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Dongfang Chaoqun took out a long sword and leaped out, moving through the Innate Qi storm and instantly arriving behind the leaders. She waved the sword and cut off the arms on their backs, and Yao Shumei, unwilling to be outdone, waved the two slender pink long whips, ruthlessly and quickly whipping the thick arms on Evil Barbarian's back. Every time a whip lashed out with her extremely strong Innate Qi, an explosion would occur.

In the short span of a few moments after Chen Xiang's sneak attack, the leaders were struck back fiercely by Dongfang Chaoqun and her, and a large number of them died.

Just as Long Xueyi said, those two arms were the lifeline of the Evil Barbarian. Once it was destroyed, its power would be greatly reduced and it would not be able to retaliate.

The large leader who was laughing sinisterly just now had a face full of anger as he looked at the arms that were chopped off by Dongfang Chaoqun on the ground. These leaders did not expect that the person who they had been chasing down the entire time would actually retaliate with such ferocity, and at a strength that was not weak either.

Yao Shumei and Dongfang Chaoqun were mainly here to protect the young people, to not let go and fight them, so as long as they save their strength, they could protect the young people as they escaped, and leave this dangerous place.

The leader roared and jumped into the forest. But at this moment, a green light flashed, leaving a green arc in the air. The leader's body was also split in half like a crescent moon.

Chen Xiang slowly floated down, a large domineering green blade in his hand.

"Hehe, without those arms, you actually became so weak!" Chen Xiang put the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword on his shoulder and walked towards Dongfang Jing while grinning: "You little idiot, you must be scared!"

Dongfang Jing's jade face was filled with fear. Seeing that Chen Xiang had arrived, she smiled sweetly at him and nodded.

Yao Shumei and Dongfang Chaoqun were just about to speak out to thank Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang suddenly shouted in front of them: "You guys truly aren't listening to their advice, coming in and causing trouble, there are a lot of people here, and this is just outside, everything you guys have met are just for fun, if you were surrounded by a large group of people, I won't be able to save you."

Yao Shumei was actually the one who extended a helping hand. If it wasn't for Chen Xiang's help, they would definitely have fallen into a bitter battle.

"Young Master Shen, you're right. Thank you, Young Master Shen, for saving me." Yao Shumei arrived in front of Chen Xiang and gave a bland smile. He bowed to Chen Xiang, causing the disciples of the Peach Blossom Fairyland s to be dumbstruck.

Chen Xiang put away the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword that was dripping with blood and laughed: "Hehe, Madam Peach Blossom didn't invite my Super Martial School as a guest earlier, she's probably afraid that I would cause trouble."

This caused Yao Shumei's jade face to redden. She did not expect Chen Xiang to say such words in front of her, which made her feel slightly embarra.s.sed.

Yao Shumei did not refute him, with a blushing face, he smiled and nodded: "Please forgive me! In the future, whenever Young Master Shen comes to the Peach Blossom Fairyland, we will welcome him at any time. "

Chen Xiang pointed in a direction: "If you want to go in this direction, you can leave this place. When you came in, you already possessed a bit of energy, and will be easily detected by that group of people. They are Primordial Evil Barbarian s, sealed here, so after you leave the great natural formation that seals them, you all aren't afraid of being hunted down."

"What about the others?" Dongfang Chaoqun asked.

"Let them be. I'm only here to save the little fool. But now, I want to take a look in the depths!" Chen Xiang pinched Dongfang Jing's face tightly, then fled into the forest and disappeared.

"Big Brother Chen Xiang, be careful along the way." Hearing that Chen Xiang was about to go deeper in, Dongfang Jing was startled, she anxiously shouted, but she could no longer see Chen Xiang.

Just as Chen Xiang left, Lian Yingxiao flew over with a smile. "I didn't expect that the matter of the hero saving the beauty would be s.n.a.t.c.hed away by Chen Xiang."

"Island Lord Lian, after we send these young people out, we must return. The situation here is not good, and if there are any serious casualties, we must take responsibility. After all, we were the experts who proposed to carry out these activities." Yao Shumei said with a serious face.

Lian Yingxiao nodded his head: "This is something that I must do. You guys should have stopped Chen Xiang just now and asked him about some things regarding this place. He and that Kylin thunder eagle are friends, you guys should know something."

------ Chen Xiang did not know much about the Evil Barbarian, he only knew the weaknesses of the Evil Barbarian s. He was just curious how the Evil Barbarian Empire operated in the depths of the Ancient Spirit Great Land.

The Ancient Spirit Great Land was formed from multiple continents colliding together, so the spirit energy was extremely dense. However, Chen Xiang did not come across any spirit medicines along the way, but instead, he met places with spirit medicines. When he pa.s.sed by, he could still feel the remnant aura.

"This footprint is the footprint of a shoe. It looks like a normal person, but it doesn't leave any breath. Moreover, there aren't many footprints. It must have come from a tree." After Chen Xiang saw the footprints, he started to ponder: "Looking at the traces, it should have been some time. Could it be that someone came here to gather spirit medicine frequently?"

Chen Xiang had to be even more careful now. In this area, it was very easy for some spiritual herbs to grow. He walked around and found that there were dozens of humans that had been here before.

However, it was hidden very well, and was not discovered by the Evil Barbarian. Or else, after it was discovered by the Evil Barbarian, this group of people would be able to kill the Evil Barbarian. " Long Xueyi said.

The deeper they went, the denser the spiritual qi became. Although there was a certain distance between them and the profound Realm, it was much denser than the spiritual qi of many big sects. One must know that when big sects were built, they were only decided by selecting thousands and thousands of other big sects.

"It might be a demon beast in human form!" Su Meiyao's words made Chen Xiang's heart tremble, the majority of the humanoid beasts were from the Nirvana Stage, and they were very strong.

Although the Ancient Spirit Great Land didn't have as many people as the others, the hidden dangers made many strong pract.i.tioners have no choice but to treat them with caution.

Chen Xiang turned into a common green bird, flying in the dense forest. It could avoid being attacked by some demon beasts that had strong concealing abilities.

After flying for half a day, Chen Xiang suddenly heard a threatening and ruthless voice, "If you don't hand over the spirit herbs that you've harvested, I'll pinch this little girl to death!"

This voice was somewhat familiar to Chen Xiang, he could hear that it was one of the experts, and very quickly, he saw an infuriating scene. A middle-aged man wearing a blue robe was pinching the nape of a five to six-year-old girl, lifting her up.

Chen Xiang was furious, from the middle-aged man's service, he knew that the middle-aged man was from Thunder Heaven School.

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