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On the side of the Black Water Poison Pool, four extremely powerful Ancient Wasteland Elders sat cross-legged in four different directions of the pool, eyes closed and waiting for something below to come up. It was because they believed that the young master of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect, Jiang Liguang, had been killed by this fellow under the pool.

Chen Xiang had dived for more than half a day, but he still did not reach the bottom. This caused him to be shocked in his heart, if it wasn't for the profoundwu diamond armour, if it wasn't for the impenetrable, it would be difficult for even an immortal to obtain the things left behind in the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable.

This is not only the blood of the Poison Demon, I think there is also the blood of the Poison Dragon. Only when the two types of extremely powerful poisonous blood are mixed together would it be able to corrode the earth, causing the pool to become this deep. Long Xueyi said.

After another two hours, Chen Xiang suddenly saw a faint light below him, which made him extremely happy. From the light, it looked extremely similar to the Devil-suppressing holy power, and only the things refined in the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable had this light.

Upon approaching, it made him gasp for breath, because he saw that everything around that thing was empty. The poisonous water actually could not get close, and this thing had been hidden deep within the poisonous pond for countless of years, yet its divine powers were still active.

One must know that under this deep pool, the strong pressure was extremely terrifying. If Chen Xiang did not have the profoundwu diamond armour's protection, he probably would have been crushed into pulp by this kind of strong pressure.

"It's an imprint!" Long Xueyi's voice was shocked and he couldn't help but take a deep breath.

Su Meiyao immediately exclaimed: "Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable's Holy Devil-suppressing seal is actually in this place, no wonder Devil-suppressing Divine Palace has so many people contending for power all these years, so it's because they don't have the Holy seal's firm authority!"

"The Holy Devil-suppressing seal is a sacred object close to the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, and even the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's Demon Suppressing Token would have to be sealed with this seal. As for how powerful it is, it is unknown, because the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable has never used this seal in battle." Bai Youyou said.

The personal item of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, was actually here, what was going on with the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable? The Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable was an invincible existence in the Heaven Realm, respected and revered by billions of immortals, causing the expressions of the so called Demonic Demons and Evil G.o.ds to change. Currently, only his Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and a portion of his incomplete Subduing Demon Art remained, and he had already disappeared to who knows where.

After sensing that Chen Xiang had arrived, she turned into a golden beam of light and entered Chen Xiang's body. She appeared in Chen Xiang's dantian, and floated above the five Beast statue.

Chen Xiang looked inside the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, and saw that the Holy seal only had one word, "Subduing". Although it was only a single word, it was extremely imposing, and extremely vigorous, as though it was carved with peerless strength, as though it was carved with divine power, and finished everything in one go. But upon closer inspection, every stroke of this word, contained countless profound Spirit grain, as though it was a nature to call itself their own, densely packed, within the word, it was actually like the sky, and within it were countless stars.

At the same time this word was smoothly written, it was actually able to engrave so many profound and fine Spirit grain at the same time. It was extremely natural, and didn't seem to be intentionally left behind.

It had to be known that these profound Spirit grain were comprehended by a few super geniuses in the ancient times after comprehending the Dao through looking at the heavens and merging into nature. They had been pa.s.sed down for countless years, and only today's large number of Spirit grain were able to comprehend them.

And the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable could easily draw out the outline of a naturally formed Spirit grain, as if they were one with the world.

Thinking about it, Chen Xiang's heart started to race. If one day, when he was refining pills, he could also leave behind these natural, powerful, and imbued dao pattern on the surface of the pills, how powerful would the pills be?

Spirit grain could form great formations, but great formations had many supreme abilities. They could suppress ancient demons, open profound Realm, and teleport s.p.a.ce …

The Devil-suppressing qi array in the Demon Suppressing Art was also made up of Spirit grain!

"Amazing, as expected of a human that my Imperial Dragon Race would be wary of." Long Xueyi exclaimed.

The Holy Devil-suppressing seal's entire body was pure gold, like a scorching sun. It seemed to have an endless amount of energy as it continuously spewed out golden light.

"Besides being able to approve a Demon G.o.d Token, what other uses does it have?" Long Xueyi was extremely curious.

"He can also inherit the position as the hall master of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, and is the one in charge of the Heaven Realm. However, if I use this seal in the Heaven Realm, I'm afraid that I will be killed." Chen Xiang sighed, "Other than this, there are some things that can open the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, and can seal demons."

"Can I use it for a fight?" Long Xueyi asked again.

"Of course you can, if it's the opposing demons, I can release them and pour them into the Devil-suppressing holy power, causing the Holy seal to grow bigger, and can directly suppress the demons to death, but I cannot use them as I wish." Chen Xiang was currently swimming upstream. There were still four Ancient Wasteland elders waiting for him to greet them, since they were all old people after all. He didn't want to make them wait for too long.

"That's right, this seal is stronger than Devil-suppressing mirror s, Devil-suppressing mirror s may just be the creation of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, against stronger demons, it doesn't have much of a Mountain Sea, but with enough Devil-suppressing holy power, it will only be able to deal with demons with this seal, its power is limitless." Bai Youyou said in a cold tone. If not for the fact that Chen Xiang could hide the strength of the Holy Devil-suppressing seal as he wished, she would have felt very uncomfortable inside the ring.

"The reason the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace above us has been fighting for so many years is all for the position of Palace Master. If they find out that there is a Holy Devil-suppressing seal, then it won't only be the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace who will s.n.a.t.c.h you away." Su Meiyao chuckled.

Chen Xiang obviously knew that even if he had this Holy Devil-suppressing seal, he wouldn't be able to become Palace Master.

"Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect, since you have issued the Devil G.o.d Crest, I will now let you all know the price you have to pay." Chen Xiang laughed coldly, and began to speed up his pace.

However, the four Elders of the Ancient Desolation World could sense that there was a bubble in the pool, and it was obvious that they were coming out. They immediately stood up, and just as they were about to move away from the pool, the black water in the pool suddenly sprayed out like a huge fountain, and turned into a poisonous rain that fell from the sky.

All the trees within a radius of several kilometers withered instantly and were corroded by the black venom, releasing bursts of black venom. As for the four elders, they were poured with large amounts of venom and turned into white bones.

All of this was caused by Chen Xiang using all of his strength to force a large amount of poisonous water out of the pond. At this moment, he was standing beside the pond, looking at the four bones, he laughed: "You all sitting next to the pond waiting for me, is like waiting for your deaths.

With that, Chen Xiang looked at the mausoleum. He formed seals with his hand to condense the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land's spirit energy, activated his Heavenly dragon seal and directly destroyed the mausoleum. Then, he used his Luotian Gate to travel across the s.p.a.ce and safely left the place.

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