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"Looks like you guys won't cry until you see the coffin. Say that again, hand Chen Xiang over and pay us back with the ten billion Spar s. Otherwise, we will annihilate the entire Super Martial School today." An elder said coldly with a loud voice, so loud that everyone in the city could hear him.

Chen Xiang's face was expressionless as he stared at the youths. At this time, a young boy suddenly appeared behind Chen Xiang, dressed in black, it was the Kylin thunder eagle of the Ancient Spirit Great Land.

The Super Martial School Elders and young Rankers were all standing at the entrance. Everyone was furious, as long as Gu Dongchen gave the order, they would immediately rush forward to annihilate the people of Feng Clan.

"Say it again, those people who just made a move on the Super Martial School, immediately kowtow and admit their wrongs, or else, I will pin your corpses on the Super Martial School's gate and bask them in the sun for three days!" Gu Dongchen clenched his fist and said loudly.

A Leader from a small sect dares to spout nonsense? Don't you know that our Feng Clan is a Tong Tian Aristocratic Family? This is good too, we'll send you on your way now! " An old man shouted in anger.

The disciples of the Super Martial School were all dumbfounded. The people of the Feng Clan were too arrogant, even if they were people of the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family s, they should not be so wild!

Gu Dongchen laughed coldly: "I haven't lived enough yet, but you old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, it seems like you want me to send you to your deaths!"

After he finished speaking, Gu Dongchen waved his hand, and a ray of white light flickered out, forming a very large Innate Qi palm. Although the aura did not burst out, it still made people feel fear, causing one's legs to go soft.

Gu Dongchen's palm came smashing down, enveloping the four elders of the Feng Clan. The earth shook, and let out a loud boom as his energy surged like a dragon, and he shot into the air like a dragon. Such a terrifying palm strike showed that Gu Dongchen had exhausted all of his strength, and the most shocking thing was that the ground did not have the slightest hint of damage.

The four elders did not expect Gu Dongchen to make a sudden move, and that one was so terrifying, it far exceeded their expectations. Gu Dongchen's strength was much stronger than the average person who had endured the eight Nirvana Tribulations.

"Ahh …"

After being hit by Gu Dongchen's huge palm, all of the bones in their bodies were shattered, their dantian was invaded by Gu Dongchen's terrifying Innate Qi and ignited, causing the bodies of the four elders to be destroyed and destroyed by the exploding Innate Qi.

"You all..." A young man turned pale with fright when he saw it.

At this time, Chen Xiang had already made his move. He leaped into the air and struck the ground with his palm, releasing all the Innate Qi within the two million Zhenyuan granule and formed it into a Dragon Power, condensing into a gigantic mountain filled with Thunder power. Then, he used the Innate Qi to form a pair of gigantic hands, which embraced the gigantic mountain formed from lightning and Innate Qi and wildly smashed the young disciples of the Feng Clan below.

That gigantic mountain was also formed from the Innate Qi, and was as heavy as a real mountain. Furthermore, it carried a berserk Thunder power.

The treasures in their hands were not weak. Twenty odd people had used powerful treasures to block them, which had an effect in the beginning, but after Chen Xiang crazily smashed them for more than a hundred times, they started to crumble one after another. Even people who had experienced four Nirvana tribulations and five tribulations could not be calm while facing such a terrifying attack from Chen Xiang, let alone these little brats who were still Hundred refining realm s.

Without any treasures, these disciples of Feng Clan were like ants. They were smashed into pieces by the gigantic mountain of lightning and mixed with the stones on the ground until they were charred black by the lightning.

The surrounding people were completely stunned, because they could see that this madman Chen Xiang was even more powerful than before. The powerful disciples of Feng Clan held onto high grade treasures, but was easily killed by Chen Xiang!

"A bunch of trash like you actually dared to come to the Super Martial School to make a ruckus. Do you really think we are some weaklings that you can pinch so easily? Hang the bodies of these four old fellows at the city gate and bask them in the sun for three days. If anyone dares to take them down, inform me immediately. Gu Dongchen waved his sleeves, turned and walked back into the door, killing people without bloodshed, such power, was truly admirable.

Although he did not know the strength of the four elders of the Feng Clan, they should be pretty strong if they dared to come and clamor. However, four of them were actually killed with just a single palm from Gu Dongchen, which showed just how strong the Super Martial School was!

Of course, Chen Xiang's methods were even more shocking. Using the vast Innate Qi to turn into a terrifying lightning mountain, he forcefully smashed apart the bodies of the young disciples of the Feng Clan and his high levelled treasures!

Seeing that the Super Martial School people had all retreated, everyone rushed to the city gate to see how the Super Martial School Elders had hung the Feng Clan Elders at the city gate.

The Super Martial School has completely angered the Feng Clan, and even the Leader has made his move. It's no wonder, just now, these few old fellows were too arrogant, they actually got the Super Martial School to kowtow and admit their wrongs, and even got the Super Martial School to compensate them with ten billion Spar, there's something wrong with their heads!

"That's right, if you don't look at how long the Super Martial School has been pa.s.sed down for, how can you just casually pinch a soft persimmon?"

"Feng Clan is going to take action now. I wonder if it will be Feng Clan taking action or Super Martial School taking action?"

The news spread through the various continents and within half a day, the entire new world found out. What shocked the various forces was, it was actually Gu Dongchen himself!

The Super Martial School was able to distribute simple cultivation versions of the Demon Subduing Martial Arts, so he was very famous in the new world. Gu Dongchen had been to many large continents to impart his skills to them, and when he was in the Great War between Three Realms, he was able to impart to them the Demon Subduing Martial Arts.

It had to be known that even the Devil-subduing College did not have such a simple and easy to understand cultivation method, so the people from the Devil-subduing College would often go there to seek advice. At this time, the relationship between the Super Martial School and the Super Martial School was extremely good.

If Tong Tian Aristocratic Family were to fight with him, it would be hard to judge who would win.

Because Chen Xiang had contributed a large amount of Relive Dan's medicinal herbs, many elders in the Super Martial School could peacefully pa.s.s their tribulations. Most of them were successful, and their overall strength had increased by a lot.

Through the creation divine liquid, Chen Xiang was able to quickly create a large number of Relive Dan, and then pa.s.s it to the Dan Fragrance Pure Land to refine. In the end, he would sell it at a suitable price to other Chen Martial Continent's sects.

The power of the pellets were indeed strong, especially the higher ranked pellets. At this moment, even the Dan Alliance was extremely envious of the Chen Martial Continent, to actually have a large number of Relive Dan.

As for the Dan Alliance, he was also being controlled by the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family now. The price of the pills were outrageously high, to the point of being insulted by the warriors of the new world. However, there was nothing he could do, because only the Dan Alliance's Pill City had the most complete set of pills.

The Feng Clan could no longer stay calm, the elders that were sent to the Super Martial School were actually killed, and all the young disciples were beaten into meat paste. What made them lose face the most was that their elders were left at the city gate to demonstrate their might!

In order to allow the Feng Clan Clan Elder's corpses to last for three days, Gu Dongchen ordered all of the Transmission array to be closed and the City Barrier Formation to be activated.

What was unexpected was that the Feng Clan was so calm, he did not even send anyone, but they had actually convened a convention for the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family!

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