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The Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect was once again shaken because the four elders that were sent out had all died, moreover, they died beside the mausoleum. After that, many of the disciples from the Ancient Desolation Sect had entered the mausoleum successively and were poisoned to death by the poison gas.

The four elders were all poisoned to death, and only their bones were left, but all of their ancestors' tombs were destroyed. This made the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect extremely angry, but was unable to vent it out, and now, they had lost a peerless genius, Jiang Liguang, and then a few powerful elders, and in the end, even the ancestors' tombs were destroyed by others.

But they did not know who did it!

Chen Xiang was currently in a desolate plain, with a scorching sun above his head. He had no idea why, but after just one night, his body had unknowingly grown a lot stronger.

"It's over, this Holy Devil-suppressing seal is causing my Innate Qi and my fleshly body to improve crazily, even my soul is increasing rapidly, the Nirvana Doom is coming!" Chen Xiang was overwhelmed with shock. At this moment, he had a very strange feeling that he was being stared at by something. No matter where he went, he would feel this kind of feeling.

This kind of feeling was a sign that the Nirvana Doom was coming. Unless one hid inside the profound Realm, it was impossible to avoid it.

"Don't worry, you have plenty of pills that can raise a person's bones and flesh. It's enough for you to deal with the first tribulation. Even without this lunatic's prediction, you can still pa.s.s it easily." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang still had time to return to the Super Martial profound Realm to find Huang Jintian, but this was equivalent to avoiding the Nirvana Doom. If he deliberately avoided the Nirvana Doom, then the power of the tribulation would be even stronger in the future.

----- Beside the black pool, there were about ten old men with white hair and full of wrinkles. They were waving flags and chanting an incantation.

These were all people from the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect and were summoning their souls because they could feel that the souls of the elders did not scatter. Although all of them were scattered, these elders had a way to see who had made such a crazy revenge against their Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect from the newly gathered souls.

When Chen Xiang saw the elderly people being splashed with the poisonous blood, he thought that they had all lost their souls. He never thought that the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect would have such a powerful technique.

Suddenly, the ten or so white-haired old men shouted in unison. Their voices were strange and sinister, causing one's hair to stand on end, as if they were ghosts from the underworld.

A shadow of a dead elder suddenly appeared, but it was very unstable, like ripples in the water.

"It's Chen Xiang. Before I died, I saw him rush out of the lake. He deliberately used poison water to kill us … …" With that, the illusory image dissipated.

A middle-aged man with an extraordinary temperament, tightly clenching his fists. Although he looked very calm, his anger had turned into terrifying waves of killing intent, roaring in the forbidden grounds, causing people to be afraid, this was the Leader's Leader, Jiang Tianlu!

"There is a remnant of the spatial energy here. Let's see if we can figure out where this person went from the remnant energy." An old man said.

The person who killed Jiang Liguang, killed the four elders, and destroyed the ancestral tombs of their Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect was actually the Chen Xiang that was wanted by them after they issued the Devil G.o.d Badge!

This was really a huge ridicule, they did not even have the chance to touch his fur, yet they caused such heavy losses, and at this moment, everyone could see that this was Chen Xiang taking revenge on their Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect.

Very quickly, the ten elders, based on the partic.i.p.ating spatial auras, deduced three locations. Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect s, Jiang Tianlu immediately sent a large number of Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect Rankers to surround and annihilate those three locations.

After finding out that it was this brat, Chen Xiang, from the human realm who had stirred up such a huge commotion, the people from the Demon Realm were incomparably shocked. Not only was he not obediently staying in the Mortal Realm, he had even come to the Demon Realm, killing the genius from the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect, using poison to kill four elders, and finally kicking down the tomb of the Demon G.o.d's son. Such an earth-shattering action was unparalleled in the world and had never been seen before.

Chen Xiang still did not know his name before it spread to the entire Demon Realm, because he was currently smelting the energy within the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, preparing to go through tribulation. At this moment, he did not hide his tracks in the slightest, and sat on top of a small mountain with his eyes closed, cultivating with a peaceful expression.

Right now, whoever came to find him was courting death, because he was preparing to go through the Nirvana Doom. When others were going through the tribulation, as long as one person was within the range of the Nirvana Doom, the power of the Nirvana Doom would increase by one generation, and even if it was the Nirvana Tribulation, the power would be extremely terrifying.

Therefore, people who trained in Nirvana Doom would always look for some remote areas with very few people. If someone else entered the range of their Nirvana Doom, it would not be beneficial to anyone.

At this moment, even Long Xueyi, Su Meiyao and the others did not dare to casually release their divine senses, as they had sealed them away.

And in the distance, a disciple of a Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect saw Chen Xiang. He never would have thought that Chen Xiang would cultivate in this desolate place like this, instead of hiding properly.

Chen Xiang was waiting here for his Nirvana Doom. If he succeeded, he would enter the Nirvana Realm.

The disciples of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect immediately returned to report. The speculations of the ten-odd white-haired elders were extremely accurate, because some disciples of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect had already found Chen Xiang in the three regions.

They had circled around to all directions to surround and attack Chen Xiang. They thought that with so many of them, they would be able to catch Chen Xiang alive.

Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect was a super power in the demon realm, but now, the little demon realm kid they wanted to capture had come all the way here to slap their faces. They could only save their face by capturing Chen Xiang alive and executing him publicly, so most of the strong warriors in Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect were already here.

The demon G.o.ds were their religion, and this was the only way for them to cultivate the demon arts left behind by the demon G.o.ds. If they didn't show piety to the demon G.o.ds, they wouldn't be able to obtain their strength, and would instead die from cultivating those demon arts.

Now that the devil G.o.d's son's mausoleum had been destroyed, the disciples of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect were extremely furious. No matter if they were strong or weak, they could not wait to drink Chen Xiang's flesh and blood and skin him alive.

Jiang Tianlu made a hand gesture, and thousands of experts suddenly rushed towards Chen Xiang from all directions. In a few moments, Chen Xiang was surrounded by dozens of experts.

Chen Xiang's expression immediately changed greatly. When he took out the Luotian Gate, it was already too late, because the Nirvana Doom had already appeared.

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