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The red haired girl's punches were extremely fast, countless of red punches enveloped Chen Xiang, as though each punch was able to pierce through Chen Xiang's body, but what surprised everyone was that Chen Xiang was able to dodge all of them.

"Shameless!" Chen Xiang scolded, he grabbed the empty door of the red haired girl, and slapped it, fiercely hitting that extremely charming cheek. When his palm touched that smooth and silky cheek, he did not care about the woman at all, and immediately released ten explosive sounds, it was actually the tenth layer of Devil-suppressing power.

This power was very harmful to the demons. Now that it had been verified, the woman's face swelled up and her beautiful jade teeth were completely shattered by the violent Devil Subduing Method. Her originally beautiful face now looked completely different.

"Big sister!" The three men and one woman who were watching from the side hurriedly started to shout. Their faces were full of anger, but they did not attack because they knew that the red-haired woman did not like people interfering with her battle.

Chen Xiang could only smile, and took out a very big mirror and threw it over, the red haired lady looked at herself in the mirror, and immediately became angry.

"I will tear you apart!" The red-haired woman was furious.

Just then, Chen Xiang asked, "Are you from the Demon Eye Clan?"

This was what Bai Youyou had told him, that the red haired woman had enchanting eyes, the other man had the [Saint Devil's Divine Vision], the other three people must have had it too, but they did not say it out loud.

"That's right!" The red haired girl immediately replied, she turned into a red shadow and pounced towards Chen Xiang, her speed much faster than before, her red claws even leaving a scratch on Chen Xiang's face, but that was all, because Chen Xiang still dodged it.

Chen Xiang laughed, "Other than their powerful eyes, the Demonic Eye Clan are lacking in everything else. I thought you guys are the strongest in Devil Race, that's disappointing!"

At this moment, the five youths of the Demon Eye Clan were all secretly surprised. This was because even the Demon Realm forces did not know about the internal situation in the Devil Race.

"Enough to kill you, what are your last words now? You have already been poisoned by my poison! " The red-haired woman suddenly laughed. Although her face was in pain when she laughed, she was truly happy.

Just as the red-haired girl was laughing wildly, Chen Xiang suddenly disappeared and appeared in front of the red-haired woman in the blink of an eye. After that, she threw out a punch and another ten explosions sounded out, and this time, Chen Xiang even used Dragon Power, as the two types of berserk energies fused together, causing the lethality of the demon to increase, and with just one punch, the red-haired woman almost spat out all the shattered air and dirt in her body.

"Big Sis … "How could you …" The man with the [Saint Devil Divine Vision] shouted in shock, and Chen Xiang had already flashed in front of him. The Slaughter G.o.d's Hand released a terrifying killing intent that made people despair, bringing an extremely berserk purple lightning that struck the man's [Saint Devil Divine Vision].

Although this punch was not made using Dragon Power, for Chen Xiang who possessed Thunder soul, the lightning here was equally terrifying. It was only one punch, but the man's Saint Devil Divine Vision exploded, and the strong tap numbed the man's head, causing him to faint instantly.

Whether they were dead or alive was unknown, and the remaining three people were incomparably shocked, because this was different from their understanding of the human world. In the demon world, the people of the human world were incomparably weak, but the Chen Xiang in front of them, was far more powerful than they could imagine.

"Let's attack together!" The purple-haired woman shouted out loud, she took out a black pole and rushed towards Chen Xiang.

However, before she could even take a few steps forward, had already arrived in front of her, and a vicious lightning fist exploded in her eyes. The two men were also wrapped by the water vines, and the water vines were all wrapped up by Chen Xiang's Devil-suppressing holy power, making it difficult for them to escape.

This was what Bai Youyou had told him. As long as he could harm their eyes, he would be able to make the Innate Qi in his body chaotic and unusable, and at the same time, destroy their powerful demon eyes.

Chen Xiang's two men were also beaten black by Chen Xiang. Although they did not die, they could still be considered to have been destroyed for the rest of their lives.

This was Great War between Three Realms's first battle. Chen Xiang wanted these five fellows to go back and tell the Demon World that they had won their first battle.

"So weak!" Chen Xiang rubbed his fist and turned back into a bird, quickly flying away from this place. There were people from the demon realm here, it seemed like they had already occupied the interior of the Ancient Spirit Great Land, and those Evil Barbarian s had also been conquered by them.

Bai Youyou said: "Although these five people are not the strongest, but their Demon Eye is very strong. From their service and demonic techniques, their position in Devil Race is not low, but the Demon Eye Race is usually in a supportive position. For example, if it's someone that has weak willpower, no matter if it's men or women, they would all be bewitched by them.

Chen Xiang curled his lips: "But it's already gone, I just punched her in the eye. This kind of person, compared to sister Meiyao, is a thousand times worse, you actually want to seduce me! You can't even compare to the little Mimi of the Little Bad Dragon, and you still dare to show off in front of me.

Of all the women by Chen Xiang's side, regardless of their size, which one of them could be said to be infatuated with a dead person without paying with their life? He had been honed long ago. Apart from these women, it was really hard for other women to make him take off his pants.

Ever since he ate Hua Xiangyue, the thing in his crotch received a lot of comfort and admiration and became much more obedient. At the same time, it made his vision even higher.

By the side of the Ancient Spirit Great Land, many experts had already gathered, and the young people were already teleported away. When Lian Yingxiao saw Chen Xiang rushing over with a solemn face, he knew that something big had happened in the Ancient Spirit Great Land.

"What's going on inside?" Yao Shumei asked anxiously, the dense demonic Qi made her face turn serious.

has started. From here on, all of you should quickly go back and make your preparations! The Ancient Spirit Great Land was the center of this new world, and the tunnel was also the center of it. Didn't the Devil-subduing College say that? In the center of Demon and Devil Realms are some powerful fellows. " Chen Xiang said.

This caused all the experts to be moved. They had already guessed this, but they just couldn't believe it had happened so quickly!

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