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Chen Xiang also wanted a profound Realm of his own. How grand was that, but he knew that Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue needed it more than him, so he did not speak up.

"I just want to ask about Xianxian and You Lan's situation. Have they started their tribulation?" Chen Xiang was very worried about this.

"Their strength is already pretty good. Moreover, with your help, they should be able to successfully cross over. When the time comes, they will be in the Nirvana Stage. It will be safer there with a little profound Realm. " Liu Meng'er said.

Chen Xiang nodded, then pointed to the gigantic floating disc, and asked: "Can this kind of profound Realm be ma.s.s-refined?"

"Of course not, the ingredients for this formation plate were acc.u.mulated over the years by Meng'er and I, and they were all used up in one go. If there are a lot of ingredients, Meng'er and I might be able to quickly refine them in the Time Formation of Icy Wind Valley." At this time, Dongfang Xinyue had a very good understanding of Liu Meng'er's situation.

There was a small profound Realm in the Icy Wind Valley, and there were Time Formation s inside, but men were not allowed to enter this small profound Realm.

After Chen Xiang left the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, he started thinking about how to obtain these ingredients. The reason why these ingredients were so scarce was because it was difficult to create an array in the Mortal Realm, so most of the time, it would be in a higher realm.

At the entrance of the Super Martial School stood a group of robust men wearing white robes with a black moon painted in the middle. Seeing these servants, Bai Youyou's voice carried doubt in it as he said: "These are the Black Moon Guards of the Devil Race, they have a very high status and even the Demon Eye Race has to be respectful to them. Why would they appear at the entrance of the Super Martial School now? Were they here to negotiate? "Since when did the Infernal domain become so formal?"

"What?" Is this guy from the Demon World? " Chen Xiang immediately rushed into Super Martial School, only to see Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming conversing with a middle aged man wearing black armor.

When Chen Xiang came in, the middle aged man immediately turned and looked at him. Although he released a sharp killing intent, he could not scare Chen Xiang.

Beside the middle-aged man, there was a man wearing the same black armor. The handsome face of the man had a light smile, but there was killing intent in his eyes, as if he had a deep grudge with Chen Xiang.

"Inside the Ancient Spirit Great Land, did you injure five of my subordinates?" the young man asked.

Those five people of the Devil Eye Clan were actually the underlings of this youth! This caused Chen Xiang to be extremely shocked. One must know that the strength of the five Demonic Eye Race members were not bad, after all, their superior was a Nirvana Stage.

"There's no other way. I was forced by them." Chen Xiang spread his hands.

"Chen Xiang, to be able to cause the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect to issue a Devil G.o.d Command is not disappointing. To think that it could actually injure my five capable subordinates in such a short amount of time." The young man said indifferently.

Hearing the three words "Devil G.o.d Token", Chen Xiang couldn't help but have a headache. When he destroyed the Devil G.o.d Altar, he didn't know that he had angered that fierce guy, and that's why he was issued with the Demon G.o.d Token.

"What should come will eventually come." Chen Xiang laughed bitterly.

"We are not followers of the Ancient Desolation Demon G.o.d, so the Demon G.o.d Token is useless to us." The tall Middle-aged Man in Black Armour said.

These Devil Realm people actually did not have any malicious intent, and they were even so reasonable, which was a little hard for Chen Xiang to accept.

"Then what is your purpose in coming here?" Chen Xiang frowned and asked, making him puzzled.

"We are here to warn you, our Ancient Spirit Great Land will definitely not partic.i.p.ate in any battles, so please do not involve us in any battles, if not, don't blame us for being rude." The middle-aged man said coldly.

"If you cripple my five subordinates, I will remember you." The young man smiled, but it was full of killing intent.

Chen Xiang was also not to be outdone, he coldly laughed and said: "If you have the guts, get it back now, I'll accompany you anytime, when that time comes, you can accompany your five subordinates to be crippled."

"You …" The young man was slightly angry, then snorted and walked out of the Super Martial School. The tall middle-aged man coldly shot Chen Xiang a glance, and followed suit.

This Devil Race of the Ancient Spirit Great Land was the strongest, and now he actually wanted to tell others that they would not invade the human world.

Chen Xiang did not believe their bulls.h.i.t. If the demonic people of the Three Realms fought to the end and suffered a great loss to their vitality, the demons above Ancient Spirit Great Land would be able to easily rule this Three Realms that had been fused.

"They sure are brave. Aren't they afraid of getting attacked by that crazy old man?" Chen Xiang curled his lips and said: "These kinds of people are really insidious. According to what I know, they are the strongest powerhouses in the world of demons."

"Don't worry, I'm better at scheming and scheming than you. We will be on guard against them, but little martial uncle, that Ghost Demon G.o.d Token seems to be much stronger than the ten billion bounty. You should just hide." Gu Dongchen said, his worries were not without reason, maybe some of the followers of the Demon G.o.d would sneak into the Chen Martial Continent, all so that they could kill Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Don't worry, when I have to hide, no one will advise me, I will hide, and at that time, other than myself, no one will be able to find me."

The Great War between Three Realms was a very good chance to train himself. Chen Xiang had learned so many Demon Subduing Arts, and he also had a Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. If he did not display his power, how could he face all these?

In this new world, it seemed as if only the Ancient Spirit Great Land's pa.s.sageway had been opened, and many powerful forces had received the Devil Race's warning. That Devil Race would not engage in any battles, and would obediently stay in the Ancient Spirit Great Land, if there was anyone who would disturb them, they would definitely take action.

Although the Devil Race said this, no one trusted them and they were all on guard.

When the news of the Ancient Spirit Great Land Pa.s.sage's opening spread throughout the new world, the panic in the new world grew even more intense.

"Junior master, the situation in Great Devil Mountains is very bad, now every force has started to send their people, they have to send the twenty elite disciples to take the lead, and I will take the lead in Super Martial School." Wu Kaiming said.

"Am I part of it?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"No, but there are Yun Xiaodao and the others. The reason why we did not let you go is because we agreed to it during the meeting, because you were too good at stirring up trouble and did not follow the arrangements. At that time, all of the sects would cooperate with each other." Wu Kaiming said.

Chen Xiang snorted in annoyance, and asked: "Then can I go there myself?"

Wu Kaiming laughed: "It's not impossible, but you must not cause any big things!"

When the warriors found out that the demon's head could be exchanged for a Spar, they ran over excitedly, waiting for the pa.s.sage to open. Most of the warriors who dared to come here were fearless, and were also hunters with blood on their blades!

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