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Chen Xiang was covered in gold armor, and the gold helmet only revealed his face. At that moment, he had no choice but to release the profoundwu diamond armour, or else he would have been burnt to ashes.

Golden multicolored light covered his entire body, and his domineering aura towered over everyone. He appeared as mighty as a G.o.d as he blended into the golden mist. It was as if he was the master of this golden purgatory.

It was Chen Xiang's first time releasing a profoundwu diamond armour in front of so many people, and also his first time releasing a profoundwu diamond armour, but he could still feel a threat.

The golden sun in the sky once again exploded with golden clouds. The small golden sun once again produced a huge golden fireball that was dozens of miles wide as it fiercely smashed towards the ground.

Chen Xiang clenched his teeth, the attacks were the same as before. Furthermore, he could tell that if Jin Yang did not exhaust all the energy, he would not stop there, he did not even know how many times he would have to endure such attacks, if not for Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect and the rest of the fools rushing in, he would have long pa.s.sed through Nirvana Doom.

Chen Xiang glanced at the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect Rankers. Although they were in a sorry state, their vitality and blood were extremely powerful, and he could tell that the golden fireball did not cause them any harm. Furthermore, even though Chen Xiang was wearing the profoundwu diamond armour s, he could not feel comfortable.


The golden fire ball fell straight down, like the sun setting, it ignited the golden fire once again, and this time it was even more terrifying than before. The golden fire ball swept across a radius of 1000 miles, and wherever it went, the stone earth was turned into dust, and the tall mountains were instantly flattened. This kind of G.o.dly power, caused the watching experts to be extremely shocked, and they had no choice but to retreat a little further, or else even they would be affected.

The profoundwu diamond armour and profoundwu cover hood were two layers of protection, but the profoundwu cover hood could only hold for a few seconds before it completely crumbled. It could be seen how powerful this unparalleled calamity was, as if it wanted to kill everyone within the boundaries of the Robbery power ruthlessly and violently.

Fighting against the heavens, going against the heavens, nine heavenly tribulations, blocking the path to immortality. Since ancient times, countless heroes had their origin soul destroyed by the nine Nirvana Tribulations and died without a burial, but still couldn't stop the people from becoming immortals.

Chen Xiang exhaled a breath of golden mist. The incomparable power of the fire had penetrated through the divine armor and burned his body, although the Heaven fire soul were trying their best to counterattack, they were still unable to resist. After all, Chen Xiang's cultivation was still very low, and his strength was limited.

However, Chen Xiang was able to circulate his mystical technique and refine the golden fire energy into his body. He could use the Fire G.o.d method to nourish the fire energy and nurture the Fire Soul inside his flesh.

His body was burnt, his injuries were severe, and his blood was close to boiling up and turning, but at the critical moment, the Yulong blood activated, following the rotation of the Taiji yin and yang map in his dantian, it flowed through his bones and limbs, allowing the parts that were severely injured to slowly heal. In just a short moment, Chen Xiang's body had actually healed and reached its peak condition.

No wonder Long Xueyi had said that there would be countless dragons and women in the Imperial Dragon Race that would throw themselves at the jade dragon. As long as one possessed such an immortal bloodline, it was only a matter of time before they would coexist with the heavens.

At this time, Long Xueyi, Su Meiyao and the others had already sealed their spirit sense and completely lost contact with the outside world inside the Dark Dragon Ring. They were worried that it would affect Chen Xiang's tribulation, so they didn't know that Chen Xiang was currently facing an unparalleled tribulation.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what are you doing here?" Jiang Tianlu shouted in anger. Although he did not receive any injuries, it was just the beginning, yet he was already so terrifying. He was already much stronger than he was at the beginning of the eighth heavenly tribulation.

"Bah! If it wasn't for your brains, I would have already been through this long ago. Why did you drag me along when you wanted to die?" Chen Xiang rushed over, the experts of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect were all extremely strong, if they fought against the great tribulation together, the damage they would receive would be minimized.

Chen Xiang obviously wanted them to share some of the pressure.

"You wish! Aren't you afraid that I'll kill you?" Jiang Tianlu did not despair at the moment. Although the golden sun in the sky was terrifying, it was not concentrated enough, so when all the experts joined hands, there was still hope for them to survive. However, all the powerful young geniuses of Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect had all disappeared.

The experts of Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect were also extremely shocked by Chen Xiang's power. Some of them couldn't even withstand the first or second Nirvana tribulation, yet Chen Xiang still ran over to rub their heads with a smile on his face.

"Come if you dare. If I die, all of you might be done for. Try if you don't believe me." Chen Xiang held his head up high and stuck his chest out while his divine armor shone with a multicolored light, causing the experts of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect to feel extremely envious. Of course they could tell that the reason Chen Xiang had been able to live until now was all because of his golden armor.

They really did not dare to kill Chen Xiang. Who knew how this great calamity would continue after they killed him? Now that they had the confidence to survive, they naturally didn't want to create unnecessary trouble.


The golden sun brewed the Robbery power and used a lot of time to release another huge golden fireball. Only this time, the inside of the golden fireball was filled with red light, as if it was filled with red blood.


Jiang Tianlu bellowed, both hands raised up, and a burst of berserk black Qi leaked out from his body. His hands were surrounded by dense black Qi, suddenly transforming into a pair of gigantic demon claws with black scales, pouncing on his head.

The other experts from the Ancient Desolation World also unleashed their own devilish fiends. They used all their strength to defend themselves from the power of the heavens.

This golden-red ball of flame was incomparably violent at the moment, and was much stronger than the previous two. Chen Xiang was greatly startled, and without batting an eyelid, he arrived beside Jiang Tianlu, standing under the dense and terrifying pair of gigantic devil claws.

Jiang Tianlu was furious. The little kid in front of him, who had killed his Ancient Wasteland genius, destroyed his Ancient Wasteland mausoleum, poisoned four elders and now two thousand important disciples had died because of him. He even had the cheek to come and seek shelter here.

Jiang Tianlu wished he could kick Chen Xiang into the huge fireball that was pressing down.

Don't get distracted, this time you guys are much stronger than the last two times. Endure it, I believe that you guys will definitely be able to help me to survive this unparalleled tribulation. At that time, we will be famous across the world. Chen Xiang said with a serious face.

Chen Xiang shamelessly hid beside others and watched the fireball being pressed down. Then, he used his divine arts to refine the intense flames that invaded his body.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

This time, the fire was even more intense, and some of the weaker experts from the Ancient Desolation lost their lives in a flash, and a large piece of land once again sank, but at this moment, they did not feel like they were in the depths, because they had a radius of a thousand miles and were all sinking, so they naturally did not feel it.

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