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Chen Xiang clenched his fists and looked at the others. He had changed his appearance so no one would recognize him.

The grey robed man was originally very handsome, but his appearance was sloppy, his beard was all over his face and his hair was all messed up, but no one dared to look down on him.

"He really is a coward. He only dares to speak behind others' backs, but he doesn't dare to stand out. Pah! This sort of guy doesn't have any ability at all. His mouth is just on his b.u.t.t. Don't spout nonsense." The grey robed man curled his lips and said.

The well-dressed man finally could no longer hold it in and walked up to the gray-clothed man. "I didn't want to lower myself to the same level as a boor like you, but you've insulted me time and time again. Hurry up and apologize!"

"Who are you? The G.o.ds, or the G.o.ds? Do you have any other skills than farting? " When the grey-clothed man saw that fellow jump out, he secretly rejoiced in his heart. He had long since disliked this kind of person. As long as he had the opportunity, he would ruthlessly teach him a lesson.

"Hmph, do you know who I am? My name is Feng Yaoming, I am the younger brother of the Feng Clan's Tian Zi, Feng Guang. My father is the patriarch of the Feng Clan, my grandfather is … "

"Your grandfather is me!" The grey robed man slapped over with his palm. His hand moved like lightning and fiercely slapped Feng Yaoming, in that moment, Feng Yaoming's handsome face turned green.

Furthermore, he was the son of the Feng Clan's Patriarch, the younger brother of the Feng Clan's Son. It had to be said that the ten great families and the ten great sage realm heavenly daughters were all talented people, and at such a young age, their strength was already comparable to that of the old generation.

But now, a little brother of the Son of Heaven had been beaten by someone else!

"You … "Who are you, how dare you …"

Chen Xiang laughed: "Didn't he just say that he's your grandfather."

Everyone did not dare laugh, offending the Feng Clan would not end up well.

But Chen Xiang was not afraid, he was the first person in this new world that dared to provoke Feng Clan.

"Brat, remember this grandpa's name. My name is Duan Sanchang. If you don't accept, you can bring your men to the Duan Clan in the Heavenly Sealing Grounds to find me." Duan Sanchang sneered.

"Duan Clan …." Your Duan Clan actually broke through the seal of heaven! " Feng Yaoming was greatly shocked and did not say anymore. It was clear that he had some misgivings about the Duan Clan in the Heavenly Sealing Grounds.

Everyone looked at each other. The Duan Clan that could cause fear in the people of Feng Clan was truly extraordinary!

He took out a long sword and thought that Chen Xiang was a soft persimmon. He pointed at Chen Xiang and said, "You just insulted my grandfather, so I must kill you today!"

Duan Sanchang frowned: "The one who insulted your grandfather seemed to be me! What does it have to do with him? "

"People of the Duan Clan, this is between him and me, don't get involved!" Feng Yaoming did not dare to touch Duan Sanchang, because he knew that Duan Sanchang was stronger than him, but he had lost so much face here, he must regain some of his dignity, so Chen Xiang had become his target.

Chen Xiang shook his head and smiled at Duan Sanchang: "Brother Duan, I can solve this. He was scolding me just now, and I haven't taught him a lesson yet!"

Duan Sanchang shrugged his shoulders, he knew that those who dared to go to Rough and Random profound Land were no ordinary people.

"Kneel down and admit your wrongs, or else I'll stab your throat!" Seeing that Duan Sanchang did not interfere, Feng Yaoming became even more confident.

This Feng Yaoming was indeed not weak, to think that he had already reached the Nirvana Realm. However, just now, he was still sent flying by Duan Sanchang's palm, which showed that Duan Sanchang's strength was not simple at all.

"I think you were the one who scolded us first, right? Why should I apologize to you? " Chen Xiang said indifferently: "The one who should be apologizing, I won't make you kneel down, just apologise."

"You're delusional. You're not going to kneel, are you? I will make you kneel! "

Feng Yaoming was furious. He was the dignified brother of the Son of Heaven, the son of the Feng Clan's Patriarch, and his strength was not weak in the Feng Clan. Now that he had come out to train, he only spoke a few words before getting slapped.

However, he was very afraid of Duan Sanchang, so he could only vent his anger on him.

Everyone retreated, leaving a large s.p.a.ce, while Feng Yaoming rushed towards Chen Xiang, with his sword fingers pointing at Chen Xiang's throat. His footwork was extremely fast and strange, his figure flashed back and forth, Chen Xiang had met Chen Xiang before when he was fighting with Feng Zhenyun.

It was just that Feng Yaoming's was a bit more powerful.

"It's the Feng Clan's' Changing Wind Steps'. Even the sword techniques' Gale 'are top-notch. Brother, you should be careful." Duan Sanchang anxiously warned.

Although Feng Clan's footwork technique was not bad, Chen Xiang was not an ordinary person. His eyes were terrifying, being tempered by flames in the center of the earth and also being trained by his powerful consciousness. Anything more, would be slowed down in his eyes.

The sword stabbed over, coming from the left side of Chen Xiang, aimed at Chen Xiang's neck. The sword qi was oppressive, as it emitted a sound of something tearing through the air, as though it could pierce through s.p.a.ce.

Everyone felt their hairs stand on end. In that moment, everyone believed that Chen Xiang's neck was definitely going to be pierced, but at the same time, Chen Xiang raised his head and dodged the tip of the sword. At the same time, he struck the blade with his palm.

What was shocking was that after the sword was struck, it did not shatter, but turned into powder!

Chen Xiang's palm had condensed an extremely strong flame, and was pouring it all into the sword.

Feng Yaoming was startled, he knew that he had kicked an iron board, that sword of his was no ordinary weapon, it was a treasure, but was smashed into powder by Chen Xiang's palm!

"I've given you a chance, but you don't know how to be rare!" Chen Xiang shouted coldly, his palm flashed with a gold light, transforming into a huge golden palm, rushing down towards Feng Yaoming.

Feng Yaoming's body flashed, and a golden armor appeared, enveloping his body, but he was still suppressed by Chen Xiang's huge palm.

The ground trembled, leaving behind a gigantic palm print. Feng Yaoming was trapped under the palm, a trickle of blood flowing from the corner of his mouth, if not for the powerful armor protecting him, he might have already been covered in meat sauce.

"You …" Feng Yaoming didn't think that Chen Xiang would actually want to kill him, but he had also wanted to stab through Chen Xiang's throat.

"Die!" Chen Xiang struck out with his palm in the air, the power of the Heaven Blasting Palm condensed into one point and condensed over, striking Feng Yaoming's body, it caused a strong shock wave, causing Feng Yaoming to vomit blood.

Everyone thought that Chen Xiang had used all of his strength to launch this strike, but now, Chen Xiang had released palm after palm, causing the entire plaza to tremble continuously.

At this time, Feng Yaoming had no way of escaping, because the energy of Chen Xiang's palm was flowing in an unending stream, causing's entire body to be in intense pain every single time. If he did not have the protection of the armor, who knows how many times Chen Xiang would have died.

"It's the Heaven Blasting Palm … Seems like only Chen Xiang can use it this way! " A few Chen Martial Continent felt that it was familiar and said anxiously.

Everyone was looking at Chen Xiang's face now, as if they wanted to skin him alive and look at him carefully.

He was very clear about Chen Xiang's methods. Many of his own Feng Clan s had already died in Chen Xiang's hands, and Chen Xiang and his Feng Clan had already formed a huge enmity so he wasn't afraid of killing him again.

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