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The Ancient Spirit Clan only had a bit more than 1000 people. The name of their village was the Ancient Spirit Village. The houses in the village were all made of green jade-like stones. It was said that they had been there for hundreds of thousands of years, and were extremely st.u.r.dy.

The moment Chen Xiang walked into the village, Long Xueyi immediately said: "This village is not simple, there are quite a few powerful people, and they are even inside a transparent profound Realm. Just by saying that you can see the outside scenery inside the profound Realm, but you can't see in from the outside, this kind of profound Realm is very special, very rare."

The edge of the village was just a few densely packed forests. Chen Xiang released his divine sense, but was unable to penetrate through, which showed that what Long Xueyi said was true.

Because Chen Xiang saved the few big men, he was invited to this place. What surprised Chen Xiang was that the village head of the Ancient Spirit Village actually personally came to receive him.

Chen Xiang chatted with the big men along the way and knew that the village head of the Ancient Spirit Village was the strongest person here. His name was Gu Hua, he was a kind, white-haired old man, and when he walked out, he immediately smiled and said to Chen Xiang. "It has been a long time since someone from the outside came in, little brother, you have saved these few kids. "Please come in."

Seeing the ancient saying, Chen Xiang had a strange unspeakable feeling, and this feeling felt very familiar. He followed Gu Hua to a very simple hall, and that familiar feeling became even stronger.

"Gu Dongchen! It's just that Gu Dongchen hid his presence very well. Could it be that Gu Dongchen came out of the Ancient Spirit Village? " A thought flashed in Long Xueyi's mind, and he immediately said in shock: "This Ancient Spirit Great Land is very far away from the Mortal Martial Realm, why would Gu Dongchen appear here?"

Chen Xiang was also extremely shocked in his heart. That familiar aura was indeed very similar to Gu Dongchen's.

In addition, Chen Xiang also realized that this Gu Hua and he have something in common, that is, they are very thrifty.

Because an outsider suddenly came to the Ancient Spirit Village, many curious children came to watch, but they were all driven away by Gu Hua.

Gu Hua pa.s.sed Chen Xiang a cup of tea. It was pitch black and had a rather pungent smell. Chen Xiang received it and took a sip, almost spitting it out.

"Village Chief Gu, the taste of this tea … "It's weird." Although the taste was bad, Chen Xiang could only swallow his words.

"Oh? Maybe it's been too long. " Gu Hua's old face reddened, and she poured herself a pot of water so that Chen Xiang could eat it.

"This guy is too stingy, he actually used all these tea leaves that have been placed for who knows how long to make guests drink, he has the same moral character as Gu Dongchen." Long Xueyi groaned.

"Village Chief Gu, have any of you left the Ancient Spirit Great Land before?" Chen Xiang asked. His intuition told him that Gu Dongchen might be one of these people.

Gu Hua stroked his beard and nodded: "There are a few people who have left before, but all of them have used very special methods, such as the Transmission array, or were taken away by outsiders.

Hearing Gu Hua say this, Chen Xiang was sure that Gu Dongchen was one of those brats and it was very possible that he was taken away by his senior brother.

"Sigh, our Ancient Spirit Clan is just too unlucky. We absorbed the same energy as the Evil Barbarian, drank the same water, and then somehow, a natural formation suddenly appeared. In the end, we were trapped here for many years." Gu Hua sighed.

"But our ancestors said before, that it was because this is a very dangerous place that a human neither human nor ghost was born here. Originally, we were going to move away, but we couldn't bear to part with this village, because it was very safe here. The Evil Barbarian had attacked us multiple times and they couldn't do anything to us. We'll be trapped here forever. "

Although Gu Hua was a powerful warrior with unfathomable strength, he looked like an old man in his late twenties.

"Little brother, can you tell me what is going on outside? There have never been so many people entering that natural array before. " Gu Hua asked curiously.

Chen Xiang nodded and then told Gu Hua about the new world's matter. This caused Gu Hua to look at Chen Xiang in fear.

"Is it finally coming? I never thought that it would happen in my generation! " Gu Hua frowned and muttered.

Seeing Gu Hua's expression, Chen Xiang had a bad premonition, he anxiously asked: "What is coming?"

"Great War between Three Realms! Our ancestor said that the last time Great War between Three Realms would start from our Ancient Spirit Great Land! " Gu Hua said.

One last Great War between Three Realms! Previously, Long Xueyi had already guessed that if the demon dweller and the three realms fused together, this would be the last time for the Great War between Three Realms.

Chen Xiang drank the tea in one gulp, then asked with a serious expression: "Starting from Ancient Spirit Great Land, what does that mean?"

Gu Hua laughed desolately, "The first demonic path of the new world is opened from here. The reason the Ancient Spirit Great Land gave birth to the Evil Barbarian is because the s.p.a.ce here is very weak and the Demon and Devil Realms's energy can penetrate here, which is why the Evil Barbarian turned out to be like this, a fusion of demons, demons, and humans!"

Chen Xiang immediately stood up and clenched his fists: "I need to go back immediately and let everyone prepare. If necessary, we need to seal this place."

Gu Hua shook his head: "I can't seal it, you'll know when the time is right. When that pa.s.sage is opened, the powerful spatial energy it generated will tear apart the natural formation, and then, a very large tunnel would appear. It looks like the three continents are connected together."

Chen Xiang now understood why so many continents in this world had collided together back then. It was because s.p.a.ce was shrinking, and not long after, a very large spatial pa.s.sageway would appear here. Great War between Three Realms would start from here!

"This is the last time the Three Realms will be opened, because it won't be closed any longer. There will be countless tunnels into the new world, and the three realms will be fused together." Gu Hua said.

Suddenly, a weak tremble came over. Gu Hua immediately stood up and walked out of the house, raising his head to look at the sky, only to see two gigantic black holes appearing there.

"What's that?" Chen Xiang opened his eyes wide, his face was filled with shock, and the two gigantic black holes were slowly descending.

"Pa.s.sages, a pa.s.sageway to the Demon World and the Demon World, as long as they land on the ground, the Ancient Spirit Great Land will become larger, double the amount of land, which is the world structure of the Demon World and the Demon World." The pa.s.sageway, the world channel to the Demon World, will become larger, double the number of times the amount of land, which is the world structure of the Demon World and the Demon World.

Chen Xiang finally understood that the Mortal Martial Realm was connected to the Demon and Devil Realms, and the other side of the Great Devil Mountains was connected to the ocean.

But now, the Great War between Three Realms had begun, the first of the Three Realms Pa.s.sage would be born in the Ancient Spirit Great Land!

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