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Chen Xiang noticed that as he complained in his heart. Because this golden sun was still extremely huge, from the looks of it, if he wanted to use up all his energy, he would need to endure countless of attacks from the fireb.a.l.l.s. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]

Under Jiang Tianlu's protection, Chen Xiang was completely safe and sound, causing Jiang Tianlu to nearly explode from anger. It was because he did not expect that he was actually helping Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect's number one enemy.

Even if they could survive, Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect's strength would definitely be greatly reduced, and all of this was because of Chen Xiang.

"Why are you looking at me? Concentrating, the next wave is about to begin! " Chen Xiang saw Jiang Tianlu glaring at him, and anxiously said.

"I wish I could kill you right now. I don't need you to teach me. I'm more experienced at transcending tribulation than you are." Jiang Tianlu's eyes were blazing with anger as he roared.

"Then I'll have to trouble you. I think I'll be able to survive until the end." Chen Xiang laughed, at the moment, he could still laugh, which made Jiang Tianlu even angrier.

A wave of Robbery power surged, and many gigantic golden fireb.a.l.l.s seemingly never stopped, continuously smashing down, as though they were going to break the earth.

One day pa.s.sed, yet it was not over yet. However, that golden sun was a lot smaller. However, the heavenly might it contained was still terrifying.

The thing that Chen Xiang admired the most were the warriors who had endured the Eight Tribulations of Nirvana. If they were to face them fair and square, Chen Xiang would just be an ant to them.

Right now, there were only twenty-five Rankers in the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect and the rest had already died. Chen Xiang now understood why so many Rankers in the Nirvana Stage did not dare to face Nirvana Doom, because this was simply too terrifying. Chen Xiang had to rely on Jiang Tianlu and the profoundwu diamond armour to survive until now, otherwise, he would have died a long time ago.

Even if he had a Yulong blood, if he did not rely on any external object to withstand this enormous golden fireball, he would instantly disappear from this world.

After another day had pa.s.sed, the golden sun in the sky was only as big as a fist, and all the experts of the Ancient Wasteland were finally relieved. Although they were very sullen, but to be able to survive in this kind of great calamity, it made them very excited. Fortunately, this great calamity was not aimed at them, but at their own strength.

He had previously hidden beside them and praised them as brothers and brothers, praising their might and might. He had praised them to the heavens, but when he saw that the great calamity was about to end, he had changed his face.

However, they all thought that Chen Xiang was dead for sure, and even if they survived, they would not let him escape.

The golden sun that was as big as a fist suddenly trembled. Even though it had become small, its heavenly might was still overwhelming. The multicolored light was so bright that it was actually able to form a huge golden fireball that once again smashed towards the land of tribulation.

"In the end, that group of people that do not care for their lives actually gathered together to undergo the heavenly tribulation. No one has dared to do something like that for the past ten thousand years right? But, they are truly powerful." The spectators in the distance said. For the past two days, they had been attentively watching this world-shaking calamity.

"It's going to end soon. No matter what, this group of people will become famous no matter what. Although there aren't many left."

They were all far away, so they couldn't see what kind of people were below the caved in ground.

The Robbery power released by the golden sun created a huge crater with a width of a thousand miles. If all of this energy was concentrated on one person, perhaps even the deities would have to admit defeat.

Another wave of Robbery power had pa.s.sed, but the spatial seal was still present. There was still a golden light flashing in the sky, and that golden sun was only as big as a bean.

"It's time!" Like a beam of light, Chen Xiang suddenly shot towards the sky at an extremely fast speed. He immediately opened his mouth and activated Devouring magic kungfu, swallowing the golden sun that was only the size of a pea.

The last Robbery power was actually swallowed up by Chen Xiang. Soon enough, they thought of something, that bright sun the size of a bean should be the seed of that golden sun, that heaven destroying golden sun should be the seed's creation. At that moment, it could be said that they had no more energy left, that was a peerless fire seed, a super precious treasure.

"Kid that killed over a thousand blades, daring to even eat the Fire Seed condensed from the might of the heavens." Jiang Tianlu scolded.

"Leader, that's a good item. It should be a Fire Soul that is condensed from crystals." An elder said. At this moment, they could feel the Spatial Force around them dissipating. They all let out sighs of relief. They had survived, but there were only twenty-five of them.

After consuming the Fire Seed, Chen Xiang only felt that his dantian was extremely hot. He was currently channeling Fire G.o.d method, trying to refine the Heaven Fire Seed, so that he could fuse it with his Heaven fire soul, one must know that this Fire Seed was nurtured by a fire tribulation that only grew out of 2000 people, it was birthed from Heaven power. It was so precious that Chen Xiang suspected that it would be able to release the Heaven Flame in the future.

"Give me Chen Xiang's life!" Although he was already very tired, he had more than enough to kill Chen Xiang, not to mention the fact that they had more than twenty people.

Chen Xiang was extremely calm, just as he took out the Luotian Gate, a gold light suddenly scattered down from the sky, enveloping Jiang Tianlu and the rest.

"This is …" What's going on with them ascending? " Chen Xiang was extremely shocked as he watched the Ancient Desolation Realm Rankers soar into the sky.

The experts in the distance wanted to go over, but seeing this scene, they were all as shocked as stone statues. This was the first time they saw such a scene, where the sun had risen in the sky, allowing them to fly to the Heaven Realm and the Devil Realm to the Heavenly Demon Realm. This caused the experts who were watching to yearn for it, and although they had lived for a long time, this was the first time they had seen such a scene.

Although Chen Xiang could not understand why they had suddenly ascended, he felt that it had to do with the great calamity that had happened earlier. He immediately waved his hands at the experts that had ascended into the air and smiled: "Don't thank me.

"Haha …" Don't look at me like that, you are about to ascend to the Heavenly Demon Realm, what a great honor, what a great glory, you have successfully pa.s.sed through the ninth tribulation, you should be happy, right … … "No need to thank me. This is all your own effort. I just wish you two a helping hand."

They then joined hands and risked their lives to survive the great calamity. Now, they did not know why they had ascended again, but their enemy had not died, and he was still laughing at them. Furthermore, their Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect had many things that he had not arranged well, and had lost many experts.

Although flying was a good thing, they were feeling happy, angry and worried at the same time. Their emotions were complicated, especially when they saw Chen Xiang waving and laughing at them, with his mouth spouting a bunch of bulls.h.i.t to provoke them, they were so angry that they almost wanted to smack Chen Xiang into a meat patty, but they were sucked into the air by the strange energy and were unable to move.

Chen Xiang could sense that there were many strong warriors in the distance. Without saying a word, he took out the Luotian Gate, opened a spatial door, and teleported to a safe place.

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