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"Rising Light is dead. He has the bloodline of a demon G.o.d and is the descendant of that demon G.o.d. Send all of the sect's elites here to thoroughly capture this place. We must find the vicious beast that killed Rising Light." An old man said in grief and indignation.

The death of the successor to the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect shocked the entire New Demon Realm, not to mention that he had died in the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land. Now, all the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect had been gathering their forces to search the Forbidden Area to find the cause of Jiang Liguang's death.

In Mo Yi's memories, he did not understand much about the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land. He only knew that it was extremely large and filled with danger at the same time. Otherwise, the place would have been packed full of people.

Chen Xiang was naturally not afraid that the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect would know that he had killed Jiang Liguang. In any case, he had already been wanted by the devil G.o.d order, and three days had already pa.s.sed since then. The Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land was extremely lively, and thousands of disciples from the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect actually came to look for him.

Han Jingprofound also knew that this was an important matter, so when she left, she did not leave any traces behind. Even the fragrance on her body had been removed by a special method, she did not want to hang it on the Demon G.o.d Badge.

There were a large number of powerful Ancient Beasts in the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land. If Chen Xiang had not been able to hide himself well, he would have been chased away long ago. These Ancient Beasts were all very fierce, and many disciples of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect had turned into food for these Ancient Beasts.

A burst of dense Yin Qi suddenly came from the front, almost causing Chen Xiang to fall. If not for his profound magic power, he would definitely have turned back into his human form.

"It's not bad to use this kind of place as a graveyard. I never thought that the things left behind by the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable are also here." Chen Xiang said as he carefully flew forward. After arriving at this place where the miasma was extremely dense, Chen Xiang did not even look at the footprints of ancient beasts.

Not long after, Chen Xiang saw a round black pond that was around a hundred meters wide. The water was like ink and the ice-cold bone-piercing Yin Qi came out from the black pond.

Beside the pool of water, there were even some mausoleums that had been meticulously constructed. Right now, they looked eerie and terrifying, giving people gooseb.u.mps. The cold wind whistled like the howls of ghosts and the howls of wolves, making people feel uneasy.

"F * ck, that thing is probably under this Black Water Pool. Do you want me to dive in?" Chen Xiang turned into a bird and stood on a large tree that was completely black by the side of the lake.

"There are good things down there. What are you afraid of? Wasn't it just a pool? What kind of place haven't you been to? " Long Xueyi urged, she was extremely curious, wanting to know what kind of thing was left in Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable.

"Let me be mentally prepared!" Chen Xiang released his divine sense, wanting to use the Heaven tour method to investigate. However, he was unable to dive into the bottom of the lake.

Along with many mausoleums, they appeared to be extremely cold. However, at this moment, a few old men in green clothes suddenly appeared here. Their faces were full of wrinkles and their expressions were cold, as if they had just crawled out from a grave.

Chen Xiang glanced at the four old men who suddenly appeared, and his heart shivered. He did not notice anyone approaching him, and so did Long Xueyi.

In order to not let these powerful old guys discover him, Chen Xiang hurriedly entered a tree cave to conceal his presence. He sensed that these old guys were looking around.

"Not a single trace was left, not a single trace was left behind. However, even we were touched by the restrictive spells. This is something that not even we were able to accomplish. Who could have been here before?" Is Jiang Liguang's death related to him? " An old man said coldly.

"What is the purpose of this person?" Even the Devil Race would not dare to provoke us like this! " Another old man said angrily.

"Let's hurry back and inform the Leader. This person is still in the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land. We must find him no matter what!"

The four elders suddenly turned into a gust of cold wind and disappeared.

Chen Xiang secretly heaved a sigh of relief. In this kind of place, if these four old fellows found out, he might not even be able to release his Magical corruption gas, and would be killed by them.

"Quickly jump down, what's there to be afraid of?" Long Xueyi felt an itch in her heart, and her consciousness was unable to enter the lake.

"It's not like you're going down, so of course you have nothing to be afraid of? If there's anything powerful down there, won't I be sending it to my doorstep? " Chen Xiang said snappily.

"What are you afraid of? Turn into a small fish and slowly go down the side. If you encounter any powerful objects, I will just take action. I am the most beautiful and powerful dragon in the future and all demons and monsters will have to submit under my Dragon Dress." Long Xueyi snorted.

Chen Xiang considered for a while, but in the end, he still turned into a small fish and jumped into the black pool. Even though there were Heaven fire soul in his body, at this moment, he was still frozen by the cold water until he felt uncomfortable, as if he was being pierced by countless ice needles. This caused him to have no choice but to turn back into his human form and release the profoundwu diamond armour, which made him feel a lot better.

"If I knew earlier, I wouldn't have listened to you. My original plan was to use profoundwu diamond armour, but you turned me into a small fish instead." Chen Xiang complained. At this point in time, he was no longer feeling cold, but his surroundings were completely dark, it was terrifyingly quiet. What made him afraid was that he was worried that there were powerful beasts under the Black Water Pool.

Just as Chen Xiang jumped into the pool of black water, the four elders from the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect appeared again. They looked at the rippling black water, and their expressions became extremely strange.

"How is that possible? This is the extremely poisonous blood of the Poisonous Beast Devil G.o.d. Although it doesn't have any scent, as long as you touch it, it will instantly vaporize. The startled old man said in shock.

This black pool was unexpectedly the poisonous blood of the Poisonous Beast Devil G.o.d, and he suddenly felt extremely disgusted. The Poisonous Beast Devil G.o.d that even the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable could not kill, had actually been played to death by him, but this also allowed him to be at ease. This was because there would not be any powerful things below, and no Ancient Beasts would be able to endure this kind of poison.

At this moment, a weak voice came from above, "We will wait for him here!"

"This bunch of old fellows are actually trying to catch me?" "No way!" Chen Xiang was disdainful in his heart, he increased his speed and dived into the ground. It was a tactic commonly used by the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable to poison the entire East Hidden Province.

Beneath the Devil-suppressing monument, there was a generation of Poison Woman Devil Scorpion Princess. The Devil-suppressing mirror was in a poisonous swamp, and the Devil-suppressing blood was inside.

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