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Even if the opponent didn't let him, Chen Xiang would still have attacked first. At the start, when he flew towards Mo Di, his speed wasn't very fast, but he wanted to see exactly what kind of demonic eye Mo Di had. Only by experiencing it for himself would he know how to deal with it.

Although Chen Xiang's speed was slow, the terrifying Dragon Power made Mo Di's heart feel as if it was. .h.i.tting the heavens. He had begun to understand why the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect would use the Devil G.o.d Badge to capture Chen Xiang, just by relying on such a terrifying power, he was able to match up to the recognized young experts of the Devil Race.

However, Mo Di was not afraid at all, only that the corner of his mouth raised slightly, his eyes suddenly flashed, causing Chen Xiang's expression to change slightly, because the Innate Qi in his body suddenly could not circulate at all, and the powerful condensed Dragon Power did not have the support of the Innate Qi, and disappeared accordingly.

Mo Di's fist had already smashed over, striking Chen Xiang's cheek. Mo Di thought that he could enjoy the pleasure of Chen Xiang's face being smashed into pieces, but he did not expect that Chen Xiang would suddenly turn his head, and the moment the tip of his foot touched the ground, he nimbly bounced up and down, and actually dodged Mo Di's berserk attack that was brewing.

"That was close!"

Chen Xiang's physical body was strong in the first place, and when fighting with Huang Jintian frequently, he would often encounter situations where he was unable to use the Innate Qi, thus he was able to react in time and use his physical body's power to dodge the attacks.

As expected, Chen Xiang did not disappoint, the nine people from before were defeated in the same situation, but Chen Xiang was able to avoid them.

Mo Di's pupils contracted fiercely. Chen Xiang had actually escaped his attack, because in his opinion, if the Innate Qi couldn't be used, both his reaction speed and speed would be extremely slow.

"That feeling is as though the Innate Qi has been paralyzed. Fortunately, old lunatic trained me in that area before." Chen Xiang told it to Bai Youyou.

"It's the Eye, but there are usually two types of it. One is to numb the body, and the other is to numb the energy flow within the body, such as the Innate Qi." Bai Youyou said: "This Mo Di should be the second type."

Mo Di was a little angry, and he immediately rushed over, at the same time glaring at Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang knew that Mo Di would usually use his demon eyes at the most crucial moments to release that kind of invisible energy to attack him.

Chen Xiang secretly laughed, his body suddenly trembling, a burst of water vapor suddenly appeared, filling Chen Xiang's surroundings with a white fog, causing him to be extremely shocked, because he had lost his target.

Chen Xiang's move "Fog Sky" was very familiar to the strong warriors, it was the technique that Chen Xiang used back then, to the Hero Tournament, where he escaped before the eyes of the strong warriors.

Mo Di couldn't see Chen Xiang, so he couldn't use his Demon Eye to attack. This made him anxious, and when he was going crazy, bam bam bam bam bam … The sound of nine rapid thunderclaps consecutively resounded in all directions, shaking the sky and layer upon layer of thunderbolts.

The outburst of Qi also blew away the white mist. Mo Di's eyes were bloodshot, as he staggered backwards, letting out roars of rage due to the pain and fear.

Chen Xiang had just unleashed two punches, both of them using the power of the ninth level of the Devil Subduing Method. The Devil Subduing Method could feel that the demon energy in Mo Di's body had become even more berserk, and the power had increased by more than twofold.

Seeing Mo Di's injured eyes, the face of the rabbit demon and the middle-aged man both changed. Mo Di was their backing, and could allow them to battle victoriously, but the Demon Eye that Mo Di was so proud of had been destroyed.

As long as the opponent did not shout for him to lose, Chen Xiang would still be able to attack.

"Devil-suppressing fist!" When Chen Xiang punched, the surrounding s.p.a.ce became extremely unstable, but the transparent energy that gushed out from Chen Xiang's fist was visible to the naked eye. The struggling energy was like a demon that had fallen into a furnace.

Chen Xiang's Devil-suppressing fist used the Devil-suppressing holy power, it was much stronger than other people's Devil-suppressing qi, and the might of the Devil-suppressing fist was also extremely tyrannical.

As he punched out, the demons trembled. The power of this punch caused the demons to feel as though they were in h.e.l.l.

With a "hong" sound, Chen Xiang's fist landed on Mo Di's chest, causing him to instantly transform into a cloud of black powder, and dissipated into the air along with the wind.


Everyone inhaled a breath of cold air. The Mo Di who seemed to be a victor of hundreds and thousands of battles was now reduced to dust with just one punch from Chen Xiang. The people from the human world had long known that Chen Xiang was a very powerful fellow and were still shocked.

As for the Evil Demon s and Devil Cultivator s, they were even more shocked and terrified. This was because the strength Chen Xiang had shown just now had caused them to feel uneasy in their hearts.

"Fierce Demon martial arts!" He did not expect that the people on the Mortal Realm side would be able to learn the Demon Subduing Martial Technique that they feared the most. This was extremely disadvantageous to them.

Chen Xiang's expression was calm, he looked at the tiger-headed man and the corners of his mouth raised slightly, causing the tiger-headed man's heart to tremble. The tiger-headed man was very clear that without Mo Di's help, he would be nothing but trash in front of Chen Xiang. If not for Mo Di, he would have been defeated a long time ago.

"You're next." Chen Xiang rubbed his fists as he stared at the tiger-headed man. As long as he defeated the tiger-headed man, even if Demon and Devil Realms lost, according to what they said, if he lost he would not invade the human world. However, no one believed them.

The tiger-headed man did not want to fight, but after seeing the gloomy expression of the rabbit demon, he had no choice but to bite the bullet.


The tiger-headed man let out a wild tiger roar, it sounded extremely terrifying, and then he rushed towards Chen Xiang, who had already gathered his energy, waiting to test the demonic cultivation skills he had learnt.

When used on Devil Cultivator, the Devil-suppressing fist had a very terrifying effect, but when one hears the name, the Devil-suppressing fist was only used against Devil Cultivator, I wonder if it would have any effect on the demon's body.

The tiger-headed man rushed over, the gigantic tiger claw slammed down, the force released caused a huge crater to appear, but Chen Xiang was able to dodge skillfully, at the same time punching the tiger-headed man in the abdomen!

After the fist collided with the tiger-headed man's body, it produced a loud bang. After the tiger-headed man's body suffered the combined power of the Devil-suppressing holy power and its energy attack, he instantly turned into ashes!

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