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"When we were in the Primordial Era, they all called these guys Evil Barbarian. Their most powerful move was the pair of hands that they had grown up with on their back." Long Xueyi said.

As Chen Xiang followed behind this group of Evil Barbarian, he could sense a pair of long and thick arms condensing behind their backs.

As expected, Dongfang Chaoqun and Yao Shumei were being chased closely by this group of Evil Barbarian s, because they had to protect quite a few of their juniors, so they could only run away.

"Look at the fingernails on their hands." Long Xueyi shouted.

Chen Xiang immediately focused his sight on the fingernails on Evil Barbarian's hands. These nails were like short swords, emitting a kind of white glow, waving the big hands that grew from the back, those sharp sword nails instantly fell off the fingers like rain, flying towards Dongfang Chaoqun and the others.

Dongfang Chaoqun and Yao Shumei seemed to have experienced this kind of attack before, as they immediately released the Innate Qi, forming two thick walls of the Innate Qi, blocking behind them. It was also at that time, that fingernails that were like swords, smashed into the first layer of the Innate Qi's walls, causing the second layer to be filled with cracks.

"So powerful!" Their nails grew out again. No wonder they wanted to escape. If they didn't run faster, those young people would have been killed by those nails. " Chen Xiang exclaimed.

Dongfang Chaoqun also started to fight back, he threw a punch towards the group of Evil Barbarian people chasing behind him, the power of the punch turned into countless of fists, causing a large layer of the ground to form, and all the trees were smashed apart by the powerful fist force. In that moment, a large area was flattened.

What surprised him was that those Evil Barbarian were fine, they had just been pushed back. However, when they stood up, they immediately started to chase after them, their running speed was fast to the point that Chen Xiang could only click his tongue. He did not expect these huge and bulky fellows to be so agile, able to easily jump on the branches of those huge trees after entering the forest.

Chen Xiang was unable to see the true strength of these dozens of Evil Barbarian. If it was a Hundred refining realm warrior that was. .h.i.t by Dongfang Chaoqun's fist just now, even if they were not dead they would at least be severely injured. However, these Evil Barbarian were only blown back by the strong force of the punch.

"Is there any good way to deal with them?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Evil Barbarian's physical body is very strong, this is natural, especially when facing off head-on, their endurance is very strong. As for their weakness, it is to attack the pair of arms growing out from their back, and the most effective method is to cut off that pair of arms." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang watched from the sky and realized that the larger three Evil Barbarian s were the leaders, and that they had never attacked before.

"These guys have split up!" Chen Xiang suddenly saw that two of the leaders had brought around ten or so Evil Barbarian s with them, so he increased his speed and chased after them from two sides.

The leaders were already the same as the humans, because right in front of Dongfang Chaoqun and the others, a group of Evil Barbarian s suddenly appeared. At this moment, they were all gathered in different directions, and Chen Xiang counted down.

No matter how far away they are, those leaders will be able to exchange information, communicate, discuss, and communicate with each other. In the process of pursuing just now, maybe they already had a meeting, so the ten leaders are most likely having a mutual understanding with each other, so they have a very good teamwork. Long Xueyi said, she also admired these leaders.

"For these leaders to bring a group of reckless Evil Barbarian to attack the human world, that is an extremely terrifying thing to do." Su Meiyao said.

Very quickly, Dongfang Chaoqun and the rest were surrounded, they only had two stronger people on their side, but the Evil Barbarian had 10 leaders, the other Evil Barbarian s' strengths were also unfathomable, at least they were not something the young men could handle.

"Haha, foolish humans, we always wanted to go out and destroy you. We never thought that you would come here by yourselves. Don't worry, we won't kill you. You will become our slaves." Chen Xiang could see now that the largest body of the Evil Barbarian was the stronger it was.

Chen Xiang stood on top of a tree and took out the Death-haunting arrow that he had recently refined. He locked onto the arms of several tens of Evil Barbarian s.

"The skins of these fellows are very thick. Let's use the Dragon Power s!" Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang immediately activated the Innate Qi in his body, and turned it into a Dragon Power and a Devil-suppressing holy power.

"Who are you people? We did not provoke you! " Yao Shumei raised her eyebrows and asked coldly.

"As long as you are human, we have sufficient reasons to annihilate you. We are irreconcilable with you." The leader said ferociously.

As long as Chen Xiang was able to see the back of the Evil Barbarian, most of them would be locked on by Chen Xiang. In order for the arrow he shot to be effective, Chen Xiang had added a little Magical corruption gas, so that it could break through the defense.

This arrow was aimed at dozens of targets, and was not ineffective at all. Chen Xiang had used the Innate Qi of the third floor, for him who had 1.28 million Zhenyuan granule, the third floor was extremely terrifying.

"Go!" As Chen Xiang shouted in his heart, the Death-haunting arrow that was silently coalescing its crossbow slightly trembled, and a transparent arrow flew out. It then split into tens of smaller arrows, and accurately shot into the arms on the backs of fifty-three Evil Barbarian s.

After the arms behind the Evil Barbarian were blasted into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist, a blaze erupted. The flame and the Magical corruption gas mixed together and drilled into the bodies of the Evil Barbarian s through their wounds, burning and rotting their internal organs. In an instant, more than fifty Evil Barbarian s fell.

Being ambushed made the leader furious, "Who is it!"

Chen Xiang laughed loudly: "It's your grandpa!"

"Chase!" The leader roared, he did not care about Dongfang Chaoqun and the rest, and immediately ran towards the direction of Chen Xiang's voice.

Dongfang Chaoqun and Yao Shumei looked at each other, then attacked together, aiming at the arms on the backs of the leaders, then used their strongest power to unleash their fastest attack. In merely an instant, that strong aura turned into a violent storm, and countless palm images and fist images followed the storm and smashed onto the backs of the Evil Barbarian s.

Because just now, they saw that Chen Xiang's attack was extremely fatal to the Evil Barbarian, especially after the arm behind him was destroyed, it was basically considered as crippled. And when they attacked the Evil Barbarian directly earlier, it was unable to harm them!

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