, and Chen Xiang saw a box that was worth five hundred million Spar!

"This box is worth 500 million. Does it mean that the elixirs inside are worth 500 million?" Chen Xiang asked. Some of the boxes were ridiculously expensive.

These are all part of the same set of medicinal herbs, for many Alchemist, the spirit herbs inside are all worth their money, our shop will not let you down, open the box, I guarantee that you will be satisfied with the spirit herbs inside, but right now, I cannot tell you what kind of spirit herbs are inside, this is a kind of game, you have to keep it fun, and it can even bring you a pleasant surprise. The woman explained in detail.

Chen Xiang told Long Xueyi to take a look at what was inside the box. His consciousness could not enter, but Long Xueyi could.

"They are two types of spiritual medicines. However, judging from their l.u.s.ter, they are the kind that are half dead and half alive. However, they are very rare, so they are also worth that price." Long Xueyi said, then carefully told Su Meiyao the appearances of the two spirit medicines.

"It's the G.o.d-refining Dan's medicine, one of them is called the Golden Roc Fruit, the other is called the Spirit Ginseng. Although they are about to die, they are still very precious, they shouldn't be able to live anymore, but you have the creation divine liquid, you can definitely live." Su Meiyao said. From her tone of voice, it seemed like she wanted Chen Xiang to take down the box.

Chen Xiang carried the box, and just as he was about to pay the bill, a man in blue suddenly barged in and rudely s.n.a.t.c.hed the box.

"What are you doing?" Chen Xiang frowned, he kicked towards the man's abdomen, and kicked it away.

The blue clothed man immediately became furious, "Are you courting death? I want this box, hand it over quickly! "

Without saying a word, Chen Xiang walked over to the counter and handed over the five hundred million Spar s to the shopkeeper.

"I've already bought it." Chen Xiang said lightly.

"Do you know who I am? In the Pill City, there are few people who dare to offend me. I had taken a fancy to this box before, but at that time, I was not strong enough to be a Spar, if you know what's good for you, you can just obediently give it to me. " The blue clothed man's sword-like eyebrows slanted inwards and he had a fierce expression on his face.

This blue-clothed man had a rather n.o.ble aura, had delicate skin and tender flesh, and was also very rude and unreasonable. It was clear that he came from an extraordinary background, but this was the kind of guy that Chen Xiang was least afraid of.

"I really don't know who you are. Even if I do, I will not give it to you." Chen Xiang did not say much and placed the box into the ring.

"My father is the Dan King from the Dan Alliance." The blue-clothed man flew into a rage and brought his father out.

Chen Xiang came to Dan City with the intention of slapping the faces of the group of Dan King s in Dan Alliance, so of course he wasn't afraid.

"If you don't move away, then I'll make my move. Even if your father is the leader, I won't let you have it." Chen Xiang's expression turned cold, the Spirit Refinement Pellet was also known as the G.o.d-refining Dan, it was able to strengthen a person's spiritual sense, if not for the fact that he was growing it, the Thunder Heaven School would not sell it.

He, who was secretly training in the Dao of the G.o.ds, needed this sort of pill the most.

If you offend me, Tan Zhongsen, you definitely won't get anything good out of it. Let me ask you again, are you going to give it to me? " Tan Zhongsen was furious, he grabbed onto Chen Xiang's sleeves.

Chen Xiang was enraged, without much words, he immediately sent out a slap. The power of the Heaven Blasting Palm's palm brought about a great impact as it struck onto Tan Zhongsen's face, causing the stone tiles on the entire street to jump up in shock. Tan Zhongsen's face was even shattered by the palm, and his entire body sank into the ground.

"Motherf * cker, you want to force me to take action?!" Chen Xiang groaned, turned, and left, while Tan Zhongsen was completely stunned.

He was the son of the Dan King, yet he was casually slapped like a fly. Moreover, after hitting him, the other party did not take him seriously at all, it was as if he was swatting an annoying fly.

"Stop him! Stop him!" Tan Zhongsen reacted, ignoring his own mouth pain, as he shouted loudly.

was indeed very domineering in the Pill City, but he was only for those who did not have any strength, a guy who only dared to bully the weak and fear the strong.

"Right, what's your father's name?" Chen Xiang suddenly turned his head and asked: "Dan King Tan Sheng, if you have the guts to leave your name, I will definitely repay you in the future." Tan Zhongsen struggled to get up.

"Me? I am from Super Martial School, my name is Chen Xiang, you must remember to come to Super Martial School to find me for revenge in the future. " Chen Xiang waved and turned to leave.

The Chen Xiang of Super Martial School! The people on the street were all stunned. However, upon closer inspection, they felt that the portrait on the bounty notice was very similar to the one on the bounty notice. It was just that the real person had become much younger!

Although Super Martial School did not have a rank, nor did he have a rank in Dan Alliance, but he was still very famous. This was all because of Huang Jintian and Chen Xiang.

"Even if it's Chen Xiang, I will make him pay the price. You have the guts to come here and seek death after offending Feng Clan!" Tan Zhongsen shouted, but Chen Xiang had already disappeared at the end of the street.

Chen Xiang was not afraid of exposing his ident.i.ty, so he quickly changed his appearance and went to investigate the background of this Dan King Tan Sheng.

After some investigation, he found out that Tan Sheng was a new member of the Dan Alliance. Because his strength was relatively strong, he had a lot of prestige in the Dan Alliance.

"Dan King Tan Sheng, if you want to blame something, you can only blame your son for it. I will quickly go and find trouble with you." Chen Xiang calculated in his heart. He planned to go to the Ding Sheng pill shop to pick out Destiny box s, and then use the items there to refine pills.

If one could use the spirit medicine inside the Destiny box to successfully refine a pellet, not only would they be able to return to the Spar that bought the box, they would also be able to get the same kind of spirit medicine as the Destiny box.

The spirit medicine in the Destiny box were all dying, it was very difficult to refine them into pills. If they failed, a large amount of Spar would be lost.

"I will first refine three mid-grade Ground level pills, then we will talk about it later. I must properly wash this Pill City!" Chen Xiang decided to stay here for a while, to extinguish's Breeze.

He had the ingredients for high grade Ground level pills. If he could master a middle grade Ground level pill, he would be able to try to refine a high grade Ground level pill. At that time, he would have to take the examination and become a Pill Sect!

Right now, the world was not as simple as Great War between Three Realms, there were still many secrets hidden inside. The Demon Realm and the other Devil Realm s were relatively calm, but this was just an illusion.

Pill City was very big. It was established in the Continent of the King and was one of the biggest cities in the south. Because the Continent of the King had the Devil-subduing College and the Fire Divine Palace, there were a lot of people present on this huge piece of land.

When this matter spread, many people came to Pill City. If they caught Chen Xiang, they would be able to get twenty Relive Dan, and both White Sea Imperial Land and Feng Clan would have a bounty of twenty pills!

"Perhaps I can use the Seventy-two changes to transform myself, and then I can use it to claim the bounty, haha …" Chen Xiang secretly laughed.

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