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Teng Ying said: "It took me a long time to grow this bamboo, but as my strength increases, it becomes more and more useless to me, if Elder Brother Shen needs it, then I'll go. I'm going to leave this place anyway and walk around the human world. "…"

Of course, Chen Xiang would not want Teng Ying's things for nothing, he gave Teng Ying some high level spirit fruits and Profound Beast Pills, and their value surpa.s.sed this Five Colored Spirit Bamboo, which was also why Chen Xiang wanted Teng Ying to stay in Super Martial School more peacefully.

After placing the Five Colored Spirit Bamboo into the ring, Chen Xiang asked: "Teng Ying, have you been to the depths of Ancient Spirit Great Land?"

"No, the depths are very dangerous. If I go in, I will definitely die. Although I don't know what's inside, my intuition tells me that with my current strength, I will only be courting death." Teng Ying could clearly feel the danger in the depths of his heart.

Chen Xiang followed Teng Ying to the top of a tall mountain. Looking down, they could only see mountains shrouded in clouds, unable to see what was down below.

"Now that we're at a place, we'll be at the edge of danger. There's a boundary here. As long as we enter, it would be equivalent to stepping into someone else's territory." Teng Ying looked into the distance with a serious expression.

Although Teng Ying was an Archaic strange beast, it just landed in the room, growing slowly and with a limited amount of strength, just like Long Xueyi. If Long Xueyi did not meet him, his path of growth would have been b.u.mpy, and might even fall into the hands of others.

Just as Chen Xiang and Teng Ying were chatting casually, a slight tremble came over. However, Chen Xiang could tell that it came from the depths of the danger.

"Those guys are idiots, they actually ran in!" Teng Ying gritted his teeth and said: "Elder Brother Shen, let's leave this place quickly. If we anger the bunch of powerful fellows inside, we will be in danger!"

"What are those powerful fellows?" Chen Xiang asked, he was a little worried about Dongfang Jing.

"I don't know. They look like humans, but they aren't, because they don't have the aura of humans." Teng Ying was at a loss.

Chen Xiang used a Luotian Gate to open a spatial door, then said to Teng Ying: "Once you enter, you will be at Super Martial School. When that time comes, go and find Gu Dongchen or Wu Kaiming, just say that I recommended it.

Teng Ying memorized it and nodded, then asked: "Elder Brother Shen, you want to go inside, right?"

"En, I'm only going in to take a look, there's no need to worry about me." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Be careful!" Teng Ying patted Chen Xiang's shoulder, his young and handsome face revealing a rare smile.

Teng Ying stepped into the spatial gate and immediately transformed into a black hawk, flying quickly towards the direction of the origin of the vibration.

After flying for a short while, Chen Xiang sensed an extremely strange energy, as if he had just penetrated an invisible energy barrier.

"There is indeed something strange. That invisible barrier was formed naturally, but it has been used. As long as we pa.s.s through it, we will be detected. Moreover, there will also be remnants of energy on our body. We will be accurately targeted." Long Xueyi said: "You have transformed into a black hawk through mana, so when you enter, you will not be discovered, and your body will not be touched by the energy."

"So someone was inside?" Only humans knew how to use such complicated things.

"I'm not sure yet. In short, he's a very intelligent guy, and he's also very strong. Look down below." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang could clearly see a faint energy aura below the towering ancient trees. This aura was left behind after the great battle, and it had even been left behind many years ago.

"Can the Heaven tour method be used?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No." Long Xueyi sighed.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang arrived at a place with traces of a fierce battle. From the Qi he had left behind, he could tell that they were all Nirvana Realm experts.

"Looks like I can only use the old method. Become a bird and fly in the lower part of the forest." Long Xueyi said: "I'll try using my nose to see if I can find that little idiot."

Ancient trees were everywhere on Ancient Spirit Great Land. These trees had absorbed the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth for many years, and had grown extremely thick and st.u.r.dy. Some had even evolved, and if one was patient, one could find many Qingprofound fruit here.

"En, I found it. It's easy to distinguish the smell of this little idiot Chen Xiang. When she's together with her father, there's also that Peach Blossom Lady." Long Xueyi said.

When Chen Xiang and Teng Ying met the group of Rankers, he had only glanced at Yao Shumei. He did look rather pleasing to the eyes, but he felt that Dongfang Jing, this little idiot, was more likeable.

According to the direction that Long Xueyi was pointing in, Chen Xiang could see many traces on the way here. For example, there were some large trees with claws, some footprints on the ground, and some large trees that had collapsed.

"These footprints were not wearing shoes. They were human footprints, but they were a bit bigger. Moreover, these guys' claws are very sharp, they can release that kind of powerful energy when grabbed." Long Xueyi looked at the marks and a.n.a.lyzed: "It seems like there are many of these things, and they are all in groups. Some of the footprints are very big, but the scars are very shallow, and should be the strongest.

Now, what he was sure of was that there was something very similar to a human in this Ancient Spirit Great Land, and it was a little bigger than a normal person.

"We need to get close to that group of things. There are quite a few of them, dozens of them." Long Xueyi anxiously said.

Although he had turned into a bird, if the noise he made was too loud, he would still be discovered.

It didn't take long before he saw the things that they had guessed many times. They were indeed people.

Other than that, the biggest difference compared to ordinary people was that they had four hands, the other two were grown from the back, and their arms were even longer and thicker. These extra hands had ten very sharp fingernails, and from a distance, they looked like cold shining daggers.

These people were all bald, with a black dot sticking out from the back of their head. Chen Xiang saw from their eyes that this kind of person was like a wild beast, their eyes were filled with brutality and ruthlessness. And among them, there were three who were even larger than them, walking in front, releasing low growls one after another.

"Exiled vile race." Long Xueyi pondered for a long time before taking a deep breath and said.

"What?" The Evil Realm? "

The reproduction speed and growth speed of this race are very fast, but they don't have much intelligence. Only a few of them have the same intelligence as humans, so they are easily enslaved by their king. Su Meiyao also knew about this race.

That's basically the case. Because of this, during the ancient times, it was hard to get along with humans, and humans had to spend a lot of time to change them, but after they were attacked, this race once started a large-scale war, attacking humans and feeding on them because they were all born with strong power. They did not need to cultivate to become stronger, so there was a great threat.

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