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The entire Green Summit City was shaken. The two high and mighty Son of Heaven that had appeared in the Green Summit City before, their heads were sent flying and embedded into the city walls. They died a miserable death!

It could be said that they would have boundless prospects in the future. With such a powerful force backing them up, they would be able to get through the tribulation without any worries, and could ascend without any hindrances. But now, they had fallen.

Although Chen Xiang had only launched a sneak attack before, the power that he had displayed was still great, actually suppressing the two Heavenly Ladies and the Son of Heaven. This made the other Heavenly Sons, who were spectating the battle, to secretly be wary of Chen Xiang, and they had initially wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h Chen Xiang's divine blade, but now, if they wanted to make a move, they had to consider it carefully.

"We miscalculated, if we did not protect those two trash, we would definitely be able to kill Chen Xiang!"

Although she was covered by a veil, and was also rumored to be an extremely beautiful woman, at the moment, she appeared to be in a slightly sorry state, but she did not lose her refined charm.

Ji Meixian did not think like that. She definitely could not let Chen Xiang die, and only if Chen Xiang was still alive would she be able to get back at him.

"It's useless to regret!" Ji Meixian used the great earth to escape to the outskirts of the city and she could clearly feel Chen Xiang's aura coming from that direction.

It was because Chen Xiang had predicted that these two heavenly girls would not attack him, that he dared to attack without holding back. Even if the Feng Clan heavenly woman wanted to kill him, Ji Meixian would not let him die.

When the Feng Clan and his seniors came back, they would definitely vomit blood. The two arrogant Heavenly Sons had actually been killed by someone, moreover, they died in a very sullen manner. They did not even have the chance to retaliate before they were beaten to death.

"Grand Elder, I've done my best!" Feng Clan came to an old man's side and sighed.

The Great Clan Elder of the Feng Clan sighed, "I know, you should rest up properly. Leave this matter to me!"

Inside the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family and Sheng Domain, there was a portion of Heavenly Sisters and Heavenly Sons who were at odds with each other. This was because they were the most outstanding young men in their power and would have a fight in the future.

This matter had spread and shocked the entire Human Realm, at the same time, it was treated as a joke by others, because when these two Heavenly Sons were going to fight with Chen Xiang, they had first fought with them internally, and then were taken advantage of by Chen Xiang, and were annihilated by him in one go.

----- "Master Ancestor, if the old guy from Feng Clan wants to make a move on Junior Martial Uncle, shouldn't we make a move?" Wu Kaiming said. He heard that Chen Xiang was scared away by a Feng Clan Great Clan Elder, if not he would have had to kill those two heavenly girls.

Gu Dongchen returned to the Ancient Spirit Great Land, he had been carried away a long time ago, and that was where his clan was now.

Huang Jintian snickered and touched Wu Kaiming's head: "Little baldy, send people to kill these two old fellows from Feng Clan. Beautifully do it, don't leave any traces behind, but let them know that it was our Super Martial School who did it."

"Chen Xiang, you little brat, you sure did a good job. You ran out from that place so quickly and even killed two of the Son of Heaven. Let's see who dares to provoke him in the future."

Wu Kaiming laughed bitterly, the Master and disciple were crazy, he replied and left.

In the Icy Wind Valley, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan were also exclaiming in surprise when they heard about this matter. They had gone through the first Nirvana Tribulation, and all of them were people who possessed Divine Veins and trained in divine arts. Leng Youlan possessed a powerful and mysterious White Dragon Vein, but they were still unable to leave the Icy Wind Valley.

"d.a.m.n it, Master, what is so important?" I want to go out and see a new world. I want to find those heavenly women and challenge them to s.n.a.t.c.h away my brother's things! " Leng Youlan's white hair danced in the wind as a bizarre energy coiled around her hair, as if she contained a very strong power within.

Xue Xianxian was dressed in plain clothes, although it was not the most luxurious clothes, but it was filled with an Immortal Qi.

Her beautiful eyes were gentle as she smiled sweetly, "Youlan, you have to keep calm. Master must be doing us good by letting us do this. Who knows, maybe there really is something important?"

The Icy Wind Valley was very mysterious, very few people could enter, and the forbidden grounds in the Icy Wind Valley was even rarer. However, the two girls stayed there all year round, making their strength increase very quickly. Furthermore, there was the natural Time Formation here, even the heavenly women did not have such a good cultivation environment.

The matter of Chen Xiang killing the two Heavenly Sons, the matter of Lei Zhentian, had already spread far and wide. At this time, the ancient powers had also completed their construction of the Ancient Transmission array, and the news spread even faster.

Feng Clan and White Sea Imperial Land both raised the bounty on Chen Xiang, killing their Son of Heaven. This was as serious a matter as digging out their ancestors' graves.

"Only twenty Relive Dan?" Chen Xiang looked at his own portrait, and said unhappily: "I'm not really worth it, looks like I have to kill a few more of their important figures!"

Chen Xiang was now in the Continent of the King's Pill City. Here, he had the Feng Clan's and White Sea Imperial Land's medicine industry, and these two powers had completely infuriated him, attacking him time and time again.

"This Dan Alliance is definitely under the control of those sage realm and sage realm cultivators. There must be a lot of ancient powers in the Dan King." Su Meiyao said.

"This is for the best, I have long disliked this dog-s.h.i.t Dan Alliance, he actually took in someone like Dongfang Lingyun. Since I have come here, I will let them suffer a great loss." Chen Xiang sneered in his heart. Dan Alliance was the biggest pill organization in Human Realm, if he could ruthlessly slap their faces here, it would definitely cause a sensation in the entire Human Realm.

After Chen Xiang strolled around the bustling Pill City, he realized that many great powers all had very decent shops here, and even some very interesting activities.

Right now, Chen Xiang was in Thunder Heaven School's medicine store. He came to a place that was specially placed with many black boxes.

"What are these boxes?" Chen Xiang asked.

A woman with a professional smile immediately walked over and smiled: "These are called Destiny box s. Each box has some medicinal herbs inside, and the price is marked on it. You can try your luck, if you are lucky, you can buy some precious herbs!"

"If you are a Alchemist, you can choose to refine the herbs in the box into a pill after you open it. If you successfully refine the pill, not only will we not accept the Spar, we will also give you the same herbs as the Destiny box! But, if you are unable to make it, you have to give our shop Spar s that are on the same level as the Destiny box s. "

"Oh? Isn't this equivalent to betting with your shop? " Chen Xiang laughed.

"That's right, he is betting with our shop. There are often Alchemist here to try their luck, there are even winners or losers." The girl smiled sweetly.

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