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Chen Xiang felt that he was unfamiliar with this place, so he did not expose this woman. Instead, he deliberately asked in a shy manner: "Elder sister, why are you here too? "What's your name?"

Seeing how shy this handsome and muscular man in front of her was, the red-clothed girl's smile became even sweeter and more charming. She even deliberately twisted her fiery body, which would make any man want to see it.

"Little brother, you're so cute. Big sister is quite famous. She has quite a bit of fame in the nearby cities and no one dares to bully me. Remember this big sister's name." The tall woman in red walked over to Chen Xiang's side and discovered that Chen Xiang was actually taller than her by a head. However, she still extended her slender fingers to caress Chen Xiang's handsome face, looking at his somewhat timid eyes with her seductive eyes.

"Elder sister's name is Han Jingprofound, do you remember?" The lady stood on her tiptoes and whispered into Chen Xiang's ear with an orchid, that kind of alluring voice that made people go numb even to Chen Xiang's heart.

This Han Jingprofound's bewitchment techniques were indeed not bad. Chen Xiang did not expect that he would be seduced by a witch like her right after arriving in the Demon World. He felt that his luck was pretty good.

"Sister Jingxuan, can you take me away from here? I'm lost. " Chen Xiang said.

"Of course you can, little brother, just call me by my name." Han Jingprofound held Chen Xiang's hand, and smiled sweetly.

"Shen Fei." Chen Xiang made up a fake name.

"Xiao Fei, why are you here?" Did you escape from inside? " Han Jingprofound held onto Chen Xiang's big hand, and felt that Chen Xiang was strong, causing happiness to bloom in her heart. To be able to find a strong and robust man to pick up nourishment was extremely rare, let alone a pure and innocent man like Chen Xiang.

"No, I just want to see the human world." Chen Xiang laughed.

"To go to the Mortal Realm, you have to pa.s.s through the Great Devil Mountains. It's very dangerous." Han Jingprofound said very seriously.

Along the way, Han Jingprofound didn't listen to seduce or make fun of Chen Xiang. In her opinion, Chen Xiang was like a piece of meat to her, as long as she found a suitable place, she could make her move. And Chen Xiang was very happy along the way, because this Han Jingprofound would let him take advantage of her from time to time.

After entering the city, Chen Xiang found that there were a lot of people who were hiding far away from Han Jingprofound. Of course, Chen Xiang knew that these men were afraid of this witch who could captivate souls and invisibly, but Han Jingprofound had only said that he was very strong, so these men were all afraid of her.

When those Devil Realm men saw that Chen Xiang had followed Han Jingprofound, they couldn't help but sigh softly, as if a precious jade had been destroyed.

Although the resources in the Demon World were scarce, the hotels and shops here all had decent items to sell. Chen Xiang even knew that these hotels and shops were all owned by a powerful force.

Han Jingprofound also had a pretty good house here. Although it looked extremely simple and crude, the decorations inside were very clean and tidy, with a lovely fragrance floating in the air. Chen Xiang was drinking the cup of water that Han Jingprofound gave him.

Chen Xiang, of course, wasn't afraid of what was inside. She directly drank it all in one gulp, and just as he finished drinking it, Han Jingprofound threw herself into his embrace, and then kissed his cheek. She smiled tenderly: "Little darling, you're so cute.

"Sister Jingxuan, what are you doing?" Chen Xiang felt Han Jingprofound's jade hands pressing against his navel, releasing a cold power.

Chen Xiang was a little disappointed. He had originally thought that Han Jingprofound would take off her clothes to tempt him, and then use it on him or something like that.

"Nothing, I'm just giving you a soft stomach, you'll be very comfortable!" Han Jingprofound treated Chen Xiang like a child and saw that the man who was captivated by her would become like a child, let alone the water that she used to drink.

"Little Scoundrel, you can't even tell that this woman is a virgin?" Bai Youyou grunted: "The cultivation technique she cultivates is not that type, her cultivation is a little higher levelled."

"If I don't do it, how can I tell? I'm not as sharp as all of you! " Chen Xiang said as his mouth twitched.

Han Jingprofound enjoyed being in Chen Xiang's embrace, so when she heard the strong man's heartbeat and felt the man's scorching hot and rough earth aura, the jade palms that were pressed against Chen Xiang's navel suddenly stopped releasing the cold Qi, causing her heart to soften.

"Sister Jingxuan, why did you stop? It's very comfortable! " Chen Xiang was also surprised that the woman did not continue.

In the Demon World, with the lack of cultivation resources, it was best for women to specifically recruit men, but it was also very dangerous. If they kicked against an iron board, there was a 90% chance that they would die, and Han Jingprofound's method of replenishing men was the safest.

"Heh heh, little grudge, big sis is a bit tired, let's go to bed first." Han Jingprofound pouted and left Chen Xiang's embrace.

Chen Xiang laughed in his heart: "I never thought that this woman would actually soften her grip, is it because she was attracted to me?"

In terms of cultivation, Han Jingprofound could be considered a great beauty here. Otherwise, she wouldn't have seduced so many men to help her cultivate.

In Chen Xiang's opinion, she was at least from the Nirvana Stage. For a girl to be in this kind of environment, she was definitely powerful.

Chen Xiang laid on the chair and used the Heaven tour method to search for the Transmission array in the city. It was inside a tightly guarded mansion with many trees planted inside, one look was enough to tell that the person inside was very powerful.

Suddenly, a shout startled him.

"b.i.t.c.h, come out and die! How dare you touch my Black Demon Sect!" The one who spoke was a middle-aged man with a beard who wore a black hemlock robe.

It wasn't just the people from the Black Demon Sect who came. There were a few others as well, all of them full of murderous intent and fury.

Han Jingprofound was also shocked, she anxiously went into the hall and pulled Chen Xiang to the back door, but there was a white clothed big man blocking the door.

"Hmph, you b.i.t.c.h. I thought you were going to the Great Devil Mountains, but you actually dared to come back. You won't be able to escape. Today, all of the ten great sect's Leader s have come." The white-robed man laughed coldly.

Chen Xiang was shocked, he never thought that Han Jingprofound was actually the same as him, and actually angered the Leader s of the ten major sects of the continent. Now, he was even surrounded by the ten great Leader s.

Han Jingprofound clenched her jade teeth tightly, gave Chen Xiang a palm, and then ran away. She knew that these people would not make things difficult for Chen Xiang, and letting Chen Xiang go was the only good deed she had done over the years.

Han Jingprofound's speed was unexpectedly fast, as she directly broke through the roof, and in the blink of an eye, she was already far away from her residence. Furthermore, the Leader s of the ten great sects had also caught up with her.

Chen Xiang rubbed his chest that had been struck by Han Jingprofound, and laughed: "This woman is really my bosom friend, no wonder we are so fated."

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