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The Feng Clan was holding a convention in his own territory, inviting those powers and Leader that were flattering them, as well as the other nine Tong Tian Aristocratic Family s!

No one knew what exactly they were going to do, but they were sure that no one in the Chen Martial Continent would be invited.

"The ten great Tong Tian Aristocratic Family s and the ten great sage realms. Impressive. It seems that the new world will be dominated by these great realms in the future." A person sighed.

The Ten Saint Realms were powers like the Peach Blossom Fairyland, who were hidden away in the world. They had a strong background and strong strength, and their profound Realm had a lot of resources.

At this time, Peach Blossom Fairyland had also changed his name to Peach Blossom Imperial Land, and this disciple often came out to visit.

Inside the Super Martial School, Gu Dongchen and the elders were having a meeting, and Chen Xiang was also present.

"Leader, do you think that Tong Tian Aristocratic Family is planning to join hands to attack us? There are quite a few powers who are trying to get close to them. " Chen Xiang said: "I have the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu and that treasured blade, they are most likely thinking about this."

"What are you afraid of? Come at me, annihilate all these bulls.h.i.t Tong Tian Aristocratic Family s here! " An old man sneered.

"Elder w.a.n.g, you've pa.s.sed the eighth tribulation. Is your hand itchy? "Heh heh …" Chen Xiang laughed.

Tong Tian Aristocratic Family is too arrogant, he actually got them to kneel down and admit their wrongs. Heh heh, I really want to go and attack them. Elder w.a.n.g laughed.

Everyone was speechless, after that they discussed how to guard against the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family, and then the Great Devil Mountains. They knew that the Demonic Qi channels of the three realms would not close anymore, and they would even merge together in the end. This was definitely not the way, it would only cause the three sides to be annihilated, and they felt that there was a need to negotiate!

----- In the future, they would all become heavyweights of these powers. On the other hand, the Feng Clan had even instigated these powerful forces to catch Chen Xiang and force Chen Xiang to hand over the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu and the Divine Weapon level treasure blade. Of course, they didn't know that it was actually a Divine Blade, otherwise they would have already killed their way over.

Chen Xiang's Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu and the blade were indeed very important, but the older generation would never take action to s.n.a.t.c.h them, it would only be a joke, but the girls and the Son of Heaven all thought that if they could obtain these things, then they would become even stronger, and they would be the strongest amongst the young generation, confident that they could defeat Chen Xiang.

Many years ago, there were people in the Mortal Martial Realm who wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h Huang Jintian's Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu, but in the end, Huang Jintian personally went to find those people, and challenged them one by one, and almost all the strong warriors in the Mortal Martial Realm died.

Now, Chen Xiang was also facing such a situation, and it wasn't just a world situation, but an entire enormous new world!

After Gu Dongchen killed the elder of the Feng Clan, the Feng Clan was already so quiet. However, it made people even more uneasy.

At the same time, shocking news spread out. All the continents were moving quickly. Some of them had already collided with each other, and the legend had finally come true!

The pa.s.sageway between the Demon and Devil Realms and the human world was completely opened. The three worlds were actually merged together, and all the continents seemed to have a suction force that sucked them in. Soon, all the continents would merge together into a large piece of land!

This was a true new world, but there would definitely be endless wars, because it was much easier for the demon realm and demon realm to come. Furthermore, they lacked resources, so they would definitely launch an even fiercer attack on the human world!

Chen Xiang had said before, that once the entire world evolved, s.p.a.ce would become even more stable, and Huang Jintian could come out. The old fellows that were hidden by other forces would also come out, and when the time came, it would definitely be a world-shocking war!

"Don't worry, if these old fellows do not enter the Heaven Realm, they won't be able to live for long. Their lifespan is limited!" Su Meiyao said.

"Hmph, this group of reckless b.a.s.t.a.r.ds actually had plans for the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu. If I can recover my strength, I will definitely destroy all of these Tong Tian Aristocratic Family." Bai Youyou said angrily.

"Please don't be angry, Sister You You You." Chen Xiang anxiously said, he knew that although Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were still severely injured, they were still slightly stronger, but he did not know the specifics.

"When three worlds merge together, the earth's core will become even more terrifying. I wonder what will happen? It seems like it is even more stable than the Sacred Dan Realm. At that time, you might not be able to use your Luotian Gate. " Long Xueyi said worriedly.

The invisible changes in the world, anyone could feel it, the spirit energy was increasing, becoming denser, this was the most obvious, and a part of the Transmission array was also slowly losing effectiveness, if they wanted to teleport, they could only do so by using those ancient methods.

In Continent of the King, Chen Xiang aimlessly walked on the streets and blended into the mundane world. He felt this feeling he had not felt in a long time and listened to the hawkers on the streets shouting.

Where did that vanished mortal world go? There must be a big secret inside, but Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou didn't tell him about it.

In a bustling and luxurious hotel, there were all n.o.bles and n.o.bles present. Chen Xiang entered and ordered some wine and drinks by himself.

As a result, they have appeared in many dangerous areas, but there are many treasures inside. I heard that there are also some mysterious ancient palaces, but I did not expect that so many profound Realm would be exposed to the world! "An ancient voice suddenly rang out.

"Tong Tian Aristocratic Family and Sheng Domain have made their move and taken over many good profound Realm s. Truly a bandit.

"There's no other way. Who let him be strong? However, there must be someone who will not compromise. Let's see how these savage powers will deal with them, we'll find a chance to sneak into the Great profound Realm s … "

After hearing this news, Chen Xiang's eyes lit up. He was missing some medicinal herbs to concoct pills, he wanted to go to these profound Realm s to look for if there were any medicinal herbs that he needed.

Chen Xiang made a trip to the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, where Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue were still focused on refining the array discard that would create the profound Realm, but Chen Xiang did not disturb them, instead going to the Continent of the King, preparing to head to the largest profound Realm.

These profound Realm were all fused with the world and turned into a piece of land. Without the obstruction of s.p.a.ce, there were countless treasures inside, but they were all divided and occupied by a few unreasonable forces.

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