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At this moment, she only wanted to die a happy death. She started to regret making a move on Chen Xiang, if she did not want to s.n.a.t.c.h away Chen Xiang's Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and divine arts, then she would not have used her own spiritual sense to look for Chen Xiang.

It would not fall into the hands of the demon Chen Xiang now!

"That crystal just now recorded everything I did to you. If you don't obediently hand over that treasure, I will announce this crystal." Chen Xiang chuckled.

"You …" Ji Meixian was so angry that he couldn't say a word.

"Hehe, the feel of your hand is still quite good. You don't have to feel inferior." Chen Xiang laughed.

Ji Meixian only wanted to shatter Chen Xiang's bad hands, he also wanted to poke blind eyes, and he wanted to smash his mouth to pieces … … Of course, this was only what she was thinking at the moment.

"I can give it to you. If you can take it away, then take it! But whether you can take it or not, you have to give me the crystal and let me go. Also, you can't ruin my cultivation and tell others what happened today. " Ji Meixian calmed down and said.

Chen Xiang laughed: "If it had been earlier, that wouldn't have happened. However, you really have a lot of requirements. "

He rubbed her chest again.

"Didn't you just touch it enough? Sooner or later, I will crush your hands. " Ji Meixian said coldly.

Chen Xiang said: "Alright, I promise you what I said just now. Quickly release that treasure."

"Hmph, how can I trust you?" Ji Meixian snorted.

Chen Xiang shook his head and laughed: "Other than choosing to believe me, you have no other choice."

Seeing Chen Xiang extend his hands, Ji Meixian gritted his teeth and said: "Stop!"

Ji Meixian's plump body released a faint silvery white light, making her look even more holy and beautiful. Chen Xiang could see that she was very handsome, because he could see a snow-white dress emerging from her skin.

Just like his profoundwu diamond armour, it had already fused into his skin.

At this time, Ji Meixian's sparkling jade body was already covered faintly by the white silk, but one could still see her beautiful body through the translucent silk dress.

"Quickly kill her!" Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou actually shouted at the same time, their voices filled with killing intent.

"Why?" Chen Xiang reached out his hand, wanting to pull off this silk dress.

"This woman has a grudge with us. She had once hunted down our master, and after he died, she chased after us unceasingly. At that time, she had this thing with her." Bai Youyou's voice was ice-cold.

"What?" is she someone from the same generation as your master? " Chen Xiang was dumbstruck, at that moment he couldn't tear off that silk dress.

Su Meiyao said in a serious voice, "No one has ever seen her face. We all recognized her from this silk dress.

"She probably lost her memory or was reincarnated. If she didn't have her memories awakened, then kill her quickly. Otherwise, she definitely wouldn't let you go." Bai Youyou's voice was extremely cold as he urged her.

Without saying a word, Chen Xiang took out his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s and chopped down at Ji Meixian. But what surprised him was that his blade was actually blocked by the white light released by the silk dress.

"You want to kill me?" Ji Meixian was extremely shocked.

"What a powerful weapon. It can actually block powerful attacks." Chen Xiang retracted his blade, and placed one hand on Ji Meixian's chest, continuing to condense his Dragon Power. At the moment, Long Xueyi's power was still on his body. When he activated the Dragon Power, it was still blocked by a mysterious power.

"Nothing, I just wanted to test the strength of this celestial robe." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Humph, hurry up and take it away." Ji Meixian did not know whether what Chen Xiang said was true or not, but she was very surprised at the moment. She did not expect that the Immortal clothes that accompanied her, would actually be able to resist two of Chen Xiang's fierce attacks.

Chen Xiang really wanted to take it away, but no matter how he tried, he couldn't tear away a single thread.

"You can't take it away, it's the same as your celestial blade, it's tightly connected to my body." Ji Meixian said with a cold smile. Her body was not completely exposed in front of Chen Xiang, which made her feel a lot more comfortable, but she could still see her two upright cherry red through her silk dress.

Chen Xiang wanted to use Magical corruption gas very much, but he was worried that he might not be able to kill Ji Meixian.

"Previously, when she was attacked, this silk dress was only able to release a little bit of her aura, and was able to protect her life. Otherwise, she would have already been smashed into pieces by you, being as powerful as your profoundwu diamond armour." Bai Youyou was also surprised. Although she and Su Meiyao had already met them before, this was still the first time they were so close to each other.

Just then, the silver white light flashed again, and Ji Meixian suddenly screamed in pain.

"Sorry for the trouble, she's recovering her memories." Su Meiyao shouted in shock: "Quickly kill her, or else there will be endless troubles in the future."

Even this small valley was destroyed, but Ji Meixian was not killed. Even Chen Xiang's attack was blocked by that silk dress, but Ji Meixian still continued to let out painful groans.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, don't even think about killing me. I'll make sure you'll never be reincarnated again." Ji Meixian's eyes froze for a moment, and then two rays of white light burst out, bringing about a strong killing intent, causing Chen Xiang's heart to tremble.

The glow on Ji Meixian's body disappeared and a complete set of white colored silk dress appeared on her body. It was no longer transparent, and it was as if she had become a completely different person.

"I must thank you for allowing my artifact spirit to awaken. However, you have tainted my body, so I will definitely not let you off! " Ji Meixian's voice was cold, at the moment, she seemed even more n.o.ble and dignified, like a queen with boundless dignity, her voice had a domineering tone, making people want to submit to her.

Just like Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had said, she had awoken his soul!

"Don't spout nonsense, I did not defile your body. I only touched it a few times!" Chen Xiang's face was full of grievance, "Alright, I touched you dozens of times, but I didn't sully you, you should be clear about this yourself!"

Ji Meixian was still unable to move. Both of Chen Xiang's hands were still on her body, carelessly touching her through the silk dress. As long as no power was generated, this powerful immortal robe would not resist.

"You … "Little mortal, quickly take away your dirty hands. Even an immortal king would not dare to be this rude to me." Ji Meixian said angrily, her delicate body actually trembling slightly.

She could actually move, which made Chen Xiang even more shocked!

"Take off her ap.r.o.n and take a look!" Long Xueyi, this little bad dragon, suggested.

Chen Xiang immediately grabbed hold of the snow-white undergarment and went all out, not wanting to waste any more time with this woman.

The moment he unleashed his power, the ground and mountains shook and the entire ground shook from the power that Chen Xiang had released.

"Let go, you beast!" Ji Meixian was incomparably furious. Her immortal robe had already become complete, and even her undergarment was a whole set.

"Take it off!" Chen Xiang looked at the undergarment with a snow-white lotus flower embroidered on it, and was extremely shocked.

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