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Those warriors who did not have any sects naturally could not compare to the elite disciples that those sects focused on training, but among these warriors, there were also many that were famous. After these warriors learned the Devil Subduing Method, they became much more confident and thought that the demon's head would be easier to obtain, so they came together.

"You little b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, remember, don't break the heads of those monsters, and use them to exchange for Spar s." A middle-aged man warned a few young men.

The young men nodded. The brains of fiendish demons were much easier to deal with than those of demonic beasts.

These warriors had all come prepared, before they had come, they had already known about these demons from the Devil-subduing College, and they had all thought of some techniques to prevent them from suffering any calamities.

However, when they saw the elite disciples of the various forces in Mortal Martial Realm, they immediately felt that their compet.i.tiveness was very high. However, they knew that there would definitely be a lot of Demonic Qi Cultivators at that time, and the number of Demonic Qi Cultivators there would also be very limited.

Chen Xiang also snuck into the group of warriors, he could not be with the Super Martial School's group. Another reason why those powers didn't want him was because he was too strong and could act alone. If he wasn't a burden to the team, then the team would be a burden to him, and teamwork was especially important.

If Chen Xiang was with the rest of them, when he met the demon, he would definitely charge forward like a runaway horse.

Three days had pa.s.sed, and more and more people gathered here, forming groups of three or five. Chen Xiang also saw some of Devil-subduing College's students and people.

However, no one entered. Before these people came, they had already collected a lot of information, and if they went in now, it would be the most dangerous, perhaps they might even be killed by the strong warriors of the Demon and Devil Realms.

However, everyone was extremely excited, because it wouldn't be long before they could make their move.

If one was high in the sky, they would be able to see three enormous continents connected together. On the continents of the Demon and Devil Realms, there was a very large spatial gate, and the continents of the other Demon and Devil Realms could all pa.s.s through that continent that was connected to the Mortal Realm.

"Demon Realms people are more difficult to deal with than Evil Demon of the Demon Realm, because Devil Cultivator of the Demon Realm look like humans, they can sneak into our ranks, and have intelligence similar to the human realm." Demon Realms people are more difficult to deal with than Evil Demon of the Demon Realm, because Devil Cultivator of the Demon Realm look like humans, they can sneak into our ranks.

If one wanted to enter the Great Devil Mountains, they would have to cross a field, and every day, there would be people standing on the plains, looking at the Great Devil Mountains that was filled with dense demonic Qi.

On the tenth day after the pa.s.sage was opened, Chen Xiang suddenly noticed many things walking out from the Great Devil Mountains. Upon closer inspection, it was actually a few Devil Cultivator s and Evil Demon s.

They lined up in a row. There were only a thousand of them, making everyone extremely disappointed. This was because they had tens of thousands of people waiting here. This number was simply not enough for everyone.

"The demons have actually joined forces. It seems they have become a lot more rational. This isn't a good thing." Bai Youyou said.

In the past, the Demon and Devil Realms was also hostile to each other, but now they could walk out together.

At this moment, the elite disciples that had been sent out by the major powers had also walked out. There were several thousands of them.

Chen Xiang watched the situation unfold from the side. What made him happy was that Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and the others were all at the late stage of the Hundred refining realm. This kind of speed, in the eyes of normal people, was already considered fast.

"Is the human world that barbaric? Gathering so many people and trying to kill us all in one fell swoop? And then invade us? " A tall man with long ears walked out. His eyes were bloodshot and his skin was fair. On the back of his hand, there was even some white fur.

"This is a rabbit demon with rabbit blood. It looks like the evolution of the Demon World is pretty good. I wonder what kind of beauty is in the Demon World? Will there be any other pleasures or thrills when you play with them? " Long Xueyi laughed.

The Demon and Devil Realms had invaded the Chen Martial Continent before, and had lost a lot of people. If they did not attack, the Chen Martial Continent would not have retaliated, but now they called the human world barbaric, truly shameless!

Of course, these were all events from 100,000 years ago. In these hundred thousand years, any changes in the Demon and Devil Realms would not be surprising, it was just that based on their surnames, it was hard to not be suspicious of them.

"Don't look at how small we are. If you want, we can start a war right now. You guys aren't enough for us to kill." The rabbit demon said with a faint smile.

"We naturally do not wish for a bloodbath. A hundred thousand years ago, you invaded our land and we retaliated against you righteously. The evidence is all in the Great Devil Mountains behind you." The martial arts elder of Continent of the King said.

"We don't deny that, but it is a hundred thousand years ago and the resources of our Demon and Devil Realms have always been poor. The things that happened a hundred thousand years ago have proven that it was a mistake, so we cannot make that mistake again." The rabbit demon said.

Originally, everyone had planned to fight a battle with them and use their heads to exchange for Spar, but now, Demon and Devil Realms was going to take a peaceful route. Of course, this was a good thing. However, everyone was still worried that there was a trick to it.

Wu Kaiming laughed: "Then tell me, what method do you want to use to obtain our resources? We won't give it to you. "

At this time, a middle-aged man from the Demon World said, "Of course we won't let you give it to us. If we, the Demon and Devil Realms, join hands, you people from the Mortal Realm would have no chance at all.

Hearing this, everyone knew that the Demon and Devil Realms would not walk the peaceful path.

"Opportunity?" Wu Kaiming sneered.

"We will give you a fair compet.i.tion opportunity to prove that you are not worthy of these resources!" The rabbit demon said.

This made everyone curse. The resources in the human world were originally theirs, they didn't even know if they deserved it.

"What if we don't agree?" From the beginning, Wu Kaiming did not think that the Demon and Devil Realms would walk a peaceful path.

The rabbit demon said with a sinister laugh, "If you don't agree, our Demon and Devil Realms will join hands and defeat you, making you our slaves!"

Demon and Devil Realms was still the same as a hundred thousand years ago. However, he had become a little smarter, and did not rush over to attack from the very beginning.

Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "Dogs can't stop themselves from eating feces, why are you wasting words with them? Cut off all their heads, this kind of head is worth the most even if they can exchange for Spar!"

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