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If the Ancient Spirit Race hid in the profound Realm, they would naturally be fine. But, it was hard to say for themselves where else.

Fortunately, each world had only one path. If each continent had only one path, then things would become troublesome.

"I didn't expect it to start so soon. I have to go back and prepare!" Chen Xiang had originally thought that there was enough time to wait for him to cross the Nirvana Doom, but now, the first pa.s.sage had already appeared.

The pa.s.sage above the Chen Martial Continent would probably appear soon.

"Be careful." Gu Hua nodded, then sent Chen Xiang out of the Ancient Spirit Village.

When Chen Xiang came outside, he felt an extremely dense demonic aura. He took out the Luotian Gate, and wanted to open a spatial tunnel, but did not succeed because the s.p.a.ce was very unstable and there were tyrannical spatial fluctuations everywhere.

"Now we can only fly back." Chen Xiang turned into a bird and quickly flew in the forest.

At the same time, in the dangerous places filled with demonic aura on many continents of the new world, the spatial energy fluctuations were extremely intense. These places were all the same as the Chen Martial Continent, they were all places where the demonic tunnels appeared in the same world.

Because the Great War between Three Realms was nearby, all of the continents sent people to watch. At this moment, Gu Dongchen received the news, and immediately became anxious, the big shots of the various forces in the Mortal Martial Realm were gathered together, the other realms were also in the same state, at this moment they had become extremely united, or else they would be destroyed, and no matter how many resources they had, they would have no chance of using them.

When the experts from the Ancient Spirit Great Land s encountered the Evil Barbarian s, they tactfully stayed far away. When the pa.s.sage appeared, they basically came to the coastal Transmission array and saw the huge black hole in the sky.

"Could it be that the Ancient Spirit Great Land is the center of this new world? Generally, this sort of place is the weakest. " Bai Youyou said. When he first entered the Sacred Dan Realm, he came from the center of it.

"It's very possible!" Long Xueyi said.

"If that's the case, then the center of the demon realm is not so simple. The people there are all strong, it's the gathering place of the Devil Race!" Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang had seen the people of the Devil Clan before, and they had even been killed before, so he didn't think that they were powerful at all.

"Although you've killed those people with the surname 'Demon', they aren't of pure devil bloodline. If they have pure devil bloodline, then those at the same level as you won't be weaker than you." Bai Youyou said very seriously.

"Un, I understand!" To make Bai Youyou be so serious, Chen Xiang knew that Bai Youyou was worried about him and wanted him to be careful.

Chen Xiang did not notice what happened to the two gigantic black holes. He only felt that a burst of spatial energy was becoming more and more tyrannical, and that the natural formation would definitely be destroyed because of this. At that time, the Evil Barbarian would be able to leave the Ancient Spirit Great Land, and if those Evil Barbarian s were controlled by the Demon and Devil Realms, it would be unimaginable.

"There's a situation. Someone is coming. It's an intense demonic energy. It should be the people from the Demon World!" Long Xueyi anxiously said.

"Interesting, someone can actually turn into a bird!" A gentle yet curious voice suddenly came out, only to see a black net enveloping them. It moved as fast as lightning and trapped Chen Xiang, pinning him down on the ground.

Chen Xiang immediately reverted back to his human form, feeling extremely shocked in his heart, because someone actually saw him in his human form. Long Xueyi had said before, only the experts of the divine way could see through him.

"How did you do it?" If I didn't have the Demonic Saint's Divine Vision, I wouldn't even be able to see it. " A snow white man wearing a luxurious black robe lightly landed in front of Chen Xiang. From time to time, a red glow flashed across one of his eyes.

Soon after, two men and two women also landed on the ground. The moment they landed, the surrounding trees were suddenly turned into black ashes, and then were blown away by a strong wind.

A charming purple-haired woman said with a disgusted tone, "I hate these trees. I want to destroy them!"

The hundreds of trees in the surroundings were all destroyed in an instant by this woman, and the technique she used was very strange and terrifying!

Chen Xiang, who was trapped in the black net, was dumbstruck. He knew that the three men and two women that surrounded him were all strong young experts in the Demon World, and it was very possible that they were the Devil Race that Bai Youyou mentioned had pure blood.

"Is this the man of the human world? My looks are pretty good, and my figure is even better than all of you. It's just that my strength is a bit lacking, so I really want to offer my first time to such a handsome man in the mortal world. " A red haired lady said charmingly as she twisted her mature and charming body. Her eyes flickered with a red light, as if she was trying to hook away Chen Xiang's soul.

The purple-haired woman, who hated trees, giggled. "Big Sis wants to use him to train, right? Look at him. He's very calm!"

The red-haired girl saw that Chen Xiang was not bewitched by her and said in shock, "My bewitching eyes are useless against him, it seems he is not simple. I really want to see his performance on the bed."

Before, Chen Xiang had heard Bai Youyou say that there were some women in the Demon World who would use some strong and handsome men to cultivate.

"Let me ask you, how did you become a bird?" The voice of the white-faced man who looked like a woman asked. It was he who had covered Chen Xiang with the black net.

Chen Xiang stood up, let out a cold snort, and his body shook. The transparent and colorless Devil-suppressing holy power erupted, turning the black net into black powder.

"How did I become one has nothing to do with you!" Why should I tell you? " Chen Xiang sneered. Even though he was surrounded by five powerful Devil Cultivator s, he was not afraid in the slightest.

Looking at the floating black powder, the three men and two women were stunned.

"Number two, this is the magic weapon that you think is the most powerful." The mature red haired lady said as she frowned, she was extremely cautious towards Chen Xiang.

When the white-faced man saw that his magic equipment had been destroyed, he was instantly enraged. However, his voice was still gentle, "Big sister, no matter how much you like him, I will still turn him into a pile of minced meat and eat him bit by bit!"

"Lao Er, this is the prey that elder sister has set her eyes on. Leave it to me. After I finish training, I should have more bones to eat." The red-haired woman let out a cold laugh. Her hands suddenly turned red, and a pair of red claws appeared on the back of her hands.

Chen Xiang heard others discussing how to eat his flesh and bones and felt upset. He never thought that he would be so delicious in the eyes of these Devil Cultivator.

The red-haired girl smiled charmingly. Her clothes suddenly fell apart, leaving only two pieces of cloth on her body. One piece of jade peak was wrapped around her chest while the other wrapped around her waist, revealing her proud figure.

However, Chen Xiang was not moved by her actions. One must know that this woman was very bad, she actually wanted to use him to train, and even gave his bones to someone else to eat after cultivating.

"Nice focus!" The red haired woman knew that Chen Xiang was strong, but she knew that she was not weak. As she spoke, she had already floated in front of Chen Xiang and used her red claws to attack him ferociously.

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