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Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect was a super great power within the Demon World. Although Devil Race was currently the overlord of this new Demon World, it was also because Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect did not have any compet.i.tion. Otherwise, the Demon World would not be at peace for at least a few hundred years.

And this Jiang Liguang, as the next Leader, at such a young age, was already extremely strong, far surpa.s.sing Han Jingprofound in terms of strength.

Jiang Liguang laughed: "Do you think that your good luck is the reason why you obtained the devil art? "I'll tell you the truth, I sent people to secretly release those demonic arts. Over the past few decades, there have been many women like you, but as long as they succeed in Nirvana, I will send people to capture them and then let me enjoy them. Not only will they obtain great power, they will also be able to enjoy it for a while."

She, who had just gotten rid of ten powerful Leader s, was originally in a great mood. However, she did not expect things to turn out like this in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, she did not expect herself to be able to start cultivating because of Jiang Liguang's plan.

"Good move. No wonder this guy is able to cross the three Nirvana Tribulations at such a young age." Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart.

"Do you want to?" Long Xueyi laughed and asked. Chen Xiang did not bother with her, but took out his Death-haunting arrow. Since the other party was the eldest son of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect, he would not be lenient towards her.

"Little beauty, the devilish art that you cultivate belongs to my Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect. Of course I have a way to nourish you and I can also control your strength." Jiang Liguang laughed evilly as he began to take off his clothes, "To be able to enjoy such a beauty in such a beautiful forest, not bad!"

"Little beauty, you are the best one in years. I really don't want to kill you, but I have no choice. After I finish harvesting, you will become an old woman. Being able to die in my hands can be considered your fortune." Jiang Liguang raised her head and laughed, while her expression was extremely ugly. Because at this moment, she was actually unable to move, and the energy in her body was actually being controlled.

Just when Han Jingprofound thought that he was about to be brutally trampled by the man in front of him, Jiang Liguang's laughter suddenly stopped, because Chen Xiang had shot an arrow at him.

Jiang Liguang's face changed, as he anxiously used his techniques to block the poison from his body.

"It is your fortune to be able to die in my hands!" With Green dragon demon-slain broadsword in hand, Chen Xiang jumped down from a tree with a smile.

Han Jingprofound, who thought that she was facing a crisis, saw this scene and was extremely surprised. She did not expect that she would actually be saved by this little brother.

"Little brother Shen Fei, why are you here? Big Sister almost died, thank you. " Han Jingprofound anxiously hugged onto him, although she knew that Chen Xiang was not simple.

"Shen Fei? Hmph, he is called Chen Xiang, and is wanted by my Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect using the Devil G.o.d Badge. " Jiang Liguang's expression was extremely ugly. Sensing that the devilish poison in his body was not ordinary, Jiang Liguang began to feel fear, he quickly sensed that the poison was very similar to a Magical corruption gas. Just when he wanted to shout out, Chen Xiang's divine blade had already swung up, chopping his head off.

After Jiang Liguang died, Han Jingprofound suppressed the shock in his heart and wanted to step forward a few times, but was stopped by Chen Xiang, "If you don't want to die, then don't touch him!"

With that, Chen Xiang released a flame from his mouth, burning Jiang Liguang into ashes.

"Hmph, you actually lied to me. I truly treat you well, bad little brother!" Han Jingprofound pouted, looking extremely charming.

"You almost picked me up, and you're still so sincere? "I came here because you were lenient. I saved your life, otherwise, you would have died miserably." Chen Xiang curled his lips and said.

How could Han Jingprofound not know about the Demon G.o.d Badge? If people found out that Jiang Liguang's death was related to her, maybe she was also wanted by the Demon G.o.d Order.

Han Jingprofound pouted and said: "You sure are bold, being wanted by the demon G.o.d order, you still dare to come to the demon realm to roam around."

Chen Xiang said: "I'm here to look for something, you should hurry up and leave, this Jiang Liguang definitely has a Fate Stone. If he's found out that he's dead, the people from Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect will definitely come here."

"Good little brother, what about you?" Han Jingprofound now knew that his [Charm Spell] was completely useless against Chen Xiang.

"Stupid girl, I'm older than you. You're at most twenty, right?" Chen Xiang pinched her jade face tightly.

Han Jingprofound stuck out his tongue, and said in a low voice: "Then why were you acting so inexperienced in front of me?"

"I want to go in and destroy this place. I want to let Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect know that if we are going to capture Chen Xiang, we have to pay a heavy price." Chen Xiang sneered, his fists clenched tightly.

Han Jingprofound was dumbstruck. This was a place where many young disciples of the Ancient Desolation Demon G.o.d were buried, and that was where the ancestors of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect were. It was said that many important figures and elders of the Leader were also buried here.

But now, Chen Xiang was going to flatten their grave, this was equivalent to trampling on their lifeblood.

"Quickly leave. Also, if you go to the mortal world to kill innocent people, you must not be caught by me. At that time, I will not show mercy." Chen Xiang warned her.

Han Jingprofound stuck out her tongue. Although she was in her twenties, she had a mature and charming appearance, looking charming and charming. No matter where she went, if she wanted to use her own demonic arts, it would be simple.

"Hey, be careful. There are many powerful ancient beasts in the depths, all very powerful!" Han Jingprofound knew that Chen Xiang was not an ordinary person. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to kill that Jiang Liguang, but she was still a little worried.

Han Jingprofound watched Chen Xiang's back figure disappear, sighed, and then turned around to leave the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land.

Chen Xiang used his transformation technique and flew deeper into the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land like a bird. He wanted to find the thing left behind by the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable but he didn't think that it would actually be here.

"The things left behind by the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable definitely appeared earlier than that tomb. It seems like this was originally a dangerous place." Bai Youyou said.

"Where is the place where the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable keeps the things?" Su Meiyao joked, that place was extremely dangerous, and only Chen Xiang could casually walk in these places.

Back then, the altar that Chen Xiang destroyed was left behind by the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect, which was equivalent to destroying his grand plan. That was the reason why Chen Xiang was wanted by the Demon G.o.d Realm.

More than two hours after Jiang Liguang's death, several st.u.r.dy old men wearing green suddenly appeared in the air above the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land. They looked down indifferently and used their consciousness to search the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land, hoping to find the person inside.

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