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Ji Meixian had always been inside the Green Summit City, so when she saw the phenomenon, she was sure that it was Chen Xiang who made it. Even though she was once an expert of the Heaven Realm, this was the first time she had seen such an earthshaking scene of absorbing spirit energy.

All the Rankers in the city flew towards where Chen Xiang was, especially those Heavenly Sons and Heavenly Sisters. They wanted to see who the person was and what method they had to devour the large amount of Spiritual Qi.

Chen Xiang's secret room had already been completely destroyed by the boundless spirit energy. He was wrapped in a purple ball of energy, and outside the purple ball flowed the Spirit grain of the Spirit Gathering Formation.

His body was like a bottomless whirlpool, absorbing the spiritual energy in the surrounding miles around him. The white mist of spiritual energy revolved around his body and entered his body. His small house was already shrouded in dense fog, the density of the spiritual energy was greater than any Tong Tian Aristocratic Family or Sheng Domain warrior!

"This... Isn't this guy Chen Xiang? " His fair and handsome face was filled with surprise, but at the same time, it revealed a look of greed. He believed that this was caused by the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu.

Chen Xiang possessed a celestial blade and Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu, and had always been coveted by many great powers, but now that he possessed a Fire phoenix purple gold, it made them even more jealous, and made him a living treasure trove.

"Chen Xiang, you stole my White Sea Imperial Land's Fire phoenix purple gold, you better hand it over obediently. You killed many of my White Sea Imperial Land's elders, today I will take you down!" Hai Weidong's expression was indifferent, at this time, Chen Xiang was being surrounded by many genius disciples from big powers, and could not escape even if he had wings.

Huang Jintian had said before, the matters of the younger generation should be handled by the younger generation, the older generation couldn't interfere, if not Huang Jintian would make his move too, so the old fellow could only watch from the side. If they were to make a move, not only them, but the entire power would be annihilated by Huang Jintian's group.

"I found the Fire phoenix purple gold outside of Rough and Random profound Land. I worked hard to dig it out of the ground. Why don't you go and obtain the mines of the various great powers? " Chen Xiang opened his eyes and sneered.

Chen Xiang was still crazily absorbing spiritual energy, he was very calm, worthy of respect. Everyone wanted to know what kind of method he used to be able to drink so much spiritual energy.

"Hmph, no matter what, I can't let you escape today!" Just as Hai Weidong wanted to go up, he was stopped by a handsome man with an arrogant aura.

"Chen Xiang and our Feng Clan have irreconcilable enmity, he has killed many people from the Feng Clan, please do not s.n.a.t.c.h it away from me!" This tall and st.u.r.dy handsome man was the son of the Feng Clan, Feng Wu Jun!

Everyone wanted the treasures on Chen Xiang's body, but the young experts from the other big powers were just watching by the side. They didn't want to provoke Chen Xiang right now, because White Sea Imperial Land and Feng Clan were just the examples.

Of course, if they had the chance, they would not hesitate to attack Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "You must be here for my treasured blade and divine arts right? Or do we attack together? "

He was frantically devouring the spirit energy, thinking that the Congenital Jiuyuan Dan could still sustain itself for a period of time.

A lady from Peach Blossom Imperial Land wearing a luxurious pink dress with a pink veil said softly, "Young Master Shen should be in a state of cultivation right now, do you want to take advantage of me?"

The one who spoke was the Heavenly Girl of the Peach Blossom Imperial Land. When Chen Xiang was at Ancient Spirit Great Land, he had helped Yao Shumei out before.

Taking advantage of a situation like this, was indeed a very shameless thing to do. Furthermore, the current Tian Zi was extremely shameless, so they didn't take action right now. They could only watch as Chen Xiang finished cultivating.

This state had lasted for a full day and night, and Chen Xiang had only dispersed part of the medicinal power. Otherwise, he would have been able to sustain this state for three days and three nights.

Everyone had actually been waiting at the side for an entire day and night. Other than jealousy in their hearts, this kind of crazy method of devouring spiritual energy was many times better than those in the profound Realm that were rich in spiritual energy.

"Haha …" Chen Xiang laughed. He was truly happy, because he could take the road of combining Spirit grain and pills. The effect was very good, but the process of refining was extremely difficult.

At this time, he had lit up quite a few Zhenyuan granule, but to make a breakthrough, he would need to light up a lot of them.

"Young Master Shen is indeed an influential figure in the younger generation. I wonder if the astonishing phenomenon from before was caused because of the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu?" The Peach Blossom Heavenly Lady asked from afar. Although her face couldn't be seen, her eyes were extremely beautiful, emitting a gentle light. Her voice was light and gentle, causing others to feel a sense of familiarity towards her.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Of course not, this is caused by me consuming a pill that I had just refined. I also did not think that it would cause such a commotion and attract these people."

It was actually created by consuming pills. What kind of pill was this? It was only now that many people remembered that Chen Xiang was one of the most talented person in the younger generation in terms of alchemy, and he also knew a lot of Relive Dan s.

When the heavenly sons and daughters thought of this, they couldn't help but break out in cold sweat, especially the people from the Feng Clan. They actually used Relive Dan as a bounty to offer rewards to Chen Xiang, they were a little worried that he would use it to offer rewards to them.

The Peach Blossom Sky Lady's eyes flashed and asked again, "May I know what kind of pill it is? This little girl has never heard of such a pill. "

Chen Xiang laughed proudly, and said: "Of course you haven't heard of it, even if those old pill refiners of your Peach Blossom Fairyland came, they would definitely not have heard of it, because the cultivation method for this kind of pill is something that I have created myself. If your Peach Blossom Fairyland wants it, I can sell you a few pills, but the prerequisite is that you all are capable of producing Spar!"

The crowd was shocked again. He actually created such a powerful pill? This was definitely enough to stir the entire alchemy world!

They definitely could not let Chen Xiang live, otherwise, the threat would be even greater. For a Alchemist, if they could refine a Heaven level Pellet and become a Dan King, then even if they were the oldest powers, they would still be in danger.

"Finished speaking. Quickly come and understand our grudges." Feng Wu Jun shouted.

He definitely could not allow the Feng Clan, the Son of Heaven, to seize the opportunity. If Chen Xiang fell into the Feng Clan, then the Feng Clan would have really profited greatly.

"Feng Wu Jun, you must be clear that Chen Xiang stole our White Sea Imperial Land's Fire phoenix purple gold and killed many elders. The hatred between us is much greater than your Feng Clan's!" Hai Weidong's voice became colder and colder.

Everyone knew what the two Heavenly Sons were planning. As long as they could take down Chen Xiang, they could get his Divine Blade.

Chen Xiang laughed, "Hey, hey, who's the first to go? Why don't you guys fight me first, whoever wins will fight me again. "

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