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Once again, it was the same as before, heavily injuring the ground in a single move. Mo Di's violent strength caused many warriors who were spectating to feel their scalps go numb. Those disciples of the famous sects were all wearing powerful armors, but it was completely useless.

Not only was Mo Di able to release a strange power that caused people to pause, his attack speed and power was also extremely terrifying.

Lian Yingxiao quickly stopped, if not his son would die in front of him. He took out a White jade lotus seed and placed it in Lian Ze's mouth, stabilizing Lian Ze's injuries.

The third person was w.a.n.g Tianlin of the Great Eagle Continent and Great Eagle Sect, who was also the sect of Lan Hai and Blue Mountain. Lan Hai and Blue Mountain were both figures in the Huang Jintian era, and brothers as well.

This time, he did not choose Mo Di, but chose to join the Spirit Demon Realm with the tiger-headed man.

The tiger-headed man was even taller than Mo Di, and looked like a small giant. He was also very scary, with tiger fur on both of his arms and legs, but he stood there like a human. His head was also a fierce tiger head, and he had a very long and thick tail behind him.

A weak person against such a big person made people feel that there was a huge disparity in strength. However, sometimes it wasn't just the difference in size.

From the start of the battle, w.a.n.g Tianlin's entire person seemed to have disappeared. His originally timid gaze became extremely sharp and filled with killing intent, like a hungry falcon. It was as if his prey would never escape his eyes.

w.a.n.g Tianlin suddenly jumped up and opened his arms, unexpectedly circling in the air like a hawk. Looking at his appearance, he could release Innate Qi Wings, this kind of martial arts was indeed rare, all the martial artists there were envious.

w.a.n.g Tianlin seized the opportunity and dove down. Like a bolt of lightning, his body was wrapped in the Innate Qi, as if it could pierce through the Tiger-headed Man's body.

Looking at his aura, many people believed that w.a.n.g Tianlin had a high chance of winning, but just as he was about to approach the tiger-headed man, the Innate Qi around his body suddenly disappeared. Without the Innate Qi, w.a.n.g Tianlin was a weak scholar who fell head first into the arms of the tiger-headed man.

The tiger-headed man was actually the same as Mo Di, he knew a special technique that could stop people in an instant. Furthermore, the Innate Qi would also disappear in an instant.

But Chen Xiang's perspective was different, he thought that Mo Di was the culprit, Mo Di had the mysterious devil eyes, Mo Di had been staring straight at w.a.n.g Tian Lin just now, and w.a.n.g Tian Lin had actually lost his Innate Qi at that moment, clearly he had been tricked by Mo Di.

"With such powerful Demon Eyes, he must be an elite sent by the Demon Eye Race. Although the Ancient Spirit Great Land s of the Ancient Spirit Great Land say that they will not invade, but they will also secretly send out powerful Devil Cultivator s to infiltrate into the various Demon Realms and join forces with the Demon Realms to invade the human world. What kind of conspiracy does the Devil Race have?" Bai Youyou said seriously: "A hundred thousand years ago, Demon and Devil Realms did not have any schemes and tricks. They were to rush and kill the moment they appeared, but when it comes to tricks and tricks, they are much more powerful than the human world."

The Mortal Realm martial artists were defeated one after another, and all of them were defeated in the blink of an eye. There was also a short pause.

Chen Xiang removed her makeup and quietly went over to Wu Kaiming's side, saying: "Let me go, otherwise you will definitely lose!"

And also at this time, the ninth person lost, and even lost an arm. The tenth person was originally Super Martial School's Yun Xiaodao, but Chen Xiang actually appeared at this time, causing Wu Kaiming to be extremely surprised.

"Elder Brother Shen, you really came at a bad time. I really want to teach that big flowery cat a lesson." Yun Xiaodao laughed: "But since it's Elder Brother Shen who has taken action, then he will definitely let us see for ourselves."

Chen Xiang laughed, then looked at Zhu Rong and the others, and said in a low voice: "Prepare yourself. If you guys see that I made any other moves, then charge forward. This group definitely had ill intentions.

After Wu Kaiming heard this, he frowned and said: "You're saying, the method to make the Innate Qi disappear was done by Mo Di?"

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "It's in Mo Di's eyes. You all have to pay attention to it later, if I destroy Mo Di's eyes and look at the reaction of those fellows in Demon and Devil Realms, you all have to pay attention to that rabbit and that middle-aged man."

Wu Kaiming nodded his head: "Go up, now that you have entered the arena, the other forces will not oppose you. They have placed all their hopes on our Super Martial School."

Seeing Chen Xiang suddenly appear, the other big shots of the Mortal Martial Realm sighed in their hearts, he already knew that not letting Chen Xiang come was a mistake, but now that Chen Xiang appeared, they could finally be at ease. Chen Xiang was such a weirdo, it was rare to see him in the entire new world, but with that kind of power and powerful martial arts, it was difficult to find a second one!

"Chen Xiang, the person wanted by the demon G.o.d order, you really appeared!" The middle-aged man from the Devil Realm immediately shouted.

"You never said that you wouldn't allow me to go on stage, right?" Chen Xiang smiled slightly, then looked at, who was staring fixedly at that pair of eyes.

"That's the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect's Demon G.o.d Badge, of course it has nothing to do with us."

This Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect had a demon G.o.d, so they could issue a demon G.o.d order. As long as it was a subordinate force of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect or a territory under their jurisdiction, as long as they met a person wanted by the demon G.o.d order, they would be killed.

Chen Xiang chose to fight with Mo Di. As long as he destroyed Mo Di's Demonic Eye, the tiger-headed man would be easy to deal with.

"Haha …" If I kill the person wanted by the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect, I wonder what kind of expression the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect will have? " Mo Di laughed as he walked over.

Seeing that Chen Xiang was so famous in the Demon World, everyone secretly admired him. They never thought that Chen Xiang was actually so overbearing to the Demon World.

was also br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence. In his opinion, Chen Xiang was the same as the others, as long as they were attacked by the mysterious devil eye, they could be beaten up by him.

Anyone who was familiar with Chen Xiang would know that they could not use common sense on Chen Xiang, and even more so, could not be arrogant in front of him.

Chen Xiang didn't know how to deal with the demon eye right now, but he wasn't afraid, because his body was strong. With the protection of the profoundwu diamond armour, even if he got beaten up, he wouldn't be seriously injured.

"Come, I'll let you attack me first." Mo Di laughed, thinking of how he was able to kill the person wanted by the Demon G.o.d Slaying Token, he was extremely excited.

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