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"What lousy ten great heads, they are too weak. They are all trash that have endured the Three Tribulations of the Second Nirvana Tribulations." Long Xueyi said in disdain, "I thought it was that powerful, but it seems the demon realm is far worse than the human realm."

Chen Xiang could also tell that the Leader s of the ten great sects were mediocre. Nirvana Stage s of this level were only the small elders of many sects.

Han Jingprofound was running very fast, and Chen Xiang could even tell that she was not using her full strength, obviously intending to lure the ten great Leader into one place.

"This road is very familiar, could it be …" It was only now that he remembered that this road led to the place where the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable s hid their treasures. Chen Xiang followed closely behind the ten great Leader s and entered into a lush green mountain forest, causing him to be extremely surprised. This was the first time he had seen such a large tree in the devil realm, and the spirit energy here was not bad either.

The ten great Leader s suddenly stopped, and one of the old lady said sinisterly, "We have already entered the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land, if we continue onward, we might be in danger!"

This place was called the "Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land", and it reminded Chen Xiang of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect who wanted to capture him. From the sound of the old lady, it was obviously an extremely dangerous place.

"Hmph, isn't this the place where the Ancient Desolate Demon G.o.d buried his son? This old man had wanted to go in to take a look since a long time ago, but Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect and those other fellows didn't dare to. An old man sneered, and continued to chase after Han Jingprofound.

The other Leader s did not think so too. Although this place was called the forbidden grounds, that was just the claim of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect.

Chen Xiang guessed that not only did Han Jingprofound kill all of the outstanding talents in their sect, he also had that strange cultivation method, which was why he was being chased around by the Leader.

"From the looks of it, the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable should be hiding here. I never thought that this would still be the tomb of the Ancient Desolation Demon G.o.d's son. It seems that he has spent quite a bit of time burying his son." Chen Xiang's heart was filled with emotions, he did not have any good impression of Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect and wanted to capture him.

"The Ancient Desolate Demon G.o.d is indeed doing quite well in this Demon World. However, after entering the Sky Demon World, he isn't much either. What is there to be afraid of?" Bai Youyou said in disdain.

Han Jingprofound nimbly dashed through the mountain forest like the wind, and she was extremely familiar with the roads here. She frequently visited the place, but when she arrived at the side of a huge lake, she suddenly stopped.

"b.i.t.c.h, are you going to surrender?" The reason why the ten great Leader s were chasing after her was not because Han Jingprofound was too slow, but because she had done it on purpose.

Just as Han Jingprofound stopped, she was surrounded by the ten great Leader s, but she had no fear on her face, and only smiled sweetly: Old granny, I think you want to steal my devil arts and use them to recover your youth, right? Otherwise, you guys would have already killed me. "

The old woman merely gave a cold snort, "I only want to capture you, the witch, and bring you back to be executed."

Han Jingprofound laughed heartily, "Don't call me the witch, we are all from the demon realm. As long as we cultivate to this extent, do you dare to say that you have never done anything bad?"

"b.i.t.c.h, stop talking. Hand over your demonic technique and I'll leave you an intact corpse." At a glance, these Leader s were so old that they had half a foot into a coffin. As long as they did not cultivate up to it, they would die of old age.

"Hand over the demonic arts or die. Even if you don't hand over the demonic arts, you will still die. Why should I hand it over to you?" Death is not scary, but old guys like you are waiting for death to come. Han Jingprofound laughed charmingly, waving her beautiful long hair. She laughed until her flowers were trembling, angering the ten old fellows to the point that their bodies were trembling.

"Catch her and make her want to die!" A bald old man roared, ten of them moved at the same time, rushing towards Han Jingprofound, all of them releasing a terrifying black fiend.

Han Jingprofound's strength was not as strong as theirs, but she had nothing to be afraid of, she took out a black object and threw it into the lake, then transformed into a red light and flew towards the side, at the same time, nine gigantic heads suddenly popped out from the lake, it was actually a gigantic Nine-headed Snake.

Each head was as big as a small mountain, spitting out snake apricots. Not only were the nine heads not clumsy, they were also as fast as lightning, biting towards those old fellows.

In just an instant, this Nine-headed Snake that came out of the lake swallowed all nine of the old devil sect Leader s, and that thick and flexible snake tail of his had at some point ruthlessly smashed the tail of the remaining old lady, who was hiding a terrifying power. In just a moment, she was smashed into pieces, causing Chen Xiang to be dumbstruck.

"This snake is too powerful! "But that spirit is also not bad. She actually used some things to lure this snake out." Chen Xiang laughed secretly in his heart. First, he would lure the ten Leader s over here, and then, he would bulls.h.i.t with the ten Leader s a bit.

Looking at Han Jingprofound's calm face, he knew that she had been playing this game many times.

As for the Nine-headed Giant Python, it seemed to be very familiar with Han Jingprofound, probably because she often brought food for it.

After Han Jingprofound finished off the ten great Leader, he was in a good mood. He played around with his hair tails, taking light and joyful steps, humming a small tune as he went back the way he came from.

Just as Chen Xiang wanted to jump out to be flirted with by the spirit, a man dressed in green suddenly descended from the sky and landed in front of Han Jingprofound. The man had an evil smile on his face as he looked at Han Jingprofound, who was still on guard.

"Who are you?" Han Jingprofound anxiously retreated two steps, because she felt that the person in front of her was extremely dangerous.

"Han Jingprofound, I heard that you have obtained a bizarre devil art. In a short five years, you went from a maid to a Devil Cultivator who had pa.s.sed through the Nirvana Stage, and also … Your body and face are even more beautiful now. You really are a beauty on the bed. " The light robed man squinted his eyes and laughed.

Chen Xiang was completely shocked. It had only been five years, and this spirit was able to reach Nirvana Stage in such a short time, it was simply too terrifying. Even if he had met with many fortuitous encounters and had Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou as his instructors, he wouldn't be able to move at such a speed!

"You are … Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect's … Young Master, Jiang Liguang! " Han Jingprofound suddenly thought of something and exclaimed.

"This is the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land. How could I not know that someone has barged in?" It can't be that this is the first time you've come here, right? I often cultivate here, and the people that come in are all in my control. " Jiang Liguang laughed sinisterly: "You have succeeded in your cultivation now, the time is almost here, it's a good time to harvest the tonics!"

"Don't even think about it!" Han Jingprofound shouted: "I'm warning you, don't think that I'm like the other women who can pick the crops at will. If you dare touch my body, you won't even know who can pick the crops!"

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