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Chen Xiang had already entered the Rough and Random profound Land. What exactly was hidden inside? Why were there so many ancient beasts, as well as a large number of rare treasures? This was something that many people were very curious about.

Beside the lake, Chen Xiang was waiting for her injuries to recover. Every time she borrowed Long Xueyi's strength, such a thing would happen, and as Long Xueyi's strength grew stronger, the side effects would become even more severe.

Chen Xiang had to use it for three days to recover eighty percent of his strength, but it was enough for him to protect himself.

On this day, the entire Rough and Random profound Land released wave after wave of earth-shaking beast roars. In the cities near the Rough and Random profound Land, all of them trembled because of the loud noise.

The roars of countless savage beasts sounded like the birth of a beast king, filling the entire Rough and Random profound Land with a stifling atmosphere. The cities around the Rough and Random profound Land were panicking, afraid that a large number of savage beasts would rush out from within.

However, the voice only lasted for an hour, after that many ancient powers all sent people over, preparing to enter the Rough and Random profound Land, because there was a rumor that there was a tomb of a divine beast in the Rough and Random profound Land.

The Rough and Random profound Land was originally a profound Realm, and it was rumored that it was created by a Divine Beast. It had lived inside for countless years, but in the end, it could not keep up with the flow of time, and died of old age.

Of course, the person who spread this news was naturally released by the of the Tulip Family. He also said a large pile of things, all of which were things that he found while observing the Rough and Random profound Land, which allowed him to conclude that there was once a powerful Divine Beast here. However, in the end, the Divine Beast died.

Of course, Chen Xiang did not know about this, but from the beasts' roars, Long Xueyi could tell that the wild beasts were wailing in grief, as if they were mourning for their king.

There were Divine Beasts in the profound Realm, something like this had also happened to Chen Xiang before. There was the reincarnation of the White Tiger in the White Tiger profound Realm, Chen Xiang wasn't too sure about its abilities, but Chen Xiang could win against the White Tiger who was suppressing its strength.

"He continued shouting for two hours, what's going on?" Chen Xiang was a little taken aback, because just now, a giant golden ox head emerged from the inside of the huge lake.

"This Rough and Random profound Land is too unbelievable, there's actually something like the Sky Sea Golden Cow!" Su Meiyao lamented. Just now, they did not even dare to breathe, afraid that they would be discovered by the incomparably huge Taurus.

Chen Xiang asked in shock: "What is that guy's strength?"

"From the looks of it, he's at least not the strength that the human world should have. Don't provoke him, he's still very docile." Su Meiyao said: "But what exactly is this place? "Just now, I could hear that many ancient beasts were extremely powerful from their roars."

"Cursed Land!" Long Xueyi muttered, as though she had found something in her inherited memories, "Legend has it that there is a place where some strange beasts are sealed. As long as they are inside, no matter how strong they are, they cannot turn into human beings, and they will all be sealed within this land."

Rough and Random profound Land was originally a profound Realm, but because of the changes in the world, the fusion of this profound Realm and a Mortal Realm was exposed!

"Doesn't that mean it's dangerous?" Chen Xiang didn't know where he was at the Rough and Random profound Land right now, afraid that he would offend some powerful beasts.

"Of course it's dangerous, but if you are lucky, you will be able to find some rare and precious flowers and herbs, some from Immortal Grade and some from Holy level. It's just that these herbs are definitely protected by the powerful ancient beasts." Long Xueyi said.

If a beast like the Zijin poison boa could even exist at the edge of the lake, wouldn't that mean that there would be even more powerful beasts lurking deep in the mountains?

"Why are there so many beasts sealed here?" Chen Xiang was extremely cautious. He turned into a b.u.t.terfly and flew into a forest.

"This is a very ancient matter, even the records of the Imperial Dragon Race s were few. They only mentioned that because these beasts angered the G.o.ds, they were sealed in a place called the Cursed Land, I do not know the specifics." Long Xueyi said.

----- Just as Chen Xiang was about to leave the depths, a group of people ran in without care for their lives. The beast roars from before made them extremely curious, they could discern the strength of a few strange beasts from the beast roars, under normal circ.u.mstances, only strange beasts with rare treasures would be strong, and the rumours were that there were corpses of beasts amongst them.

The ones who rushed in front were the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family and Sheng Domain. They were long-lived forces and acted as if they knew what was going on in there. They started a ma.s.sacre all along the way, killing all the beasts that obstructed them.

The Tong Tian Aristocratic Family and the Great Leaders of the Sheng Domain had already sent out more than half of their troops. If the Transmission array was convenient, more people would probably come, but at the moment, only those forces that were able to quickly lay down the ancient Transmission array were able to come.

The people gathered around Rough and Random profound Land, seeing that many great powers were rushing in, and fighting along the way, they knew that there must be some powerful treasures inside!

"Charge! There's a G.o.d Beast's remains inside. If you can obtain a small piece of bone, you will be able to create an Immortal Equipment. It will be priceless, and the number of powerful strange beasts' remains will be uncountable." Duan Sanchang shouted as he blended into the crowd. As he moved forward, he observed his surroundings.

Just at this moment, the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family and Sheng Domain suddenly stopped in their tracks. They all turned around to look at the sky behind them.

An old man from the Feng Clan said angrily: "You people from the Duan Clan, you actually managed to break the seal, what are you doing here?"

This was a force that gave people a headache. Not to mention how strong they were, they even had the ability to steal tombs from their ancestors, a force that specialized in digging out tombs from powerful ancestors. Whether it was in the human world or the Heaven Realm, many ancient powers hated them the most.

Of course, the Duan Clan rarely came into direct conflict with others. They were all here in secret and had first-rate escaping techniques. If they angered the Duan Clan, then they might as well wait for their ancestral tombs to be overturned.

Those great powers didn't know where the tomb of their ancestors was, but the Duan Clan could find it. It was one thing when they secretly dug it up, but they would always show it off every time they dug it up.

"Why can't we come, the Rough and Random profound Land is your Feng Clan's? But we have long heard that everything in the world belongs to your Feng Clan. Didn't you say that a little demon's divine arts and immortal sabers were all yours? " A tall and skinny middle-aged man from the Duan Clan chuckled. "I heard that later on, some of you were even killed by this brat, yet Feng Clan did not end up like this!"

Many people did not know about the Duan Clan, but Tong Tian Aristocratic Family was the one who understood it the most. Tong Tian Aristocratic Family had only appeared recently, and by displaying their super strength, they were famous throughout the world.

However, the ones who knew the most about the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family and Sheng Domain were the Duan Clan. The Duan Clan controlled many of these ancient powers that had lost their legacy, and they knew these ancient powers like the back of their hand.

"Duan San, come here. If you follow this group of people in, you'll only have a dead end." The tall and skinny middle-aged man said to Duan Sanchang who was in the middle of the crowd.

Duan Sanchang curled his lips and rose into the air, entering the group of ten or so Duan Clan members.

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