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Chen Xiang took the lead and jeered, causing the people to all shout and rush over, but they were suppressed by the elders from the Continent of the King.

The rabbit demon from the Demon World said with a sneer, "We want a peaceful solution to the conflict. If you want a war to break out, we'll keep you company anytime!"

Chen Xiang did not believe that the Demon and Devil Realms would be so kind, they lacked resources, no matter what, they would eventually invade the human world.

An elder of the Wu Clan asked, "Then what do you want to do?"

The rabbit demon could tell at a glance that only those in uniform standing in front could make a decision. Those idle warriors were just making a lot of noise.

"We just want to see whether or not you Mortal Realm martial artists are worthy of the rich resources here. As for how we look at it, we can only see it through battle, and the method is not too harsh. Instead, it's us who are at a disadvantage." When the rabbit demon said this, a big man and a tiger-headed man came out from Demon and Devil Realms. They seemed to be quite strong.

"We will only send two warriors out, and you can send ten of them to fight against our two warriors one on one. As long as you defeat our two warriors, you can prove that you are qualified to enjoy the resources here." The middle-aged man from the Demon World said, "If you ten warriors can't defeat our warriors, then you have to give us most of the resources!"

Ten against two, as long as the other two Warriors were placed on the ground, it would be considered as a win. Although it looked like Demon and Devil Realms was indeed at a disadvantage, many people still did not believe in this kind of good thing.

"Rabbit, this is just what you said. The Great Leaders in your Demon and Devil Realms have not come out, how can we believe you? You can represent the Demon and Devil Realms? " Chen Xiang said with a sneer. His voice had been altered before, so no one could hear him.

Demon and Devil Realms only came out with a little more than a thousand people. Although all of them looked to be quite strong, there were very few in the Nirvana Stage, with only the rabbit demon and the middle-aged man who spoke being Nirvana Stage's.

The rabbit demon seemed to be well-prepared. He immediately said, "We can represent the Demon and Devil Realms. As long as you win, our Demon and Devil Realms guarantees that we won't invade your human world. You can rest a.s.sured on this point."

"How can you guarantee this?" Chen Xiang snorted: "Just based on what you said?"

The rabbit Devil heart was a little angry, but still replied, "It's up to you to believe me or not. If you guys want to fight, then we can start today. When the time comes don't be barbaric!"

Chen Xiang finally understood the Demon and Devil Realms's intentions. If they win, they can seize the resources, because the human world has to keep their promise. If they lost, the Demon and Devil Realms could act shamelessly and still start a war. This plan was not wrong, but they thought too highly of the human world.

If they could delay the war, they would be able to make more adequate preparations. Moreover, they were in a ten versus two situation, so they were confident that they could win.

"Alright, we agree. I hope you can keep your promise when the time comes." The elder of the Continent of the King said.

At this time, the various large sects were all discussing which disciple to send, and naturally, the disciples of Nirvana Stage couldn't go on stage because none of the opponents were Nirvana Stage s.

After a short discussion, the human world decided to send out those disciples who had mastered the art of suppressing demons.

Chen Xiang did not know which ten people he was supposed to send out, but now, one of them walked out. Judging from his clothes, he should be a Vein Martial Cultivators's leader, a Vein Martial Cultivators.

"I didn't see that big sister Lan Lan. Isn't she qualified?" Long Xueyi asked doubtfully.

"Both she and Yan Yanran did not come. It must be because they have other matters to attend to." Chen Xiang said.

The rabbit demon said to the Blue Blood Race of the Blue Blood Race, "You can choose either a warrior from the Demon or Demon Realms."

"Lan Gang, who will choose the Demon World!" The clan elder of the Blue Blood Race shouted.

Lan Gang was a powerful looking bearded man. Looking strong and full of power, he nodded and chose the warriors of the Demon World.

"Mo Di, have a good spar with your friend from the human world." The middle-aged man sneered.

"Right, dying in this battle is my responsibility, so it's best if you all admit defeat." The expression on the rabbit demon's face was as though they were certain to win.

Lan Gang clenched his fists tightly. He was the first person to fight against Devil Cultivator, and he was under a lot of pressure because he knew nothing about this Devil Cultivator in front of him.

"It looks like that Mo Di belongs to the Demon Eye Race. It's just that I don't know what eyes he has, no wonder they are so confident. The Demon Eye Race is a treasure in the Demon World's small world." Bai Youyou said.

The compet.i.tion started, Mo Di was the first to attack, he started with his st.u.r.dy legs and started sprinting, this st.u.r.dy Demon Realm Warrior looked like an angry bull, using his fastest speed, charging towards Lan Gang.

Lan Gang was also a big guy, and his body was no smaller than Mo Di. Seeing Mo Di rushing towards him, his face was full of excitement, he waved his fist, which condensed a berserk Innate Qi, and just as he was about to punch out, he suddenly stopped for a moment. Right at that moment, Mo Di charged towards him with his fists together, like two iron pillars, they collided onto Lan Gang's body.

The devilish aura on Mo Di's body was extremely tyrannical. It could be seen how powerful that strike was as it blasted Lan Gang's huge body away.

Lan Gang fell to the ground with two b.l.o.o.d.y holes on his body. The two punches from before had actually caused two b.l.o.o.d.y holes to appear on Lan Gang's body.

"Admit defeat!" When the elder of the Blue Blood Race saw Mo Di, he immediately shouted to Mo Di that Lan Gang could no longer fight. If this continued, he would only be beaten to death.

The next disciple of the Lotus Island who would fight was also one of Lian Yingxiao's sons. His name was Lian Ze, and like Lian Yingxiao, he was very handsome.

"When Lan had just punched out, he suddenly stopped, as if he was affected by something. The Innate Qi in his entire body suddenly stopped, which caused him to lose the protection of the Innate Qi, and caused him to be blasted with two b.l.o.o.d.y holes." Chen Xiang said.

"That's right, there are a lot of different kinds of Demon Eyes in the Demon Eye Race. They have all kinds of different abilities and none of them are fixed in place, but they are all very useful, so the Demon Eye Race is one of the strongest in Devil Race." Bai Youyou said.

Mo Di, because everyone now understood Mo Di to a certain degree, it was because he knew how to use a type of strange technique that could make people suddenly stop, and also have a wild power.

Lian Ze believed that as long as he preemptively attacked and used an extremely fast speed, he would not be afraid of being hit by that mysterious technique.

However, just as Lian Ze arrived in front of Mo Di and was about to attack, he suddenly stopped. Although it was just for a moment, his body was struck continuously by Mo Di's two terrifying fists, and in an instant, he suffered hundreds of punches, causing the bones in his upper body to almost break!

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