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After Ji Meixian left, she did not tell anyone that Chen Xiang was in Green Summit City, because Chen Xiang was like a treasure to her. Although she was still threatened by Chen Xiang, she would be able to turn the tables on him once she becomes stronger. She did not want Chen Xiang to fall into other people's hands.

The seniors of the big powers started to move, attacking Rough and Random profound Land together and started to fight with the strong beasts outside. They were certain that the legendary Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's tomb was inside, and the people who had come out were all immortals.

The people who went were all seniors, the people from the previous year were all waiting in the city. Even the young and powerful heavenly daughters could only obediently stay in the city.

When the experts attacked the Rough and Random profound Land, they spread to the nearby cities, causing the entire Green Summit City to shake slightly.

Chen Xiang laid a sound-insulating array inside the secret room, and at the same time, made his secret room float in the air, so that it wouldn't be affected. He had to concoct pills now, and he couldn't be disturbed.

"Sigh, it's too difficult to refine a high grade Ground level pill. It looks like it's very difficult to succeed without the experience of refining a middle grade Ground level." Chen Xiang failed four batches of Relive Dan in a single day.

"Of course, no matter how talented you are, you will have to take it step by step. Now that you have pa.s.sed the Nirvana Tribulation, you can easily defeat the second and third tribulations. However, concocting pills is different from this, you only need to know the difficulty." Su Meiyao scolded sternly.

It was because Chen Xiang had many Relive Dan's medicine, otherwise he would not dare to try it. However, if those Dan King s knew about it, they would definitely be so angry that they would vomit blood.

The difficulty of the Relive Dan's refinement was still very high, so right now, Chen Xiang could only sincerely refine a middle grade Ground level pill, Congenital Jiuyuan Dan!

The Congenital Jiuyuan Dan's medicine was obtained when he went to look for the Dan King's Li Tianjun's medicine garden. This was the only medium-grade Ground level medicine he had, its main function was to cause a strange energy to sprout from all over his body, then condense nine air cyclones in his dantian that could crazily absorb spirit energy. Its speed was extremely shocking.

If he added in a better spirit vein, all the spirit energy within a radius of several miles would be extracted and entered into the nine cyclones without any obstruction. However, he needed a very powerful body to work with it to quickly refine the spirit energy that rushed into his body.

If it was someone who possessed an extremely good spirit vein, such as a multi-sky meridian, multi-profound veins, and a very good body, using a Congenital Jiuyuan Dan would achieve the same effect as a low-grade Heaven level pill. However, if the user did not have a good apt.i.tude, the result would be even worse than a low-grade Ground level pill.

Chen Xiang owned a few Five Elements Profound Dan, but he did not plan to use these pills to increase his cultivation, he felt that it would be a waste, because his cultivation method was a bottomless pit, and the high grade Ground level pills would not be able to satisfy him, so he planned to keep them for when he was in urgent need, for example, to recover his Innate Qi.

The Congenital Jiuyuan Dan were there to help a person absorb the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, and the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth could be said to be endless. The five Beast statue in Chen Xiang's Dantian needed the energy of the world to fill it up.

He took out three main materials, Purple True Mystical Ginseng, Nine Fruit Flower, and Golden Ginseng!

Purple True Profound Ginseng, a deep purple, palm-sized humanoid Profound Ginseng, its entire body was circulating with a light, bizarre Innate Qi. Nine Fruit Flower. Within a small white flower that was the size of a bowl, there were nine thumb-sized, baby colored fruits. They looked very magical.

Golden Ginseng Gra.s.s was a bright golden herb. It looked like a ginseng, but in reality, it was actually a stalk of gra.s.s. As a result, it was named as such.

The three main ingredients were all emitting a very unique aura, one that was unique in the world.

The special Innate Qi and spirit energy within the body of a spirit medicine were both unique and unique. Therefore, if one was missing a main material, it was almost impossible to find a replacement. There were some medicinal herbs that had to be consumed in conjunction with other medicinal herbs in order for it to be effective. If consumed alone, it would instead be harmful.

These pill formulas were formed from the various attempts of the first batch of Alchemist s and had been spread throughout the world. However, they were only left as the tip of the iceberg, which was a pity just thinking about it.

"I have already dealt with the supplementary ingredients. Although the supplementary ingredients are easy to find, they are still essential when refining some medicinal pills." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head and started to organize the three main ingredients. At this time, he was not only clearing away the missing parts of the ingredients, but he was also releasing his consciousness to enter the ingredients, allowing him to become more familiar with the ingredients. This was the essential step of using the Foreseeing Alchemy.

"I wonder if this kind of pill that can allow people to quickly absorb the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth can be carved with Spirit grain to enhance its effects?" mumbled. Inscribing Spirit grain s on top of the pellets, this kind of thought was not only limited to him, many Alchemist had it. But in the end, it still failed.

Because after consuming it, the pellet would melt and the Spirit grain on it would lose its effectiveness, so it was not of much use.

After the Congenital Jiuyuan Dan eats it, it will not melt immediately because the medicinal power will be able to sustain it for a period of time. However, for you to fuse the Spirit grain and the medicinal pellet is very difficult, and also not realistic. Su Meiyao said.

The Spirit grain was not carved on the surface of the pellet, but when he was condensing the pellet, he used his strong consciousness to condense it into a Spirit grain and brand it on the outside and inside of the pellet. Chen Xiang did not have any specific concepts, he only thought that by doing so, he would be able to make the pellet more effective, but the prerequisite was that there was the cooperation of a special Spirit grain.

The Yanlong furnace was no longer as red as before. After being treated by his special technique, it would not emit red light on the surface, and he was worried that people would see it in this new world. At that time, a group of Alchemist would definitely s.n.a.t.c.h it away.

When the herbs were thrown into the furnace, the Foreseeing Alchemy began to operate. Based on the various scenarios in the furnace, it was like a prediction of the future. This would allow the Alchemist to discover errors in time to refine pills, in order to correct them and reduce the number of failures.

The difficulty of refining Congenital Jiuyuan Dan was quite high, when the medicinal ingredients were used, a strange power would be generated. It was able to absorb the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, so right now, the Yanlong furnace was shrouded in a white mist.

This white mist was all spiritual energy and it was all very pure. The misty spiritual energy was very dense and was completely absorbed by Chen Xiang.

Within the furnace, purplish golden mist permeated the air as they 'struggled' against each other. The more the various medicinal herbs rejected, the more it meant that these pills were of a higher tier.

"Three pills!" Chen Xiang's forehead was filled with sweat. After a long time, he had already reached the later stages. From the Qi Vortex, he judged that he could condense three pellets!

He had only refined the first batch, and had already reached this step. This made him secretly heave a sigh of relief, but he did not immediately condense the pellet. Instead, he planned on branding these three Congenital Jiuyuan Dan s with the Spirit grain!

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