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"Are all humans so strong?" The demonic energy within the rabbit demon's body had already been completely used up, and its body was also suffering from the devastating shock.

"No, but it's about time!" Chen Xiang said indifferently. This made the rabbit demon immediately spurt out a mouthful of blood.

"You guys are really weak!" Chen Xiang slashed again with his blade, but the slash was very gentle, because this was the Heart Shocking Slash during the Dragon Slaying Seven Slaughtering Slash. The rabbit demon's heart had already been smashed by Chen Xiang earlier.

If it was a human who had just entered the Nirvana Stage, just by relying on that kind of dense and vigorous Innate Qi was enough to counterattack when defending, they simply could not allow Chen Xiang to unleash that kind of terrifying attack one after another.

Of course, the reason why the Rabbit Demon a.s.sociation lost was also because Chen Xiang had the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and Devil-suppressing holy power.

Chen Xiang put away the divine blade and waved his fist at his body. The Devil Subduing Method and the Devil-suppressing holy power mixed together and crazily ravaged the rabbit demon, causing it to let out painful howls.

"That's enough, let's see what he has in mind." Bai Youyou said.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to use Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, Long Xueyi suddenly shouted: "Dodge quickly, there's danger!"

Hearing Long Xueyi's warning, Chen Xiang hurriedly dodged. At the same time, an explosive sound exploded and the rabbit demon's body was blown into pieces by the ball of air that was filled with devil aura.

Chen Xiang immediately turned his head and saw a middle-aged man dressed in black standing on top of a huge rock in the distance. This man was the middle-aged man from the Demon World, and his strength was greater than the rabbit demon's.

"Don't try to force him to say anything." The big man sneered.

"Cui Sha... You were actually watching me all this while, and why didn't you save me … " The rabbit demon's head could still talk, but it was kicked to pieces by the middle-aged man called Cui Sha.

"If I save you, then I can't capture this brat alive. I still have to thank you for draining this brat's power for me." Cui Sha laughed.

Now, Chen Xiang finally understood why the devil realm was so much more difficult to deal with than the demon realm. The Devil Cultivator of the devil realm was even more cunning than their allies!

"Capture me alive?" Chen Xiang was actually not afraid at all.

"That blade of yours is good stuff, but I know that you won't obediently hand it over. So, I can only grab onto you and try to find a way for you to hand it over." Cui Sha laughed sinisterly.

For example, Chen Xiang's Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, they were not easy to s.n.a.t.c.h, because they were connected to Chen Xiang's body, so Cui Sha could see through this.

Chen Xiang hastily jumped up and left the giant pit he created and flew towards a forest far away.'s strength was far stronger than the rabbit demon's, and he had used up most of his Innate Qi, so he could no longer sustain a battle.

"You can't escape!" said with a smile. Chen Xiang escaping meant that he no longer had any strength left, and since they were deep inside the Great Devil Mountains, Chen Xiang was unable to escape for a while.

When Chen Xiang was flying away, he took out a Five Elements Profound Dan and ate it. This was a high grade Ground level pill, not only could it recover its strength, it could also increase the strength of the Innate Qi.

In the dark forest, Chen Xiang ran as fast as he could. Cui Sha felt that Chen Xiang was just running away, so he was not in a hurry to kill Chen Xiang, he was just leisurely killing him, he just felt that it was extremely strange, because Chen Xiang's speed was extremely fast. Even if Cui Sha raised his speed to the maximum, it would only be able to shorten the distance between them by a little.

"This guy really thinks that he will catch me." Chen Xiang laughed coldly in his heart. Then, he suddenly flashed behind a large tree, quickly turned into a black little flying insect, withdrew his aura, and quickly flew away.

Cui Sha suddenly lost his target, and angrily smashed the tree to pieces. He then searched everywhere for Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang also followed him secretly. Chen Xiang could not let this Cui Sha return alive, this kind of treacherous Devil Cultivator, would cause great harm to the human world sooner or later.

Hiding in the dense treetops, Chen Xiang returned to his human form and took out the Death-haunting arrow s. Afterwards, he released the Magical corruption gas s that he compressed in his dantian a little bit, and then used the Death-haunting arrow s to condense an arrow of air to aim at the distant Cui Sha.

"My poison is much stronger than that rabbit's." Chen Xiang chuckled in his heart, and released the arrow.

Last time, the Leader of the Thunder Heaven School was killed like this by Chen Xiang, so this Cui Sha's strength was far weaker than the Leader.

Cui Sha felt something strike his body, and then, he felt a corrosive substance gushing into his body, he was immediately shocked, because he knew that it was a Magical corruption gas.

Cui Sha immediately channeled his energy within his body to suppress the Magical corruption gas that were moving around, or else he would have turned into purple black rotten flesh. After knowing that he had been infected by the Super Old poison, Cui Sha's face turned pale white, and his forehead was covered in sweat.

The people of the Demon World all knew about the power of Magical corruption gas, and even though this kind of Super Old poison was forbidden in the Demon World, there were still some even more vicious Devil Cultivator that used it.

Right at this moment, Chen Xiang walked over with a smile. In the dark forest, Chen Xiang's smiling face looked like the person who took him away from h.e.l.l.

"The taste of the Magical corruption gas must be terrible!" Chen Xiang laughed as he opened his palm, revealing a ball of black Qi that jumped about playfully on his palm. The muscles on Cui Sha's face twitched frantically, the fact that Chen Xiang could control this kind of Magical corruption gas and release it as he pleased caused him to be extremely shocked.

A fellow who could control Magical corruption gas s was something that the world could not tolerate. Cui Sha now knew the terror of Chen Xiang!

"Let me tell you, this Magical corruption gas is inside the Great Devil Mountains, there are a lot of them down there, but the Demon and Devil Sinkhole is sealed by us, but as long as we remove the seal, hehe." Chen Xiang said slowly, his hand also pressing on Cui Sha's head.

Cui Sha was shocked, there was actually a large amount of this stuff in the Great Devil Mountains, if it was released, then a large number of demons that were stationed there would definitely die.

"What are you doing? Ah... Soul Absorbing Devil Spell... How could you. "Ah …"

Cui Sha had a headache, because Chen Xiang used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to brutally plunder his memories.

Cui Sha was extremely shocked, and wanted to perish together with Chen Xiang. Who knew that the moment he stopped suppressing the Magical corruption gas, his entire body started to rot, his meridians could not withstand the immense power, so he was unable to attack Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang already got what he wanted to know, and Cui Sha also became a purple black rotten corpse, it was extremely terrifying.

After burning Cui Sha's body to ashes, Chen Xiang faintly smiled, because he had obtained very important information from Cui Sha's memories.

"Devil Race, sure enough, you guys are in charge of everything. Dogs can't stop themselves from eating s.h.i.t!" Chen Xiang sneered.

The Demon World and Demon World were all like the Mortal Realm, with many different worlds merged together, while the entire New Demon World was ruled by the Devil Race. Previously, the big shots of the Devil Race were trying to gain fame in the human world but they wouldn't take the initiative to invade, this was one of their schemes.

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