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If Chen Xiang had not been able to release the special demonic Yang Qi that Mo Yi possessed, he definitely would not have been able to deceive these five powerful Devil Race Elders.

The Great Devil Mountains was very famous even in the Demon World, because many famous experts of the Demon and Devil Realms had died in this place. The present Demon Realm warriors believed that there should be many good things left behind by the Devil Dao in the dead Great Devil Mountains.

So when the five elders heard Chen Xiang say that he had discovered a powerful restriction, they were extremely curious, and even a little excited. If they could find the treasure left behind by their demon clan elders 100,000 years ago, then his strength might even be able to rise.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang arrived at the Demon and Devil Sinkhole. In the past, the Demon and Devil Sinkhole was a very dangerous place in the human world, but no one dared to set foot in the vicinity of the Demon and Devil Sinkhole. Especially after the Magical corruption gas appeared, all the sects and families prohibited disciples from entering.

However, Chen Xiang was not afraid. With a smile on his face, he brought five powerful Demon Clan Elders to the side of Demon and Devil Sinkhole.

"This pit is really big, there should be something down there right?" And this restriction looks like it was set up by several masters working together. Could it be that it is sealing something? " An Elder muttered to himself. After coming here, he did not think that there was any treasure down there. Instead, he felt that it was dangerous down there.

Chen Xiang was a little anxious as he said, "There might be a powerful ancient Beast devil sealed here. I remember that during the great battle back then, there were a lot of legendary Beast devil here!"

"If it's a Beast devil, it won't be too hard for the five of us to subdue it. The Beast devil that has been sealed for many years will have its strength affected!" One of the short and fat elders laughed, "Fellow Elders, if our Devil Race possessed an Ancient Beast devil, I am afraid that we would be able to become even more deterrent in the Demon World. It must be known that many powers dislike us ruling over the Demon World, so we definitely cannot let them join hands."

"That's right, as long as we have a strong Ancient Beast devil, the strength of our Devil Race will increase a lot. It is said that in the Ancient Era, a Beast devil can easily destroy a small and medium-sized force."

The more the five Elders discussed, the more excited they became. At this time, they also had a way to break through the barrier, and that was to forcefully attack.

After Chen Xiang persuaded the five old fellows, he hid far away and observed carefully how they went to their deaths.

Because the Demon and Devil Sinkhole was sealed, those colorless, odorless, odourless Magical corruption gas were unable to leak any of it out. Naturally, these five elders could not feel it, so even if they could, they would only be able to sense it if they were poisoned.

Chen Xiang had to admit, these five Clan Elders were extremely powerful. If he fought with either Gu Dongchen or Wu Kaiming from Super Martial School alone, they might be at a draw, but there were many powerful people from Devil Race.

When the five Demon Clan Elders joined hands, they blasted away the Demon and Devil Sinkhole's restrictions in one move. The Magical corruption gas s under the Demon and Devil Sinkhole, who had been suppressed for many days, immediately gushed out. Although they were transparent, they could feel a strong flow of air shooting out from the huge pit, spreading in all directions and enveloping the five elders.

The five elders quickly discovered that their bodies were being corroded by a strange power, causing them to turn pale in shock, because they quickly realized what this was, a Magical corruption gas!

These four words were as though they were sentenced to death, causing them to feel incomparable fear. This was because they were currently within a large number of Magical corruption gas, and Magical corruption gas had always been recorded within, but every time they appeared, there would always be a small amount.

After breaking the seal, it was not the Ancient Beast devil but the Super Old poison s, the five elders were extremely regretful and hated the "Mo Yi" who instigated them to break the seal, they all sat down on the ground and did not dare to move an inch, if they were careless, the Magical corruption gas s would wreak havoc in their bodies, and in an instant, they would become purple black rotten flesh.

Chen Xiang smiled as he walked over, and when the five elders saw that their 'young master' was not afraid of the Magical corruption gas, they were extremely shocked, but from the smiling faces, they could tell that they had been tricked.

"Big... Eldest Young Master, you … "

Chen Xiang laughed and turned back into his own appearance.

"Kid Chen Xiang greets the five seniors. Thank you for helping me break open this place where a large number of Magical corruption gas are sealed." Chen Xiang laughed.

If they could spit out blood, then they would have already spat it out. However, they couldn't because if they did, then they would be poisoned to death.

"You …"

Suddenly, a strong suction force appeared in the Demon and Devil Sinkhole, pulling all the sand at the side into it. If Chen Xiang did not use any force, he would be sucked into the Sky Cavern.

The five elders didn't dare to move. At this moment, they were slowly being dragged into the Sky Cavern.

"Hehe, what a powerful Demon and Devil Sinkhole. While spitting out Magical corruption gas, I'll suck in the things around Demon and Devil Sinkhole, and you guys can slowly enjoy your unique poison meal in the Demon World. Kid, you guys can go now." Chen Xiang laughed as he flew into the distance, quietly watching the five elders being sucked into the Demon and Devil Sinkhole. He could clearly see the five elders being transformed into purplish black rotten flesh by the Magical corruption gas when they fell into the pit.

For safety's sake, Chen Xiang planned to refine the devoured energy near the Demon and Devil Sinkhole. Once someone came to find him, he would be invincible, and whoever came in would die.

----- Inside the Devil Race Patriarch's residence, another shocking piece of news came. The five elders that had been sent out had all died, and their life stones had all shattered.

This caused the clan leader's expression to become extremely ugly, because these five elders were part of the strongest powers in the Devil Race, if the outside world were to find out that someone died, there would definitely be a force that would resist them. Therefore, in order to keep this a secret, Mo Tongtian did not leak out the news, even the Devil Cultivator that guarded the Life Stone had been silenced.

"Looks like there's something fishy going on in the Great Devil Mountains. Yi'er and the five elders' deaths might not have anything to do with the Mortal Realm, since the Mortal Realm is currently guarding outside of the Great Devil Mountains, so they don't dare to go in rashly. They have to send people to investigate immediately, to figure out what kind of powerful things are inside the Great Devil Mountains that could actually cause the five elders to die at the same time.

Very quickly, a small party entered the Great Devil Mountains to investigate. Not long after, they sensed a strange aura flowing in the direction of the Demon and Devil Sinkhole, and a few people were immediately poisoned to death, turning into minced meat.

When the others saw it, they did not dare move forward, but a few experts in the group immediately recognized that it was the sign of a Magical corruption gas, and then spread the news to the Ancient Spirit Great Land.

At this time, Chen Xiang had already been training beside Demon and Devil Sinkhole for more than ten days.

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