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"Run!" Su Meiyao shouted anxiously when he sensed the energy fluctuations coming from Ji Meixian's body.

Chen Xiang immediately activated his Water Escape Technique and used his fastest speed to escape to a place with water in the vicinity.

At the same time, the little valley that was just destroyed exploded with another burst of brilliant white light. After a series of explosions, a large amount of rock turned into a storm and exploded in every direction. The little valley had already become a gigantic crater, and this was actually Ji Meixian's attack!

After Ji Meixian destroyed the Inhibition Formation Chen Xiang left in her body, he attacked her. After her soul awakened, her power grew even stronger.

She floated in the air, barefooted, her black hair fluttering in the wind. Her body was surrounded by a white glow, giving her an otherworldly temperament, as if she was a fairy that had just descended from the heavens.

"Chen Xiang, I will definitely catch you." Ji Meixian looked at her messy clothes which were completely empty inside. Because the undergarment had been ripped off by Chen Xiang, she couldn't help but blush. She was famous in the Heaven Realm, and had never been subjected to such humiliation.

"Green dragon demon-slain broadsword... Water Escape Technique, looks like he has cultivated the Four-phase Magic Kungfu, if he were to grow up, he would become someone important even in the Heaven Realm, but you have offended me, Ji Meixian. " Ji Meixian's imposing aura was released, and the surrounding s.p.a.ce started to fluctuate.

"I wonder if his Four-phase Magic Kungfu was taught by the two disciples of the Old Devil Wuqing. It could also have been recorded in the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu." Ji Meixian clenched her jade fists tightly, looked into the distance, and muttered: "Mortal Realm has evolved, I wonder what will happen to Heaven Realm, I never thought that I would meet someone in Mortal Realm with Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu and Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, this will be mine!"

His entire body was in extreme pain, all of his bones were cracked and slowly recovering right now. Just now, he had also used all of his strength to execute his Water Escape Technique, otherwise, he would have been grabbed by that woman. It would have been another fierce battle.

"What a terrifying woman. Sister You You, sister Meiyao, what hatred does your master have towards her? to actually be able to make her transfer her hatred to you guys. " Chen Xiang looked at the dark blue sky.

"She thinks that our master is not dead, and rumours say that he cultivated the Ruthless magic, and brought about his own destruction. We sometimes think that he is not dead, but after I realized how terrifying the Ruthless magic was, I felt that he should have already died." Bai Youyou was still sad when she spoke of this.

Su Meiyao was silent for a moment, then said with a little grief: "Originally, she planned to capture us, and force Master to appear, but we repeatedly escaped from her hands, and in the end we chased after her."

Chen Xiang sighed: "In other words, she was the one who caused you all to become like this? You guys fought against her in the Mortal Realm? "

"It wasn't her." Bai Youyou did not say much.

"We have many enemies, the woman who harmed us is one of them, her strength should be even stronger than when Ji Meixian was at her peak. You just need to cultivate properly, don't think too much." Su Meiyao laughed.

Chen Xiang handed Ji Meixian's undergarment over to the two girls. This was indeed the core of Ji Meixian's immortal robe, and it had a very strong defensive power. On top of it, there were also a large number of profound Spirit grain s, which were the same as the ones on top of the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword.

"I have that crystal and this undergarment. She shouldn't be able to kill me." Chen Xiang had Yulong blood s, so his recovery speed was very fast. However, when his bones were being restored, his entire body was in pain.

"What happened to her? had also fallen into the Mortal Realm? But one thing is for sure, she will become an all-powerful figure in the Mortal Realm in the future. Her spiritual sense, her body, and the experience that she has cultivated for many years, will be able to help her improve very quickly. " Su Meiyao sighed helplessly, this was a big enemy of Chen Xiang.

"Is her original name also Ji Meixian?" Chen Xiang asked: "She doesn't seem to have been reincarnated."

