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Mo Yi's stick was extremely berserk. When it came crashing down, it turned into countless thorns, forming a net that enveloped everything down. If Chen Xiang's reaction wasn't quick, he would definitely have been hit by the rod.

"Angry dragon slay!" When Chen Xiang dodged, he finally found a gap to counterattack. The divine blade trembled, the furious dragon roared, and the weather changed color. Although it was only one slash, it was much more tyrannical than Mo Yi's previous attacks.

Mo Yi's face became extremely gloomy, the storm that was formed from the strong pressure a.s.saulted him made his body feel extremely uncomfortable, he finally understood why Chen Xiang could use that power to turn all of his subordinates into meat paste, if he was not cautious, he would not be able to fight against such powerful force.

Mo Yi raised the iron rod high, blocking one slash from Chen Xiang's blade. The resulting vibration penetrated Mo Yi's body, causing the air and organs in his body to constrict. It was extremely uncomfortable.

The energy that the Devil-suppressing holy power and the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword had transformed into was extremely injurious to demons. At this moment, Mo Yi could feel it, the power made him feel fear, and he quickly understood what kind of power it was.

"Demon Fighting Art, but this is not the Devil-suppressing qi, what is it?" Mo Yi asked, but Chen Xiang did not reply him, and instead stabbed him with her blade.

The blade wind was like a berserk wave, sweeping towards Mo Yi, lightning flashed, making Mo Yi feel as though he was in a sea of anger, the Devil-suppressing holy power made him feel extremely powerless, he never thought that Chen Xiang would be able to hold onto this kind of Anti-Demon martial arts, and in the demon realm, this was the kind of martial arts he was most afraid of.

The impact of Chen Xiang's one slash of the Cangang Sword was like a monstrous wave, smashing into Mo Yi's body and causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

"What kind of power is this?" Mo Yi was deeply shocked by the power released by the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword.

Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "This blade is called the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and is specifically used to slay demons. The power I use is called the Dragon Power, of course, I also fused with the Devil-suppressing holy power!"

Devil-suppressing holy power! Hearing these four words, Mo Yi's body trembled, according to his knowledge, this kind of power could only be cultivated by people above Heaven Realm, even in Heaven Realm, there were not many that could produce this kind of power, but Chen Xiang was able to cultivate it, it was truly unbelievable, if not for him personally experiencing it himself, he would never believe it!

This Mo Yi's strength was not bad, if Chen Xiang did not have the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and the Devil-suppressing holy power, maybe he would have already been beaten into meat paste by Mo Yi. If not for the demonic energy in his body, Chen Xiang's power would not have hurt him so much, and the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and the Demon Fighting Art that Chen Xiang had would have been used to suppress demons!

"Haha …" Mo Yi suddenly burst out laughing, his body suddenly swelled up, he extended his hand and grabbed the Angry dragon slay that Chen Xiang was chopping at him with, causing Mo Yi's eyes to turn red, the Demonic Qi on his body to surge out, all the Demonic Qi in the Great Devil Mountains was being absorbed by Mo Yi.

Chen Xiang was startled, because he suddenly felt the energy in his body draining, and this Mo Yi actually had a type of demonic technique that could devour other people's cultivation skills.

"This guy has a devilish Yang body. He cultivates a devilish Yang engulfing technique that is as powerful as the Devouring magic kungfu. However, only someone with a devilish Yang body can practice a devilish Yang engulfing technique." Bai Youyou said in shock, "The advantage of this Demonic Yang Body is that it can quickly turn all kinds of powers into Demonic Qi and become his."

Mo Yi laughed loudly, "Do you feel like the energy in your body is leaking? Haha... That's right, you are being devoured by me. It won't be long before you become a desiccated corpse! "

Chen Xiang's face was calm. He only felt that it was funny, because he never thought that there would come a day where he would be engulfed.

There was one drawback of his [Devil Yang Swallowing Technique], and that was when he was devouring it, he could not choose a target. For example, now that he had used it, not only would he be absorbing the power from Chen Xiang's body, but he would also be absorbing the demonic qi around him, causing his body to expand rapidly.

"Don't be too complacent!" Chen Xiang said with a sneer, his eyes suddenly turned red, and then a burst of red light shone out of his eyes. The Demon Penetrating Eyes now released countless rays of strong destructive light that pierced through Mo Yi's vital points, causing him to instantly shrivel up like a deflated ball.

Mo Yi was shocked. Although this was the first time he had seen this kind of devilish art, he was able to recognize that this was one of the "Permeable Heart Demon Eye" of the devilish world!

This was an exceptional technique created by the Demonic Eye Clan's ancestor, even without the Demonic Eye, he could cultivate it, but it had been lost for a long time, even the Demonic Eye Clan did not have it, but Chen Xiang knew how to use it.

"Pfft …" The Demon Eye of Permeability! " Mo Yi's entire body was in pain, all of the meridians in his body were pierced by the powerful ray of the Heart Piercing Demon Eye, and the energy he absorbed, actually flowed out of his body, and he was being devoured by Chen Xiang!

Mo Yi's face contorted in shock, because he knew that the Devouring magic kungfu that Chen Xiang was using was much more powerful than his devil Yang Devouring Technique. Not only was its devouring speed fast, it could even lock onto its target.

"Hehe, didn't you laugh just now?" This time, it was Chen Xiang's turn to laugh, and he was even gently stroking Mo Yi's head, as he used Soul Absorbing Devil Spell.

Feeling the thing in his mind being brutally searched by Chen Xiang, Mo Yi cried out in pain, "Who exactly are you … How do you know so many demonic techniques... "Ah …"

Mo Yi's body shriveled up bit by bit, and the things in his mind were slowly being memorized by Chen Xiang. They were all things related to the Devil Race's conspiracy.

Bai Youyou had taught him all of his devilish world's special abilities. If he fought alone, with the nearby people, Chen Xiang could easily kill them all with his devilish arts.

Chen Xiang was also proud because he knew these demonic arts, he really wanted to kiss Bai Youyou and thank her for teaching him such powerful demonic arts.

"You have already swallowed the body of the devil Yang. You will obtain a ma.s.sive amount of pure energy. Find a place to refine it!" Bai Youyou said as he watched Chen Xiang use her devil arts to kill these important figures of the demon realm.

"It's been a long time since I've consumed it. It's really a bit strange!" After he burnt Mo Yi's body, he left this place to find a quiet place to refine those powers.

"In the future, if you want to devour them, just devour those with good apt.i.tude." Bai Youyou said, she also had an extremely sharp taste, if she saw Chen Xiang recklessly devour the food, she would also feel uncomfortable.

Chen Xiang had engulfed Mo Yi and even knew the Devil Race's plan from Mo Yi's memories.

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