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Because of the great battle between the two experts, the originally beautiful prairie had become a mess, destroying a large area. The commotion that had been stirred up earlier had already attracted the attention of some people in the distance.

Ji Meixian's elegant jade face revealed a trace of fear. She never thought that she would fall into Chen Xiang's hands.

"I don't have any treasures, so even if I did, I wouldn't give it to you." Ji Meixian said coldly, she turned her head and did not look at Chen Xiang, she was worried that her eyes would be exposed.

"Won't we know if we search?" Chen Xiang said while smiling. He had already squatted down and pinched Ji Meixian's beautiful chin as he stared at the fairy-like face. At this moment, he truly had a bad idea.

"You … What do you want? " Ji Meixian saw Chen Xiang's pa.s.sionate look, and even more fear rose in his heart as he shouted.

"Hand over that treasure obediently. It is the thing that can protect your body. Otherwise, I'll personally find it myself." Chen Xiang took a small breath and patted Ji Meixian's face. This made Ji Meixian extremely embarra.s.sed and angry, as no one had ever dared to treat her in such a way.

"You can steal my treasured blade and divine arts, and I can also steal your things. This is a very fair thing to do." Chen Xiang laughed, then looked at the storage ring on her jade finger.

Ji Meixian was sealed by Chen Xiang. Other than her head being able to move, she was unable to move anywhere else. Her storage ring was easily taken off by Chen Xiang.

"You can't get what's inside. This storage ring can prevent other people's consciousness from entering. Only my consciousness can undo that restriction!" Ji Meixian stared at Chen Xiang fiercely, and said while gnashing his teeth.

Chen Xiang laughed: "I don't have any plans, the truly good things are on you, this storage ring is just a souvenir."

Ji Meixian was furious. Chen Xiang couldn't get the things inside her storage ring, but she could even take away the things inside. There were a lot of pills and even some Spar s, which were still very precious to her.

Seeing Chen Xiang's big hands reaching towards her, Ji Meixian shouted angrily: "Shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what are you doing!"

Chen Xiang carried her and ran in one direction: "The clan elders of White Sea Imperial Land and the Son of Heaven have come. I just don't want them to see you being captured by me, if not your reputation would be lost."

"Oh, that's right. I am not a shameless person. The most shameless person would be people like you who steal from others. I am only returning the favor."

Ji Meixian had originally planned to wait for reinforcements to arrive, but she did not expect Chen Xiang's vigilance to be so high that he could discover the White Sea Imperial Land and White Sea Prince in the distance.

In truth, she didn't want the elders and the Son of Heaven in White Sea Imperial Land to see her like this either, because this was a kind of humiliation to her. However, if it fell into Chen Xiang's hands, the consequences would be even worse.

Chen Xiang hid in a quiet and beautiful valley.

He placed Ji Meixian on a soft lawn and allowed her to level on it.

"I'll say it again. I'll take the treasure that you have on you. You'd better obediently come out, or else you'll have to bear the consequences." Chen Xiang laughed.

"I don't have any treasures on me, can't you see that? All of my treasures are in my storage ring. " Ji Meixian would rather die than submit, and said coldly.

Chen Xiang didn't say anything more. A pair of hands began to busy themselves on Ji Meixian's body.

"Beast..." Quickly stop, you are worse than beasts, release me now, or else White Sea Imperial Land will not be finished with you … " Ji Meixian's cheeks flushed red.

Chen Xiang ignored her words and focused on taking off her clothes. Very quickly, her upper body was exposed, flawless like snow-white beautiful jade. Although her skin was not bad, Chen Xiang thought that the two jade rabbits were slightly smaller in size.

Chen Xiang stroked his chin, and stared at the towering snowy mountain peak. His face carried disappointment, and he said with a slight sigh: "It's a little small, barely pa.s.sable."

Ji Meixian almost vomited blood. Chen Xiang's expression truly deserved a slap, and it hurt Ji Meixian's self-esteem. However, what made her feel slightly relieved was that Chen Xiang was not interested in her body.

"It's not this shirt?" With a mighty tug of Chen Xiang's strength, his white clothing started to rot away, and then, he tried to use his light blue undergarment to easily tear it apart. This caused Ji Meixian to be incomparably embarra.s.sed and furious.

"You beast, I will always remember today's matter. I will definitely tear you into a thousand pieces." Ji Meixian shouted in anger.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Don't call me a beast, my surname is not Qin, my name is Chen Xiang! To tell you the truth, I am very happy that you can remember what happened today, but you will never be able to tear me into a thousand pieces. "

With that, he began to caress her beautiful upper body, "This way, you should be able to remember it more deeply …"

"I will kill you... "Beast..."

Ji Meixian was so embarra.s.sed that she wanted to die. She did not think that her clean and pure body would be carelessly touched by a man she hated the most.

"Tell me, where is your treasure hidden?" Chen Xiang looked at Ji Meixian's panties and muttered: "Could it be that you're like a man, your treasure is hidden in this place?!"

Ji Meixian panicked, his upper body had already been captured by Chen Xiang, and below him …

"I'll give you the items in the storage ring. I'll undo the seal on the ring. I don't have any treasures on me." Ji Meixian was finally willing to back down. She knew that Chen Xiang could do anything.

Chen Xiang laughed but did not say a word, he started taking off her pants, causing her to let out waves of terrified screams.

"How about I return the storage ring to you, and you hand over that powerful treasure to me?" Chen Xiang was now even more certain that Ji Meixian had a precious treasure on him, if not she would not have agreed to remove the seal on the storage ring.

"I told you, I didn't!" Ji Meixian shouted, admitting it no matter what. Seems like that treasure is really very valuable.

Ji Meixian was already completely naked, so he tore her panties apart and was very disappointed. He still hadn't found the powerful "Immortal Cloak" yet.

Looking at the beautiful body in front of him, Chen Xiang frowned. He was actually troubled because he couldn't find any treasures.

"Looks like this thing is the same as your profoundwu diamond armour. It can be a.s.similated into her body, so it's not easy to obtain." Su Meiyao said.

"No, alright!" Chen Xiang's face hardened, and took out a crystal, letting the crystal release a ray of light that illuminated Ji Meixian's body.

Ji Meixian looked inside the crystal that was floating, and unexpectedly displayed her image. Seeing her beautiful jade body, her cheeks immediately started to feel hot, and even more of her anger was that Chen Xiang had actually stripped her of her clothes.

"What else do you want?" Ji Meixian asked fiercely, gritting her teeth, looking like she wanted to bite Chen Xiang to death.

Chen Xiang did not speak, he only used his actions to answer her. He touched her body randomly, like playing with beautiful jade, and caressed Ji Meixian's jade body.

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