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It was impossible for Chen Xiang not to be angry. This Feng Clan really thought that they could reach the heavens, with just a few casual words, he said that the things on other people's bodies were theirs.

"If that's the case, then your Tong Tian Aristocratic Family will exist forever. Then, all of the people in this new world will have your Feng Clan's bloodline, and this new world will be created by you, and this world will be birthed by your ancestors as well?" Chen Xiang laughed, looked at the blazing sun, and said, "How powerful is this sun, it is definitely yours at Feng Clan. Why didn't you all remove it and let it be used by you all?"

When everyone heard this, they began to mock him.

"We should be from the Feng Clan as well. This means that we are all family, we should go to the Feng Clan some other day to have a feast and recognize their ancestors."

"The pills from Feng Clan are not bad, I wonder if they will give them to us."

"Probably not, but if you blow your cowhide louder than those two Feng Clan disciples, you should be able to get one or two pills."

The disciples of Feng Clan were furious. With just a few words from Chen Xiang, everyone around hated them.

"You are courting death. Hand over your treasured blade and divine technique." The bewitching Feng Clan girl shouted coldly.

"Chen Xiang, you are only so strong with your master's support, if not, you are just dog s.h.i.t!"

Chen Xiang sneered, and retorted back: "The guy I just killed, isn't he worse than dog s.h.i.t? How powerful is your Feng Clan, to actually have someone that is not even as good as dog s.h.i.t? "

"You … "Kill …" No one had ever provoked them like this before. Even if they had gone to the Devil-subduing College, they would be treated as monarchs and would be supported by the ma.s.ses. Now, however, they were being provoked again and again.

Once the woman charged forward, she used Feng Clan's "Wind Cloud Void Steps". Her movements were ethereal, and with an extremely fast and strange speed, she arrived beside Chen Xiang, causing everyone to feel extremely breathless.

Just as the jade palm was about to smash Chen Xiang to death, Chen Xiang was as calm as a mountain as he stood there without moving. After taking a picture of his face, the jade palm was immediately sucked in by Chen Xiang's Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu.

"You …" The Feng Clan girl was shocked. Right now, her hands seemed to be right on Chen Xiang's face, but when she used her strength, she could only wiggle. In the eyes of outsiders, she seemed to be caressing Chen Xiang's handsome face.

Chen Xiang deliberately blushed and said shyly: "I know I'm not bad, but you can't tease me like this, you female hooligan, you are so arrogant. "Woman, how dare you tease a young man from a good family in broad daylight."

Everyone was stunned, they really did look up. After Chen Xiang Nai, not only had he become younger, his skin had also become jade-like, and he looked really handsome.

Just at this time, Chen Xiang shouted angrily: "I have my own family matters to attend to, yet you dare to disrespect me like this, hurry up and die!"

Everyone was startled, only to see Chen Xiang's powerful Dragon Power in his palm, the air around him rippling with ripples, fiercely slapping towards the girl's face.


With a crisp sound, Chen Xiang did not hold back for the jade, he ruthlessly slapped the woman and slapped all of her jade teeth out. The seductive woman's pill refining had become red and swollen, but she did not fly away, because her jade hands were still stuck on Chen Xiang's face.

Pow! Pow! Pow!

Both of Chen Xiang's hands moved at the same time, consecutively slapping the woman over ten times. At the same time, the man from Feng Clan was already stepping forward, becoming stronger in front of Chen Xiang.

"Let you go, you actually dare to humiliate the disciples of our Feng Clan like this!"

The man shouted, releasing his sword, fiercely thrusting towards Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang sneered, he activated Innate Qi, urging the boiling Dragon Power, with one strike, it struck onto the girl's body, causing her back to be ripped apart, blood and flesh flew out, the shattered flesh and Qi splattered onto the Feng Clan man's body.

Everyone was completely dumbstruck. That was a legitimate child of the Feng Clan, yet he was actually killed by Chen Xiang with just one palm.

The man was so angry that his entire body was trembling, the sword piercing towards Chen Xiang was even more sinister than before, straight into Chen Xiang's eyes, but Chen Xiang's mouth raised upwards, revealing a cold smile, his eyes immediately deleted a burst of fire, the intense Heaven fire, shot out from his eyes, transforming into a small fire dragon. The small fire dragon's fire energy was boiling, the hot air was like a blade, its mouth opened, biting towards the sword tip, and the treasure sword instantly entered the Fire Dragon's mouth, and was burnt to ashes.

"Whoever wants to s.n.a.t.c.h my treasured blade and divine arts, no matter who he is, as long as I, Chen Xiang, am still alive, I will definitely kill him without a burial ground."

Chen Xiang's cold voice, was like a sharp sword filled with killing intent, piercing into the hearts of everyone present, causing their hair to stand on end, their hearts were filled with fear.

With the appearance of the divine saber, the dragon aura engulfed the heavens. The azure color was like a dragon, and on the tyrannical azure blade, the ancient green dragon was vivid and lifelike. It exuded an ancient aura and its dragon aura intimidated the entire audience.

"Die!" Chen Xiang slashed his blade across the air, the boundless dragon qi engulfed the mountains and rivers, shaking the earth, just a casual slash from Chen Xiang, was already terrifying enough.

Before the blade could touch the man, he was crushed into meat pulp by the aura of millions of pounds!

He had killed another disciple of the Feng Clan!

As long as one was a member of the Chen Martial Continent, they would understand Chen Xiang very well, so they were not too shocked.

"You …" As for the disciples of the Feng Clan, they were also on the side.

"Your Feng Clan wants to rob me of my divine arts and treasured blade. Just now, you guys have a share too, right?"

As soon as Chen Xiang's words fell, he shot forward like a rainbow, instantly arriving in front of the three disciples from the Feng Clan. With a raise of his blade, the three were instantly crushed under the pressure, and died on the spot.

"The great man of Feng Clan is here, Chen Xiang is dead for sure."

"Seal off the s.p.a.ce!" An angry voice was heard.


Chen Xiang was surrounded by four middle-aged men, upon seeing the blood mud on the ground, these Feng Clan Rankers were enraged. When their Tong Tian Aristocratic Family was born, other than a few, all the other major powers in the new world expressed their good will, but now, they were actually killed and brought to their doorsteps.

"He is Chen Xiang, we must not let him leave, the blade in his hand is a powerful immortal equipment!" A middle-aged man from the Feng Clan was shocked and shouted loudly: "Capture him, and force him to say the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu!"

Chen Xiang's treasured blade was actually a celestial weapon, no wonder it was so powerful. Many famous weapons were like tofu in front of this blade.

The surrounding people all had a greedy heart as well. This was a immortal equipment, and in the new world, there weren't many of them. Even the powers that came down from the Heaven Realm only had a few inferior immortal equipment, but that was enough to sweep the world.

Chen Xiang possessed the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu, and many high levelled pills, he had long been targeted by the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family, and now that he knew he had such a powerful Immortal Saber.

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