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"Chen Xiang, stop! "If you do this, you will only become enemies with us two."

shouted loudly. The two Heavenly Sons were already heavily injured, so she and the Feng Clan must ensure their safety. If the two Heavenly Sons were to die here, the both of them would lose a lot of face.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, stop!" The clan elder who was flying over from Feng Clan roared, he released his treasure sword and thrusted at Chen Xiang.

"Chen Xiang, you have to die today. You actually injured our Son of Heaven." The elder from the White Sea Imperial Land said in a cold voice.

"You won't be able to escape even if you have wings. Just surrender and surrender."

Chen Xiang looked at Ji Meixian and laughed: "You want me to stop? Don't even think about it, look at the people from White Sea Imperial Land and Feng Clan, no matter what, I will slaughter those two Heavenly Sons today! "

His body trembled, and a visible fiery aura gushed out from his body like a tidal wave. The scorching aura appeared, and the surrounding temperature rose up rapidly. Many people felt like they were far away, fearing that they would be caught up in it.

A pair of extremely large Suzaku fire wing condensed behind Chen Xiang, and when it opened, it was already more than thirty meters long.

Suzaku fire wing! Ji Meixian was shocked. This was extremely familiar, and her mind suddenly remembered Su Meiyao's charming and beautiful figure. She had seen Su Meiyao use this before!

"Purgatory Tornado!" Chen Xiang's body suddenly spun, and a raging inferno ignited around his body as countless dragon-like flames spewed out.

The giant fiery wings started to rotate, releasing countless long fiery dragons. The long dragons rotated with the fiery wings, forming a huge ball of air formed from countless fire dragons twisting around it.

At this moment, the Purgatory Tornado Chen Xiang was using was even more powerful, every gust of wind had turned into a roaring flaming dragon. The fiery tornado that stood tall on the ground looked like countless raging dragons circling and roaring.

The elders of the White Sea Imperial Land and Feng Clan, the weapons and weapons that they used to attack Chen Xiang were all sucked in. The powerful suction force that it produced right now even caused the elders to feel terror in their hearts, but they were too late to regret it. They were all sucked into the tornado!

The two heavenly sons and two heavenly girls were in the eye of the storm. At this moment, the two heavenly girls released their strongest powers to protect themselves and the two heavenly sons.

If it were not to protect the two heavenly sons, they would have already charged towards Chen Xiang to kill him!

Chen Xiang took out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, causing the divine blade to be around a hundred feet long. Along with the crazy rotation of the Suzaku fire wing, it also released waves of lightning and blade silhouettes.

Two of the Elders had been twisted into two pieces, and then completely melted into the fire dragon!

If they had not left in time, they would have died by now. There were many disciples of great powers present, and when they saw Chen Xiang's strength, their expressions changed greatly, because they had always thought that Chen Xiang was only so-so, but now, it seemed that he was simply a monster, domineering to the extreme. Whoever angered him, they would kill him without a care for anything else.

The dozen or so elders from the Feng Clan s and White Sea Imperial Land s were already torn to pieces by Chen Xiang's Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. Some parts of them that were not burned by the flames were all flung out, causing people's scalps to go numb.

Right now, there were only two Heavenly Sisters struggling to survive inside. They really wanted to ignore the two Heavenly Sons and attack Chen Xiang first, but they were worried that Chen Xiang would kill the two Heavenly Sons later on.

"Humph, if you want to die, then don't blame me!" Both of Chen Xiang's fists flashed, the golden light released from his body, Slaughter G.o.d's Hand released a ray of golden light, causing countless of white tigers to fly out from the White Tiger Gloves. Tens of thousands of tigers charged forth, spiralling downwards from the sky, straight towards the Wind Eye!

With the protection of the Celestial Cloth, it was much easier for Ji Meixian to enter the tornado. However, the Feng Clan Heavenly Lady was no longer able to do so, she could only feel the pressure now, as she had to split half of her power to protect the son of the Feng Clan or else the son of the Feng Clan would be killed by Chen Xiang.

"G.o.d Slaughtering Purgatory, enjoy yourself!" Chen Xiang sneered, the white tiger formed from his killing intent and the white tiger Innate Qi continued to attack the four people from the Wind Eyes.

The two heavenly girls could only bite the bullet and use all their strength to attack the white tigers that were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with killing intent. When each white tiger was killed, a burst of golden energy would burst out, causing their blood to churn.

At this time, it seemed as if a heavy rain was brewing in the sky. Lightning flashed and thunder roared, thunder rumbled, and lightning flashed like a dragon.

Under the dark sky, the Purgatory Fire Dragon Scroll seemed so bright. The fiery red glow illuminated the sky, and line after line of fire dragons seemed lifelike as they roared angrily, making the tornado seem even more frightening, trapping the Son of Heaven and the Heavenly Maiden inside!

As a threatening pressure descended, everyone suddenly felt that this was not a heavy rain, but a very powerful energy. Seeing a huge black vortex suddenly appear in the sky above the Purgatory Flame Dragon Scroll, everyone was shocked, and their hairs started to stand on end. This was because the situation was too terrifying, making them feel as if the huge vortex in the sky was about to produce a fierce beast!

Ji Meixian's jade face became extremely solemn, and her heart was filled with astonishment, "This is the Imperial Dragon Race's Heavenly dragon seal! If I remember correctly, this move should be called the punishment of the dragon's fury! What was the background of this kid? Not only did you receive the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu, you even received the inheritance of the Imperial Dragon Race! "

Her face turned cold, looking at Hai Weidong who had one of his arm torn off, seeing him half dead, with a face full of fear, she steeled her heart.

"Chen Xiang, the White Sea Imperial Land is not finished with you!" Ji Meixian threw those words down, used all his strength, and opened a path, leaving this terrifying Purgatory Flame Dragon Scroll!

Right now, the pressure on Feng Clan was even more intense, she did not expect Ji Meixian to leave without even calling out to her, so right now, she was having difficulty resisting the endless killing of War Tigers as she pounced forward. Clenching her jade teeth, she spat out a few fierce words, then ignored Feng Wu Jun and opened up a path.

"You want to leave?" Chen Xiang laughed out loud, only to see that the black vortex in the sky had suddenly been torn apart, and a gigantic white dragon, covered with gigantic white lightning, had fiercely charged into the ground.

The furious dragon's roar shook the world, shaking the heavens. The dragon descended like rain, and the largest white lightning dragon crashed head first into the eye of the wind. Everyone could hear two miserable shrieks resounding through the thunder!

The two heavenly girls who had just escaped were also locked on by the Dragon's Fury. Lightning continued to strike at them. As they resisted, they also distanced themselves from the area where the lightning struck.

Hai Weidong and Feng Wu Jun, the two half-dead Son of Heaven, actually did not die after being struck, but they were sucked into the fire dragon scroll and their bodies were chopped into pieces by the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s. Only two heads were left flying out and embedded into the city walls!

This was something that Chen Xiang had purposely released. After killing the two Heavenly Sons, he had used up all his energy, and only the Earth Attribute was not used.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, give me your life!" An angry, old shout came from afar.

"Old man, I will send you on your way sooner or later. You can teach them a lesson below!" Chen Xiang dropped to the ground, burrowed into the ground and used the Earth Escape Technique.

The distance he had to escape through the earth was limited, but it was enough for him to avoid being chased by the seniors of the Feng Clan and the White Sea Imperial Land. However, Ji Meixian could still sense where Chen Xiang was at this time.

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