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Chen Xiang was expressionless, but he secretly vowed in his heart, as long as he had enough strength, he would definitely wipe out the entire Feng Clan. To actually be so shameless, no one had ever dared to s.n.a.t.c.h his divine blade like this, and even interrogated him until he handed over his Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu.

"You guys can't be trying to say that this blade is from your ancestors of the Feng Clan!" Chen Xiang said lightly.

"It's very possible, only us Tong Tian Aristocratic Family would know about those ancient Spirit grain!" A middle-aged man said.

Chen Xiang hated that he couldn't immediately kill him, and actually dared to say such words. He had said that he was shameless, but this was the first time he saw such a shameless person.

"Who are you people? "How dare you stop me." Chen Xiang shouted coldly.

We are from the Feng Clan, and as for our names, you are not worthy to know them. Be tactful, and obediently hand over the immortal equipment with both hands, and admit your guilt when you return with us. Then, hand over the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu, and we can give you a complete corpse.

Chen Xiang scoffed, "Bulls.h.i.t, Tong Tian Aristocratic Family was originally no different from a bandit. After hiding in the tortoise sh.e.l.l and raising his strength for so many years, now that Great War between Three Realms has started, he is taking advantage of the fire to rob us!"

"Blasphemous of our Feng Clan, you are dead meat." A middle aged man bellowed, his palm struck out, the astral winds surged, his palm force was like countless blades, enveloping Chen Xiang.

"I crossed the Second Nirvana tribulation!" Long Xueyi warned.

Chen Xiang's body was strong, and he trained in the divine arts, so he was not afraid of tribulations. With the divine blade in hand, the blood in his body boiled, and the Genuine qi of five elements seemed to explode in his dantian.

"Angry dragon slay!" The blade slashed down, it was as though a hole was formed in heaven and earth, the aura of the blade was powerful, sweeping out in all directions, the Feng Clan released a powerful palm attack, in contrast, the egg was like a rock, instantly dissolving.

Even if the Angry dragon slay was used endlessly, it would still be extremely terrifying. But now that Chen Xiang had used the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s and Dragon Power, its power was overflowing, as though it was able to destroy the G.o.ds, and with this furious slash, it shook the people, causing them to feel extremely terrified. The middle-aged man from Feng Clan was shrouded in the terrifying blade aura, and what he felt was even more intense than the others, and at that moment, he was afraid.

But now, with just a single slash from Chen Xiang, he had killed all of the disciples of Feng Clan, not even leaving anything behind.

"This brat is too powerful. He crossed the second tribulation of Nirvana, yet he can't even compare to tofu. With a single slash, he is completely destroyed!"

"No wonder the rumors said that he could sweep across the Mortal Martial Realm. So it turns out that he didn't rely on his master, but on his own strength!"

"The fellow from Feng Clan has kicked an iron plate, but that blade is really powerful!"

Everyone was shocked by that terrifying blade attack.

"Surround and kill him, and seize the immortal equipment!" A middle-aged man shouted.

Chen Xiang was furious in his heart. These righteous and n.o.ble families were actually so shameless, wanting to s.n.a.t.c.h his divine blade.

"None of you will survive!" Chen Xiang was not afraid at all as he slashed his blade forward. The tyrannical blade qi transformed into a terrifying aura, causing the surrounding s.p.a.ce to tremble.

The middle-aged man from Feng Clan was prepared, he took out an ancient bell and blocked Chen Xiang, blocking Chen Xiang's terrifying blade attack. At the same time, the other two middle aged men attacked Chen Xiang, with swords in their hands, they attacked Chen Xiang viciously.

The two middle-aged men thought that they could penetrate Chen Xiang's body, but they were stopped by something stiff. Just when they were stunned, Chen Xiang suddenly turned his body, and with a sweep of his blade, he cut off the two middle-aged men's bodies.

The two middle aged men did not expect Chen Xiang to lure them to attack on purpose, and took the chance to kill them with one slash.

Following that, Chen Xiang turned and slashed his blade, fiercely striking the ancient bell, causing bursts of deafening bell chimes to ring out.

If one slash was not enough, Chen Xiang would consecutively send out hundreds of blade strikes. Each slash was extremely powerful, and forcefully shattered the ancient bell, which could defend against G.o.ds and devils. The middle-aged man let out a miserable scream as he was chopped into two halves by Chen Xiang's large blade from his leg all the way to his leg.

"Hmph, with just this little bit of ability, you still dare to clamor and steal my blade and divine art!" Chen Xiang sneered, he stomped his feet, and the seal that was sealing him was broken.

What happened just now was just too fast. In just a few seconds of time, four powerful middle-aged men from the Feng Clan had all died a miserable death.

Chen Xiang took out a few pikes and kicked up those middle aged bodies. Suddenly, he threw the pikes, and nailed all these corpses onto the city gates in the distance. The tall and majestic city gates were filled with cracks from the energy poured into the pikes.

This was simply provoking the Feng Clan!

As expected of the number one madman of the mortal kungfu realm, fearless and fearless. Who wouldn't dare to kill someone who even dared to kill the G.o.d Child of the Devil-subduing College?

No one dared to stop him. This city was just very close to the profound Realm, and there were many people from the Feng Clan, but they did not dare to breathe too loudly, as it would take a long time for the people from the Feng Clan to arrive.

There were a total of twenty odd people, all of whom had decent blood. However, all of them had made the mistake of wanting to s.n.a.t.c.h the divine blades away from Chen Xiang after seeing them, and even wanting to use the Feng Clan to suppress him. Chen Xiang wanted to slap them to death like swatting mosquitoes, then pin all of them onto the city wall.

"Hmph, whoever dare to say that the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu are theirs, I will destroy them all!" Long Xueyi said angrily.

Chen Xiang stepped into the Transmission array, and said coldly: "Tell the people of Feng Clan, that sooner or later I, Chen Xiang, will annihilate them, and actually dare to say that my treasured blade and Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu are theirs, unless they are willing to come to the Super Martial School to seek forgiveness. Otherwise, I will not rest until I am dead!"

After releasing these harsh words, Chen Xiang returned to the Super Martial School, and looked for the old madman to find out more about the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family. Because these Tong Tian Aristocratic Family were truly powerful, the huge bronze shield and the ancient bell actually had very ancient characters written on them.

----- Not long after Chen Xiang left, the elders of the Feng Clan arrived with a large number of young generation and strong experts. Seeing that their disciples and those four middle-aged men had been nailed to the city wall, they were instantly enraged, and that all of their businesses in the city had been looted or destroyed by Chen Xiang!

This was actually all done by a brat, and of course the elders of the Feng Clan knew that this was all because their disciple from the Feng Clan wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h Chen Xiang's immortal equipment and divine arts, which was why they angered Chen Xiang.

But the Feng Clan Clan Elder thought that this was natural! In their view, as long as it was an ancient object, it would belong to their Tong Tian Aristocratic Family!

Chen Xiang appeared after being missing for many days, and actually killed many disciples of the Feng Clan. After finding out the details, those who were familiar with Chen Xiang did not feel surprised, because the disciples of the Feng Clan were going to s.n.a.t.c.h other people's treasured blades and divine arts, not to mention Chen Xiang, only those with a little blood would go crazy. Feng Clan was in the wrong, but those who were familiar with Chen Xiang would go to the Super Martial School to capture him!

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