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Chen Xiang had originally planned to refine another batch of Congenital Jiuyuan Dan successfully, but now that he was close to success, it meant that he had mastered a certain level of experience, so it would be easier for him to reach this level in the future when refining Congenital Jiuyuan Dan.

Immediately, a few Spirit grain s appeared in his mind. He had swallowed the memories of the four formation masters before and laid a solid foundation for the formation.

Although the array formation was not all set up by Spirit grain, Spirit grain s were still essential.

The Congenital Jiuyuan Dan was a pill used to gather spirit energy. Chen Xiang wanted to use the pill as the base and inscribe the Spirit grain s on it. From the very beginning, it would be the most basic Spirit Convergence Array.

His consciousness followed his will and turned into tiny golden Spirit grain, like a strand of hair, that he placed into the air whirls at the edge of the congealing pills.

The Medicine aura itself was a huge source of energy, but as long as the formation had energy supporting it, it could be activated, and the Spirit grain would be very effective.

There were only thirty-two Spirit grain in the simple Spirit Convergence Array. As long as one remembered the patterns of these Spirit grain, they could be enlarged or shrunk according to the ratio and the Spirit grain could be activated. The hardest thing was to connect these thirty-two Spirit grain together, making it possible to produce a miraculous effect.

The golden Spirit grain was formed by Chen Xiang using his strong consciousness. Right now, he could already condense his consciousness into an energy form.

Three pellets were all needed to be carved into the Spirit grain, which increased Chen Xiang's workload. He could have completed this already, but in order to inscribe the Spirit grain, he had spent more than half a day, which used up a lot of his divine sense and Innate Qi.

In order to set up a formation or to refine equipment, Spirit grain would usually use special energy to form something, but they couldn't use that energy inside the spirit pellet. They could only use the purest kind of consciousness and Innate Qi to construct the skeleton of the Spirit grain, while the Innate Qi was made from the flesh and blood of the Spirit grain.

One day and one night pa.s.sed. Ever since he possessed the Heaven fire soul and knew how to use mana to concoct pills, it was rare for him to use such a long time to concoct a batch of pills.

Around the Yanlong furnace, the surrounding Innate Qi were all fiery red. It was possible that they were affected by the Congenital Jiuyuan Dan inside, and because the furnace was fire attributed, they could absorb spirit energy from it.

Before even taking them, the three Congenital Jiuyuan Dan s would be able to condense their spirit energy into mist forms. This meant that the potential of the Yanlong furnace itself was great.

Seeing Chen Xiang being so serious, Su Meiyao did not disturb him, she wanted to see how the Spirit grain and the pill combination looked like, so she naturally hoped that Chen Xiang would succeed. At that time, Chen Xiang might even be able to create a unique pill refining path!

In the morning, Chen Xiang finally opened his eyes. He did not expect that concocting a batch of pills would cause him to consume most of his spirit power and Innate Qi.

Opening the lid, three light purple pellets were surrounded by white Qi, and after the white Qi dispersed, Chen Xiang smiled slightly: "Seems like it's a success!"

He took out these three Congenital Jiuyuan Dan s, and these kind of pellets usually came out with one pellet. The powerful Alchemist could give two of them to reach the middle grade Ground level, and most of the pellets that came out weren't high quality.

However, he maintained his consistent style of doing things and wanted to achieve perfection!

The three Congenital Jiuyuan Dan s were all of high quality, but the only difference was that the surface of the pill was covered with spirited golden-white lines that were flickering with a weak glow.

Chen Xiang succeeded in merging the Spirit grain and spirit pellet together, but he did not know how effective it would be.

The Congenital Jiuyuan Dan were carved with Spirit grain, so it was very beautiful. The Spirit grain were filled with vitality, as if they were alive, as if they were nature's nurtured heavenly treasures, and were not refined by humans at all.

Spirit grain s and spirit pellets were one and the same, it looked very beautiful, making people unable to resist taking a closer look. Even the powerful Alchemist Su Meiyao was exclaiming in admiration, and laymen like Long Xueyi and Bai Youyou were able to see through it.

"Little Scoundrel, you're really amazing!" Long Xueyi praised from the bottom of his heart.

"Of course, I've put in a lot of effort." Chen Xiang also loved them dearly.

Long Xueyi laughed, "Then let me try to see how effective it is!"

"No way, the energy in the ring can't be absorbed by you!" Su Meiyao anxiously stopped him.

The Serene Jade Ring was completely unrelated to the outside, even Ji Meixian's spirit sense could not sense the world inside. If Long Xueyi were to eat inside the ring, he would only absorb its energy.

Long Xueyi playfully stuck out her tongue and said: "This pill is like a treasure, why not call it a treasure pill? I feel that this pill does not have a specific rank, if there are more Spirit grain s, its effects might be even stronger."

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "Yes, I will try to see how the effects are. If the effects are good, I will put more effort into learning Spirit grain and refine a suitable precious pill for you to eat."

He swallowed a piece of Congenital Jiuyuan Dan, but the moment it entered his body, it completely turned into mist. This was different from what the records stated, if a normal Congenital Jiuyuan Dan ate it, the medicinal effects would not dissipate completely.

Just as Chen Xiang was sighing, something surprising happened. After the Congenital Jiuyuan Dan melted, there was a round shaped Qi ball in his dantian.

This ball of air was a light purple color and was as big as a walnut. The Spirit grain on top of it were flickering, and the entire ball of air was still rotating.

He was a rich alchemist, this was the first time he encountered such a situation!

The energy within the Congenital Jiuyuan Dan had already completely fused with those Spirit grain, and it was difficult to dissipate!

At this time, the Congenital Jiuyuan Dan's special energy was stimulating the Spirit grain's energy. After he channeled his energy, the heaven and earth spirit energy surged towards him like a tsunami.

The Congenital Jiuyuan Dan's medicinal strength could allow people to absorb Spiritual Qi quickly. If the person who consumed it had a good apt.i.tude and a strong body, he could display a medicinal strength that was not inferior to a low-grade Heaven level pill.

But now that he had added a Spirit Convergence Array, the effect was even better, surpa.s.sing Chen Xiang's imagination!

Chen Xiang was overjoyed, for the sake of testing the effects, he had no choice but to enter a state of cultivation.

If it was in the past when he was absorbing spiritual energy, it would be best if he was only in the gaseous state, but now that the rich spiritual energy had entered his body, it turned into a liquid and water state. Luckily he had the two divine arts, Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu and the Fire G.o.d method, to a.s.sist him in cultivating, otherwise he wouldn't be able to refine so much spiritual energy in one go.

If it was not fast, he felt that the spirit energy might crystallize in his body and turn into a Spar!

At the same time, many people who were cultivating in the Green Summit City were cursing. They could not absorb any spiritual energy and were all s.n.a.t.c.hed away.

Above Chen Xiang's house, the surrounding spirit energy appeared like a tornado, constantly seeping into his secret room for him to absorb. This scared many people silly, they had never seen anyone absorb spirit energy like a cow drinking water!

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