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The Great Nirvana Tribulations had begun. All the experts of the Ancient Wasteland were shocked as they cursed Chen Xiang and rushed over at this time. They were obviously trying to lure the powerful Robbery power into their bodies.

Just as Jiang Tianlu was about to get far away from him, Chen Xiang's hand flashed like lightning as he firmly grabbed onto Jiang Tianlu's arm. He said with a smile on his face, "Ancient Desolate Leader, I can see that you have an extraordinary demeanor and auspicious light in your eyes. You won't have any misfortune today, a trifling first tribulation's Robbery power won't be able to do anything to you."

Jiang Tianlu shouted in anger, "Bulls.h.i.t, this old man has been struck with bad luck for eight lifetimes. Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, quickly let go of me, if not I will hack you to death with one palm!"

The Robbery power that had been condensed in the sky for a while had turned into an endless sea of flames. Its imposing manner filled the entire sky, and like a dragon or a heavenly soldier, it slowly approached from the sky, creating a scorching pressure that instantly turned the weaker disciples into ashes.

This was an earth-shattering fire tribulation, and what Chen Xiang was least afraid of was flames. Although he was currently unable to go to the earth's core, his fire resisting abilities were still incomparably strong, and there were very few people in the world who could match him.

"Ancient Desolate Leader, by the way, your son doesn't look like you at all. "You don't even have ten percent of your aura." Chen Xiang laughed, causing him to become completely furious. Using all his strength, he flung Chen Xiang flying.

Just at that moment, the Unparalleled Fire Calamity in the sky sensed Jiang Tianlu. The countless beast shaped flames released roars, trampled on the air, and surged through, causing the sound to shake the ground as they rushed towards the people below.

In the blink of an eye, the flames enveloped an area of a few miles around Chen Xiang. Endless flames burned crazily within, the beast-shaped flames violently surged, attacking everyone and causing the ground to shake violently. The entire land of tribulation, like a sea of fire, was engulfed in flames that reached the sky, like a raging sea of fire.

Chen Xiang sat cross-legged on the ground, his entire body glowing. The reaction produced by the Devil-suppressing holy power against the intense flames turned into a golden light, causing Chen Xiang to be like a golden G.o.d of war, invulnerable to fire, eternal and indestructible.

Even though he had the Heaven fire soul, he found it hard to endure. This was the Flame of Calamity, an existence akin to heavenly fire, and it was triggered by more than two thousand people.

If he had not approached Jiang Tianlu at the critical moment and lured a portion of the Robbery power towards the group of Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect, the Robbery power he was facing would have been even more intense.

It was only the first tribulation, the primordial tribulation. Chen Xiang felt that he was extremely unlucky, and luckily it was a fire tribulation.

The first wave of Robbery power had only just begun and it had already lasted for more than an hour. As for the true Nirvana Doom, it had only just begun.

Chen Xiang raised his head and looked up. His eyes flashed with a gold light, as it penetrated through the sea of flames, only to see a huge golden ball appearing in the sky, like a golden sun, glowing with a piercing light. As the golden rays of sunlight became stronger and stronger, the flames in the sea of flames also became hotter and hotter, as if it could burn the earth to ashes.

"These flames are just the fire energy on the surface of the golden sun, but they are already so intense, even experts who have experienced eight tribulations would have difficulty resisting them. If I hadn't tempered my body with the Core Fire, I'm afraid that it would have already turned into ashes. The great calamity caused by two thousand people is indeed formidable, it was actually able to form a small golden sun!"

"I'm afraid this golden sun is the true owner of the Nirvana Doom!"

Chen Xiang felt a shiver in his heart. He had not released his profoundwu diamond armour yet, and within the sea of flames, those beast-type flames were roaring. They were deafening and it spread to all directions.

Such a great calamity had shaken the entire continent. At this moment, the entire continent was like a steamer. The small golden sun hung high up in the sky, illuminating the entire continent.

Several hundred kilometers away from the great calamity, many experts from the Demon Realm were floating in the sky as they gazed at the center of the great calamity. They were all shocked; even when they were close to the source of the golden light, they could feel their bodies burning and their blood boiling.

"Is this the legendary ninth tribulation?" He had gone all out to overcome the eighth tribulation and had been stuck for so many years, yet he had never dared to face the ninth tribulation. But now, this great tribulation before him made him feel as though it was even more formidable than the ninth tribulation.

An old man shook his head and said, "It's not the ninth tribulation. I've seen the ninth tribulation, but it's still far from this!"

Everyone trembled as they were dumbstruck. The ninth calamity was actually far worse than this.

"It's just the beginning. Have you guys seen the ninth calamity where the disturbance can affect the whole of the new demon realm?" The old man's face was full of seriousness, "I think that someone might have accidentally trespa.s.sed into someone else's Nirvana Realm and caused their Nirvana Doom to increase."

Chen Xiang was currently in a miserable state. If not for the dozen or so experts of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect helping him to share most of the Robbery power, he would have been turned into ashes by now.

Finally, the flames in the sea of fire weakened, but this was only the end of the first wave of Robbery power.

The small golden sun hung high in the sky, condensed from the spirit energy of heaven and earth. Although it wasn't as fierce as the real sun, its power was astonishing. It hung high in the sky, as big as a mountain.

The blazing sun suddenly overflowed with a huge golden ball, enveloping a few dozen li of land. As it fell from the sky, the pressure spread in all directions and slowly fell, the land was struck by the intense fire energy, causing a big dent to appear in the ground. The people of Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect were almost dead, all of them burnt to ashes, their souls scattered, and only the strong warriors were left struggling to survive.

This golden fireball had appeared from the golden sun. When the experts watching from afar saw this terrifying scene, their backs would shiver even in such a hot environment. If they were pressured, they would most likely die.

The golden fireball that spanned several dozen miles descended like a miniature flaming star. The heat it contained was also much greater, as if it was more destructive than the earth itself.

Chen Xiang's expression became serious, this was the second wave of Robbery power, and it was not only aimed at him, but the entire range of the Robbery power, he and the other experts had to bear the same level of Robbery power.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The golden fireball came crashing down, causing a wave of roaring fire to spread out in all four directions. The area of several hundred miles was instantly covered by a sea of fire, the fire reached a height of over a hundred zhang, and the area was originally desolate, but now, even more so, after being burned, the stone earth was turned into powder, causing the entire ground to sink down over a hundred zhang.

The flames that shot into the sky flickered with golden light, forming a mist that enveloped the horizon and covered the ground. It made people feel as if they were being tempered by a golden world of fire.

"Look, it's actually dozens of people. Oh my G.o.d, their brains must be filled with water!" When an old man with sharp eyes saw this, he let out a sharp shout that did not match his appearance.

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