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"We can't believe the words of the demons. They don't have any credibility to speak of. We have to be wary of them, and now we can strengthen our defenses!" Wu Kaiming frowned as he looked at the furious Great Devil Mountains, the bridge that connected all the Demon and Devil Realms s to the sky.

Although the demonic pa.s.sageway had been opened, the demons still did not immediately rush over. Instead, they were using tactics, and this was also the situation that the experts did not want to see the most.

The rabbit demon's speed of escape was extremely fast, and he had a pair of powerful legs. When he was escaping, he would bounce and jump quickly and in a few moments, he would enter the Great Devil Mountains.

But no matter how fast the rabbit demon was, it was not as fast as Long Xueyi's Heaven tour method. The rabbit demon was always being watched by Long Xueyi, who was also chasing the rabbit demon at full speed.

"This rabbit demon should have only just reached Nirvana Realm, which is why it has a human face. Only Evil Demon, who has completely turned sincere, is the most powerful one!" Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang was not afraid of the Evil Demon that had just reached the Nirvana Realm. If he could not defeat it, he would use the last trump card that the Magical corruption gas used. Let alone this level of Evil Demon, even a fully human Evil Demon would be terrified of the Magical corruption gas.

Originally, he was more worried about who the powerful Mortal Realm Rankers were following. However, he quickly realised that Chen Xiang was the only one, and he could tell that Chen Xiang's strength had not reached the Nirvana Stage. Otherwise, it would be even more terrifying.

"Is this human brat an idiot? "You're too arrogant, daring to challenge me with such little strength." The rabbit demon immediately stopped. In this Great Devil Mountains shrouded in black clouds, the rabbit immediately felt a boost in confidence. That familiar demonic aura caused the blood in his body to become extremely active.

Thinking that Chen Xiang had destroyed their plan and killed the over a thousand demons they brought along, the rabbit Devil heart's anger rose to new heights.

This was not the first time Chen Xiang had entered the Great Devil Mountains. He had been to the most dangerous places in the Great Devil Mountains, so he was naturally not afraid of the demonic aura here.

Chen Xiang was not surprised to see the rabbit demon waiting for him.

"You're quite brave, to actually dare to charge into the Great Devil Mountains alone, you arrogant fellow." However, when he saw Chen Xiang summon his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, he immediately became vigilant.

The aura Chen Xiang released was the same as the aura released from the Devil-suppressing holy power, it was able to make demons fear him and cause multiple times the damage.

"d.a.m.n rabbit, you want to plot against me? You're still too inexperienced!" Chen Xiang slashed his blade out, and the ground beneath his feet started to shake slightly. The Dragon Power poured into the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, and was then converted into an even more powerful Demon Slayer by the countless array formations within the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword.

As this violent slash came slashing over, lightning suddenly flashed in the sky. The saber Qi was like five bolts of lightning that rumbled as it released bursts of lightning that enveloped the rabbit demon.

The strike was too fast. The rabbit monster had no time to dodge and could only release an air shield to protect itself.

With an explosive "boom," the Divine Saber hacked down on the Qi barrier released by the rabbit demon. The rabbit demon felt as if he was being pressed down by millions of pounds of energy, and the large piece of ground beneath his feet had crumbled into powder.

The Green dragon demon-slain broadsword would become heavier along with the master's strength. Just now, Chen Xiang had used a very strong power, so the weight of the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword became millions of kilograms, and with a single slash, the pressure from the million kilograms would be extremely terrifying. If not for the rabbit demon possessing the strength of the Nirvana Stage, being able to use the powerful demonic energy in his body to form a shield to protect himself, he would have ended up like the dust that was left behind.

Chen Xiang's slash caused the Great Devil Mountains to be greatly shocked, and even the rabbit demon was extremely shocked by Chen Xiang's slash.

"It's not over yet!" As Chen Xiang said this, he chopped out with his blade at lightning speed. His strength was actually stronger than before, and when the blade cut down, a large area of the ground fell down, making him terrified. This was because the strength Chen Xiang displayed could kill him.

's eyes suddenly turned red, the anger in his entire body ignited, the anger caused his power to suddenly soar, and ignited his Dragon Power and the Devil-suppressing holy power, turning his anger into strength. This was the key point of the Dragon Slaying Seven Killing Slash.

The Angry dragon slay, Angry Slash, the tyrannical power released waves of furious roars, the earth trembled, the black cloud formed by the demon Qi in the sky churned, as though the entire world had changed color from the angry dragon's slash.

"Don't even think about killing me!" With a roar, the rabbit demon released all the energy in its body and focused it on the energy shield to increase its defense. Right now, it could not retaliate at all. If it did not focus on defense, it would definitely be stabbed.

Several tall mountains in the Great Devil Mountains immediately collapsed as deep cracks suddenly appeared on the ground, resembling spider webs. As for the place where the rabbit demon and Chen Xiang were at, it had even turned into the bottom of a three hundred meter wide crater.

The rabbit demon looked at Chen Xiang, who had been repelled by the impact of the attack, and gasped in surprise, "What a terrifying kid. That blade strike just now should have been his limit.

The anger on Chen Xiang's body disappeared, but the one million two hundred thousand Zhenyuan granule were still flashing, his Innate Qi was extremely dense, and his dantian was screaming in rage.

"Humph!" Chen Xiang let out a low snort, causing people to feel that the calm coast was suddenly filled with waves of gigantic waves, and the shaking of the ground made the rabbit demon feel as if he was deep inside a rippling ocean.

Cang Lang Slash! One of the Dragon Slaying Seven Killing Strikes, combined with Dragon Power and Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, it could unleash an overturning power.

The smile on the rabbit demon's face suddenly froze, he gritted his teeth and quickly channeled all the energy in his body, cursing Chen Xiang in his heart.

With the slash of the saber, a torrent of power gushed out from the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, forming a terrifying pressure that struck into the surroundings. This was originally a pit, but now it had become flat ground.

"Are you done yet!?" The rabbit demon roared angrily, but Chen Xiang's reply was a blade.

Angry dragon slay! He was able to withstand Chen Xiang's first, second and third blade, but Chen Xiang kept on hacking and chopping madly, as if the Innate Qi was worthless. He unreservedly released it all onto.

The three violent and terrifying slashes of the Angry dragon slay, Cang Lang Slash and Thunder Slash continuously slashed at the body of the rabbit demon. This was the first time Chen Xiang released his Innate Qi to his heart's content since he had stepped into the Hundred refining realm and engaged in battle.

Chen Xiang was not exhausted from the hundreds of consecutive slashes, but the rabbit demon had already chopped off one of its arms. It was unknown just how many times it had turned a huge piece of land.

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