"I don't know. Everyone in the Heaven Realm calls her Yu Yi Immortal Fairy, and they all wear jade masks. No one has ever seen her appearance before." Su Meiyao thought back to the matters regarding Ji Meixian in the Heaven Realm.

----- After Chen Xiang escaped, he floated in the air. Looking at the depths of Rough and Random profound Land, he frowned, "Inside is an unknown land. That d.a.m.ned little beast must not die inside, I still have to take back my things."

The people of White Sea Imperial Land had arrived. White Sea Prince, Hai Weidong, and a few powerful elders felt that the commotion here was huge. Even though they were far away, they could still feel a slight fluctuation.

"Are you okay?"

He was dressed in white clothes with lines embroidered on it, holding onto a white fan, he stepped on the Innate Qi that was condensed under his feet, he soared into the sky, arriving behind Ji Meixian. Although he asked this, his voice was cold.

"He won't die!" Ji Meixian's soul had awoken, and recovered all of her memories. Her voice was also very cold, but at this time, Hai Weidong was only an ant in her eyes.

Ji Meixian was the Heavenly Girl in the White Sea Imperial Land and Hai Weidong was the Son of Heaven. The two of them would become the leaders of the White Sea Imperial Land in the future.

"What happened? You met Chen Xiang? You didn't catch him? " Hai Weidong taunted.

Ji Meixian was furious beyond compare, but she stopped herself. She was no longer the White Sea Imperial Land's Heavenly Girl, but a Yu Yi Immortal Fairy's Yu Yi Immortal Fairy. The only difference was that she was still weak.

"It's better than being hunted by the Zijin poison boa that Chen Xiang lured over." Ji Meixian ridiculed.

Hai Weidong did not say much. He was indeed being chased by Zijin poison boa to a miserable state, and it was even to the point that he and the Qin family's son, Tian Zi, was being hunted.

Ji Meixian and Hai Weidong followed the elders as they left the place. Ji Meixian had never mentioned about her and Chen Xiang's battle because it was not a good thing at all.

White Sea Imperial Land suffered a huge loss this time, when he provoked Chen Xiang, only a few powerful elders died, but in the end, it was Gu Dongchen who made a move, and not only were a few elders of White Sea Imperial Land killed by Chen Xiang, their coveted Fire phoenix purple gold mines were also taken away by Chen Xiang.

The most embarra.s.sing thing was that even after their elder had been killed, his head was still nailed to the city wall!

White Sea Imperial Land really wanted to find Super Martial School to settle the score, but there was a Huang Jintian who cultivated in the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu. Although he said that he was punished by the Super Martial School and imprisoned in the forbidden grounds, who would believe that?

Now that the world has evolved, the entire world has become more stable. Even if Huang Jintian, this kind of expert, were to be sucked away by the Heaven Realm, it would not be worth it if he angered Huang Jintian.

At this time, an even more shocking piece of news came out. It was spread over from the Devil Realm, one of the top powers in the Devil Realm, the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect was actually almost destroyed by Chen Xiang.

The reason was because Chen Xiang had killed the son of Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect, destroyed the tomb of the son of the Demon G.o.d of Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect, and also killed four elders.

In the end, Chen Xiang intentionally lured the elites of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect over when he was crossing Nirvana Doom, pa.s.sing through an unparalleled tribulation of two thousand people. In the end, only Leader and the elders of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect survived, but those elders had all ascended greatly because they lived through the great tribulation.

If it was now, Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect and the elders would not have to fly. This made Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect very depressed.

Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect who had once given birth to a devil G.o.d had declined from then on, and the main culprit was actually Chen Xiang!

Hearing that Chen Xiang had actually brought a calamity upon the devil realm, everyone was shocked, especially when they heard that he had pa.s.sed through the great calamity.

After Duan Sanchang from the tomb robbing family heard this news, he could not help but scold: "The prodigal son of this Heaven Slaughter, how could the tomb of the son of the Demon G.o.d be so destroyed? We should have dug it up properly, this fellow should really have been sealed by the heavens! "

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