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"So this Kylin thunder eagle is a little kid!" Long Xueyi laughed.

"Are you targeting him?" You want to eat me? " Chen Xiang teased: "You little bad dragon, your taste isn't bad!"

"Pfft, how could I fall for someone like him, who has been captured by others. No matter what, our Young Master Shen is much better than him." Long Xueyi chuckled.

The Kylin thunder eagle that was transformed into a teenager, had a face full of anger, he roared at the people around him, his eyes filled with killing intent, and was full of enmity towards the foreign invaders.

"If I'm not wrong, this should be an Archaic Descendant, Kylin thunder eagle. This old man has read about it in an ancient book. I heard that this beast might be even stronger than a qilin." An old man said with a look of pleasant surprise on his face.

All the experts looked at each other, because Kylin thunder eagle s were very strong, and most of the people had taken action just now. Such a powerful beast, everyone would have thought that it was going to be a problem, because they did not know how to distribute it.

He must have been here for a very long time, so he should know a lot of things. Since they don't know how to distribute the treasures, after they save the Kylin thunder eagle, this group of idiots don't need to be in so much trouble. Long Xueyi laughed.

Chen Xiang was convinced by Long Xueyi's words. He said it like it was a good thing to steal things, and he even said it clearly.

"How do I save him? This is not easy to deal with. These experts are no pushovers, and their formation webs are very powerful! " Chen Xiang said.

"You have always only understood Four-phase Magic Kungfu, and rarely use Earth Attribute's Innate Qi, right?!" Long Xueyi asked.

"That's right." Chen Xiang nodded, because the Four-phase Magic Kungfu was enough.

"The Four-phase Magic Kungfu was written from the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu, and the reason why the earth attribute inside was not written was because it needs a large amount of mana to unleash the power of the earth attribute, if not, it will be extremely useful." Long Xueyi said: "That Water Escape Technique of yours, was actually made with the Earth Attribute Innate Qi."

Chen Xiang quickly understood what Long Xueyi was going to do. "Are you saying that you want me to make a path for you on the ground under that little guy?"

"Basically, it's like that, but it's even more powerful than your Water Escape Technique. This is from the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu, your mana right now is pretty good, you should be able to easily grasp it." Long Xueyi said.

That part of his body immediately appeared in Chen Xiang's mind. It was called the Earth spiritual elephant Arts, and it was mainly used using the earth attribute Innate Qi combined with Fa Li, to have a miraculous and powerful strength.

"Release your earth attribute Innate Qi and your Fa Li, just like how you released the Heavenly dragon seal s. It's just that the Heavenly dragon seal s are in the sky and the Earth spiritual elephant skills are on the ground." Long Xueyi said.

It was not the first time Chen Xiang had used the Heavenly dragon seal, and he was very experienced with it. He followed his mind and channeled the Divine Image Innate Qi and mana, allowing it to quietly gather under the young man.

At this moment, the youth was being suppressed by many array webs. Other than a roar, there was nothing else he could do. His body's strength was being suppressed.

"Earth spiritual elephant, Earth Escape!"

The earth attribute Innate Qi inside Chen Xiang's body suddenly disappeared, and in an instant, it rushed to the ground not far away, only to see a small whirlpool suddenly appearing under the youth's body, the soil there was as gentle as water, the moment the whirlpool appeared, the youth was immediately absorbed into it, the many experts that were discussing intensely had only just reacted, the whirlpool disappeared, the ground there had once again become as stiff as before, and there were no traces of it at all.

After Chen Xiang used the Earth Escape Technique, the young man was brought over by the Earth Swirl Channel that had suddenly appeared. The young man's face was also filled with surprise, and just when he realized that his entire body was filled with energy, Chen Xiang grabbed him and stepped into the spatial gate that was already opened, maintaining a distance from the group of experts.

"Kid, could it be that you want to look for those people?" Chen Xiang suddenly threw the handsome youth that was the Kylin thunder eagle on the ground.

The young man was clad in black armor, and his face was filled with anger. However, he knew that Chen Xiang had saved him, otherwise, he would have been trapped by the powerful formation.

"Hmph." The youth quickly calmed down and snorted angrily.

"With this little strength of yours, what kind of climate can you achieve?" Chen Xiang laughed and threw a pill to the young man. It was a Profound Beast Pill, and the smell was also a favorite among all beasts. As expected, the young man did not hesitate to eat it after taking action.

"My name is Chen Xiang, what's your name? Why did it appear here? How did you clash with that group of people? " Chen Xiang asked with a smile on his face when he saw that the hostility on the boy's face had disappeared.

"My name is Teng Ying, thank you brother for saving me!" The teenager dusted himself off and bowed towards Chen Xiang.

Long Xueyi muttered from within the Quiet Green Dragon ring: "A useless fellow, treating me as a big brother with only a single Profound Beast Pill, truly a fool, no wonder I was captured."

"I grew up here. I trained according to my inherited memories by absorbing the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth. Occasionally, I would catch a demon beast to eat!" Teng Ying could feel that Chen Xiang had no ill intentions towards him, this kind of feeling was something that beasts were born with.

"I originally wanted to catch a big snake, but then I met that group of people. When that group of people discovered me, they attacked me without a second word. My strength was inferior to them, and in the end …"

Chen Xiang patted his head and laughed: "Everything is fine now, just watch out in the future. If we were to meet this group of people again, we can just hide somewhere far away. This group of idiots have nothing better to do.

Teng Ying coldly snorted, "So that's how it is, this group of humans were just discussing how to divide me up, hmph!"

"Also, you'd better not become that big. It's easy to become that big a target." Chen Xiang warned repeatedly. This Teng Ying was probably only at the peak of the Hundred refining realm.

"You may not know about the human world, but I will tell you about it …" Chen Xiang brought Teng Ying and walked in a certain direction.

"Elder Brother Shen, that group of humans is in that direction. Aren't you afraid of them?" At this time, Teng Ying had a very good impression of Chen Xiang. Not only had Chen Xiang saved him, he even gave him food and food.

"Don't be afraid, just come with me. When I say you are my friend, they will definitely not touch you." Chen Xiang laughed.

In this new world, it was not surprising at all that humans could have demonic beast friends, especially those sects that specialized in taming demonic beasts.

Chen Xiang had told him a lot about the human world along the way. Teng Ying looked forward to it a lot, but they were getting closer and closer to that group of people.

Just as the experts were discussing about how to find Teng Ying's trace, Chen Xiang and Teng Ying suddenly walked over, startling them. The array formation in their hands, as well as the various flying sword treasures, were about to call out to them, but when they saw Chen Xiang's smiling face, they froze.

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