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Ji Meixian's white clothes fluttered, and her beautiful face carried a playful smile, looking extremely alluring.

"Do you really want to leave just like that? You killed so many people of our White Sea Imperial Land, took away our White Sea Imperial Land's treasures, do you think I would let you go? " Ji Meixian said leisurely, his voice extremely gentle, but to Chen Xiang, it was filled with killing intent.

Chen Xiang laughed dryly: Then what must I do before you let me go?

Ji Meixian's voice was sweet and gentle as she laughed softly, "If you are willing to offer up the Fire phoenix purple gold s that you have obtained with both hands and then hand over your immortal blade and divine arts, and if these things can make me happy, I might even let you go!"

Chen Xiang shook his head and sighed: "These things are my life roots. Girl, you want me to use my life roots to make you happy so you can let me go, right? "Seems like I can only suffer for a moment..."

When Ji Meixian heard these words, her expression instantly turned cold, as a trace of shame and anger flashed past her beautiful eyes.

"Impudent!" Chen Xiang, don't refuse a toast and refuse a drink. This is the first time someone dares to be so disrespectful to me! " Ji Meixian shouted coldly. As a heavenly woman, she was aloof and aloof, as pure as ice and pure jade. Even if someone had ill intentions towards her, they would hide it deep in their heart and never dare to say it out loud.

Chen Xiang glanced at her chest, and laughed: "Unimportant to you? A person like you can't even compare to my female slave, but you can still barely be my foot slave. "

After Ji Meixian heard this, she was so angry that her body trembled slightly.

If these words were to spread, Chen Xiang would definitely be chased by Ji Meixian's pursuers all the way to the ends of the earth. Ji Meixian was the heavenly daughter of the White Sea Imperial Land, not only did she have a fairy-like appearance, her talent was also extraordinary, and even though she possessed power that would make the elders jealous, she could only barely be his foot washing servant in Chen Xiang's eyes.

"You … "Alright, looks like you're purposely seeking death!" Ji Meixian saw that Chen Xiang's eyes were filled with ridicule, and became even more embarra.s.sed and angry.

Dongfang Xinyue and Hua Xiangyue, this pair of beautiful female slaves, one was a Dan King, and the other was a Grandmaster in Artifact Forging and Forging. Without mentioning how strong they were, just one palm could kill a Heavenly Girl, there was no need to talk about their looks or figures.

Chen Xiang really didn't think much of her. Towards this kind of girl who thought highly of herself, he would always adopt an inhumane attacking method.

"Little girl, don't be angry. You don't look good at all when you're angry. A truly beautiful woman, when she's angry, there's always a certain charm. When you're angry, she's like a monkey whose b.u.t.t has been touched by someone else. " Chen Xiang said with a smile as he retreated.

Ji Meixian was stunned, monkey! Someone actually described her as a monkey. This caused her to feel like she was struck by lightning as she stood there in a daze!

"Monkey... "Monkey..." Ji Meixian muttered in a daze, while Long Xueyi and the others also giggled. This description was truly too cruel.

Chen Xiang coughed dryly, and said with a serious face: "Strictly speaking, it's a young female monkey dressed in white."

"Shua!" The furious mother monkey screamed, and thrusted her sword towards Chen Xiang. The sword was extremely powerful, but Ji Meixian was furious with her attack, and she was extremely confident in her looks, since she was surrounded by people every day, and she could hear many words of flattery. But Chen Xiang had completely infuriated her.

This was clearly humiliating her, she was no longer wasting time talking to Chen Xiang, she had already pulled out her sword and attacked, she had originally planned to capture Chen Xiang alive.

"Miss … "Don't be angry, I might not have described it well enough …" Chen Xiang dodged the sword and anxiously shouted: "You are a beautiful female monkey, no … It's a beautiful female immortal monkey. "

"I will kill you!" Ji Meixian's beautiful eyes spewed fire. She consecutively thrusted out ten times, and the sword energy released by each sword was able to penetrate a huge mountain. If Chen Xiang did not dodge, he would also suffer a considerable amount of damage.

"What a strong woman. At the very least, she has transcended the five Nirvana Tribulations, and she is a sword cultivator." Long Xueyi exclaimed.

Chen Xiang continued to dodge, Ji Meixian's hair was wildly flying, her jade face was full of frost, her graceful body was releasing killing intent, her pair of beautiful eyes were filled with anger, the killing intent in her eyes was extremely terrifying.

Her every strike carried an extremely fierce killing intent. With ten slashes, the green gra.s.s around her would all turn into dust, and the vast Innate Qi made people even more terrified. If it was an ordinary Nirvana Stage, even if it was ten slashes, one of them would still be killed by her sword.

Ji Meixian was furious to the extreme. Maybe it was because she was not calm enough, or maybe it was the first time someone had insulted her in such a way, causing her to feel extremely resentful, as if Chen Xiang had tainted her. Even if it was not, it was more like it.

As the sword slashed down, the sword's body emitted a cold light, bringing along an invisible and vast Innate Qi, causing Chen Xiang to feel as if he was an ant facing the waves of the ocean.

Ji Meixian's sword was very strong, but she still held back, because she had recovered a bit of her senses and realized that Chen Xiang had a treasure on him. If Chen Xiang died, maybe the Storage magic treasure on his body would also be destroyed, and the gains wouldn't make up for the losses.

The might of the White Sea Imperial Land's Innate Qi was as vast as the ocean. When used together with powerful sword techniques, its power was peerless.

With a flash of green light, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword appeared in a flash. Chen Xiang used the most powerful Dragon Power, holding onto the divine blade tightly, in that moment, the cyan light exploded out of nowhere, chopping apart the swift sword that was thrusting towards him. When the swords and sabers clashed, the mountains shook and the earth shook. The collision produced a powerful formless energy. The clouds in the sky surged and lightning surged.

Chen Xiang's speed was not slow, but his strength was not as good as Ji Meixian's. Although he was able to block the blade, his entire arm was still in pain from the impact, and blood was flowing out from his pores.

If he did not block that sword attack, even if he managed to dodge it, he would still be injured by that strong sword energy. At that time, he would be even more deadly.

"You can't beat her, this woman is very strong." Long Xueyi immediately said, after all, Ji Meixian's cultivation was much higher than Chen Xiang's.

Shattered gra.s.s fluttered in the air. A large piece of the beautiful green gra.s.sland had already been shattered into pieces by the shockwave from earlier.

Of course, she knew that Chen Xiang only had a cultivation level lower than hers, if he was able to stop her, the result would be hard to say.

"Hand over your immortal blade and Fire phoenix purple gold, and then kneel down and admit your wrongs to me. Otherwise, I will make you die a miserable death." Ji Meixian said coldly, she saw that Chen Xiang's hand was bleeding and knew that he would not be able to escape today.

Of course, she was even more concerned about Chen Xiang's Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. Just a moment ago, after one move, she knew that this blade was not ordinary, although she used a sword, she would have an even higher position in the White Sea Imperial Land if she were to obtain this blade.

Chen Xiang, who was originally smiling mischievously, became serious as well. He could escape, but he was extremely unwilling to do so.

"Little Naughty Dragon, lend me your power. I want to defeat this Heavenly Girl at all costs." Chen Xiang's heart sank as he replied.

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